10 Things I Really Love Right Now.

flesh beauty

Today we’re going to talk about things I LOVE – and there are a lot of them! I am basically a human guinea pig. I live to test, test, test… and discover fun new things (like the podcast I’m loving this month or the most perfect pair of sandals). Sharing discoveries like this was the reason I started blogging in the first place – it’s nice to just sit down and share the things I’m excited about right now. I hope you enjoy this list – and would love for you to share your favorite recent discoveries in the comments below! XO

one // Flesh Beauty

You may have listened to yesterday’s podcast episode. If you didn’t, backtrack now and go listen. It is one of my favorite episodes we’ve done so far as we have Linda Wells (the founding editor of Allure and founder of Flesh Beauty) on the show. Wow. She is amazing. But so is her company, Flesh Beauty! The foundation stick is wonderful (love the tiny, portable format and the extensive shade range – my color is Vanilla), the highlighter drops are beyonnnnd and I also really love the highlighter stick (the bronzy one, “twitch!”). Oh and the lip glosses. Honestly it’s all great, but those are my favorites.

Linda describes the line as a beauty line for editors – think flawless, natural looking makeup and maybe one pop of color or something playful. I’m obsessed and you will be too.

Things I Really Love Right Now.

two // Dry Bar Triple Sec Texturizing Spray

I got a blowout last week (not at DryBar, I refuse to go there as they constantly mess up my hair but I love their products!!!) and the first thing I noticed was how amazing this spray smells! So delicious and yummy… like vanilla frosting but not in a gross saccharine way? But what I really loved most about it was the texture it gave my hair – my beach waves stayed in place for DAYS after my blowout. (I can always make a blowout last and last but usually the waves fall out). I ordered a bottle for myself immediately.

three // Saint Jane Luxury CBD Beauty Serum

I was sent a sample of this serum and really like it. It’s very similar to Vintner’s Daughter in terms of consistency, absorption, etc. It’s great for all skin types but what’s different about it is that it contains 500mg of full-spectrum CBD. CBD is great in beauty products as it helps to reduce inflammation (redness, sensitivity, eczema and blemishes). And I hate myself for saying this but the packaging looks really, really nice on my sink – I love the chic black & gold packaging.

four // MAC Lip Pencil in “Whirl”

I got my makeup done professionally last week and the makeup artist used this lip pencil (with clear balm over it) which is basically my perfect rosy nude. I say “my” perfect nude as we all have different colorings. But if you have a similar coloring to me, then you must try this! I find most nudes to be too muddy/brown which makes my teeth look yellow.

five // Kopari Sundaze Mineral Face Sunscreen

I will preface by saying that this product is not perfect, but it’s a step in the right direction. UGH GUYS SUNSCREEN IS THE WORST. It’s a necessary evil of course as I don’t want skin cancer or wrinkles, but a part of me just wants to avoid the sun in full because I hate sunscreen so much. It’s either packed with chemicals or it’s mineral, which acts as a physical barrier so always feels grimy on. This is the best one I’ve tried. It’s lighter than most mineral formulations and doesn’t leave my skin feeling *as* grimy as the rest of the mineral sunscreens I’ve tried.

Sarah Flint Perfect Sandals

six // Sarah Flint Perfect Sandals

As you know, Sarah Flint makes my most favorite shoes. FAVES. Why? They’re so comfortable and easy to walk in but still sexy. I am really excited about her new perfect sandals. I can’t decide between the 85mm or the 100mm (I have the 85mm in my pumps but the 100mm is just a little bit better looking. Will the 15mm really make that much of a difference!? As always you can take $50 off your first pair of Sarah Flint heels with code GRACE50.

MM Casual

seven // MM Casual

I have long been a big fan of MM LaFleur as they are a great, female owned company and I love their no-fuss approach to workwear (most of the fabrics are impossible to wrinkle and many of them are even machine washable). But I have no need for most of their clothing in my wardrobe as I dress so casually on most days. Enter their new casual line. LOVE. I have and LOVE this sweater, these culottes, and this top (I wear the top + culottes together.. both are machine washable!). And while not a part of the new casual line, I am obsessed with this trench – just needed to point it out! (Read more about the collection on their blog, here!)

not another true crime podcast betches casey balsham

eight // Not Another True Crime Podcast

I love this podcast and am reallllly enjoying it (especially the Maura Murray, Elizabeth Holmes, and Anna Delvey episodes). I like that they focus on one crime or scam per episode and the banter between the hosts is great. (Also for more true crime podcasts, read this post!)

Loeffler Randall Emilia Sandals

nine // Loeffler Randall Emilia Sandals

These sandals aren’t anything new (I got mine this past fall) but I cannot stop wearing them. As you might have seen from last week’s outfit diary, I wear them with just about everything from dresses to cut-offs. They’re incredibly comfortable and *just* sparkly enough. Also available here and here!

things I really love

ten // Figue Extended Sizing

It’s no secret that Figue is one of my absolute favorite brands so it makes me happy to see them expanding their size range to include an XXL! (Yes I know, XXL is not fully inclusive but we need to celebrate brands who are taking s step in the right direction). Their clothing generally runs pretty big (I’m usually a 6-8 and always a small) and the XXL will fit an 18, maybe even 20. Three of my favorite styles that come in extended sizes are the Alessia dress (have and LOVE), the stripe Gianna dress, and this graphic black and white one!

tell me something you’re obsessed with right now!

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  1. I agree, sunscreen is THE WORST. I can’t seem to find one that doesn’t make my skin feel gross as heck. I want to try the Kopari sunscreen too! Thanks for sharing your recent finds, Grace. 😀

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    5.23.19 Reply
    • It’s so hard. My intern and I are ordering a bunch of clean sunscreens and trying them for a future post!!!

      5.23.19 Reply
  2. Malaika:

    I love love love those Loeffler Randall sandals! There’s a rainbow pair making its way around instagram that I am swooning over!
    Also – love whirl pencil! I wear it on its own or sometimes top it with lipgloss … it’s a staple!

    5.23.19 Reply
    • I know I love the rainbow ones! I want them so badly BUT they are a little impractical.

      5.23.19 Reply
  3. Christine:

    Lately I have been LOVING the Estee Lauder Night Repair Serum. A bit expensive but so worth it. A LIFESAVER!

    5.23.19 Reply
  4. Courtney:

    Re: sunscreen, have you tried any of Supergoop’s products? I discovered them a few years ago and LOVE literally everything they make!! I have used almost all of their products but swear by their Superscreen moisturizer and their Mineral Matte Screen. Also, it’s a female-owned company which I love 🙂

    5.23.19 Reply
    • Cristina:

      I second Supergoop! I love their Unseen Sunscreen, which applies really smoothly and has a matte finish. My husband uses it, too 🙂

      5.23.19 Reply
    • Sarah:

      Supergoop is great for application, but unfortunately filled with chemicals that are seen as potentially harmful, as they go into the bloodstream. I think she’s looking for physical sunblock options.

      5.23.19 Reply
      • Yes that is exactly it! I LOVE Supergoop but it isn’t clean. Trying to find a sunscreen I like that is clean and doesn’t turn me a new color/feel like a big layer of grease feels impossible!

        5.23.19 Reply
  5. Sarah:

    If you haven’t tried Farmacy’s green screen sunscreen yet, give it a go. That one is superior to most mineral sunscreens on the market, in my opinion!

    5.23.19 Reply
  6. Steph:

    My absolute favorite sunscreen is made by Coola. It stays on all day, no matter what I am doing and is super smooth on my face.

    5.23.19 Reply
  7. Leah:

    Re SPF – I have been using Philosophy moisturizer with SPF for years. I’ve tried a couple different ones and currently use Renewed Hope in a Jar, and I love it. It goes on smooth, sits well under makeup, and seems to have protected my face really well form sun damage. I can’t manage separate moisturizer and SPF – too many steps! Philosophy is also a responsible company that doesn’t test on animals.

    5.23.19 Reply
    • Hey Leah! Thank you so much for the rec. I love Philosophy but am trying to find a sunscreen that is chemical free! xo

      5.23.19 Reply
  8. Lauren:

    I’ve been using the Josie Maran Daily Moisturizer with SPF for years and think it’s great. For body, I use Alba Botanica.

    5.23.19 Reply
  9. Nicole M.:

    For my birthday, I got the SF Perfect Sandal in 85mm in silver and I am OBSESSED. Wearing them as we speak. Also got the SF Perfect Pump 85mm in navy suede from my hubs. Safe to say I am officially an SF aficionado now, thanks to you!

    5.23.19 Reply
    • Ahhhh amazing! Aren’t they just the best!? Love.

      5.23.19 Reply
      • Nicole M.:

        Very much so! If you decide to go for the 100mm you will have to share your thoughts on them vs. the 85mm. I’m so tempted to go for the higher heel, but don’t want to regret it!

        5.23.19 Reply
        • Gahhhhh in the same boat. I love the 85mm so much – it’s so easy… but the 100mm is just gorgeous. I am very tempted! I might see if I can go to the showroom and try both on. Undecided.

          5.23.19 Reply
  10. Wow…madly in love with the Sarah Flint sandals. They are perfect and I need them for upcoming weddings. That’s exactly what I’m looking for “Comfort.” Thanks.


    5.23.19 Reply
  11. Kendall:

    Hi Grace – I bought the Honeymoon nighttime serum (per your reco!) since it was finally back in stock at Sephora. Are you going to post your review and how/when to use soon? thanks!

    5.23.19 Reply
  12. Catherine:

    Some quick mineral sunscreen recommendations, because the common chemical filters break me out (though I strongly suggest reading the underlying scientific study on blood permeation of chemical filters – it’s not nearly as scary as non-scientific journalists are making out)
    – From the Detox Market (love its sample options): Suntegrity moisturizing primer and sunscreen (replaces my moisturizer in summer over a hydrating serum, has a definite white cast on darker skin), Hynt Beauty Sun Prep (only titanium dioxide, so not as full coverage as I prefer, but goes on invisibly)
    – From Sephora: Murad City Skin Age Defense (absorbs well, blue light protection, minimal to no white cast), Coola Mineral Sun Silk (very liquid, medium white cast)

    5.23.19 Reply
  13. Carrie:

    I love drybar’s detox dry shampoo, but to me, the triple sec has a scent that is so sickeningly strong I can’t get past it.

    I have had the MAC pencil in my cart since Grace posted about it a few days back! There’s just too much shit to buy.

    5.23.19 Reply
    • Oh that is so funny because I LOVE the triple sec scent SO SO MUCH!!! Fragrance is such a personal thing!

      5.24.19 Reply
      • Carrie:

        Frangrance is totally personal! I think it’s more the strength and pervasive nature of the smell than the actual fragrance of triple sec itself. I always want to try the ones you rec though, because I’m a huge orange blossom fan too so feel like we might have similar tastes. Funny.

        5.24.19 Reply
  14. Lisa Autumn:

    Oh I also love Whirl! It’s just perfect 🙂

    x Lisa | lisaautumn.com

    5.24.19 Reply
  15. rachel:

    My derm recommended Elta MD and La Roche-Posay (the one that you shake). She said to avoid avobenzone and oxybenzone. I like both. I think sunscreens have gone a long way since we were teenagers and everything felt like a heavy layer of goop on you.

    I also was “influenced” and got the Augustus Bader cream. I can’t wait until it arrives!

    5.24.19 Reply
  16. Emma Young:

    Love your style really much. I am searching for comfortable but beautiful and cute shoes. I try to find something from Sarah Flint 🙂 I believe you for 100%

    5.28.19 Reply