What’s Your Perfect Saturday?

My Perfect Saturday

Let’s talk about the perfect Saturday. I’ll go first.

My perfect Saturday…

My boyfriend is here. We are in Charleston, at my apartment. We sleep in and get in a workout. He makes me breakfast. I am lazy in the kitchen, so when someone cooks for me it’s just the best. Honestly, I love a really simple breakfast. Some toast with cheesy scrambled eggs and I’m really really happy. OR since this is a perfect ideal day, maybe we’ve ordered Ess-a-Bagel on Goldbelly. The best bagels, ever. I dream about those bagels! One thing I really miss about New York is their bagels. Breakfast includes lots of beverages: a big glass of water, a fancy coffee (brewed in my beloved Miele coffee maker), and homemade green juice.

We make sandwiches, pack a bag with towels, books, a bottle of wine… we head to the beach with our friends. I am reading a really good book that I can’t put down but I put it down to be present and laugh with my friends. We swim and play in the waves. Then we get ice cream on the way home.

We pack things up at 5 or so, head home to shower and put on nice clothes. We start the night at Chez Nous for dinner (my absolute favorite restaurant here in Charleston) or maybe Chubby Fish (my other favorite) and end the night with a fun, fancy cocktail nightcap at Vintage Lounge. 

We’re responsible though: home by ten to snuggle up with an old movie. Tyrion is feeling snuggly and curls up between us.

(I’d have an entirely different perfect Saturday in New York. It would likely involve an art museum or two, Polo Bar, and Bemelman’s. And bagels, too!)

That’s my perfect Saturday… now tell me yours!

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  1. Mine is similar in some ways! I live in Virginia Beach, so a big part of my perfect Saturday would revolve around beach time as well. My morning would start with some sort of fitness activity (either a workout class, playing tennis or playing golf), I’d have the majority of the afternoon be at the beach (with a nice mix of lying out with friends and swimming in the ocean), and hopefully end that night with a nice dinner and drinks out somewhere fun!! Either a fun local restaurant or my chain guilty pleasure- Cheesecake Factory. 🙂

    xoxo A

    4.15.22 Reply
    • That sounds perfect!!! (I miss Cheesecake Factory, such a good guilty pleasure!!!) xx

      4.15.22 Reply
  2. Analiese:

    This is such a fun question. I would wake up in a swanky hotel (in my perfect Saturday, I’m staycation-ing in the city I live in) with my husband and our dog. We would have coffee and play with the dog, then head out for a hike or trail run, before heading back to the hotel spa to get massages and use the sauna/steam room. Lunch would be sushi with my girlfriends, then browsing bookstores and thrift shops. Then back to the hotel to nap and shower before dinner at my favorite Mediterranean/seafood spot with a bunch of our friends. After dinner, we’d stop for gelato on our walk back to the hotel. We’d cap off our day watching Netflix and cuddling with our dog.

    4.15.22 Reply
  3. Clare:

    I love this post! Mine would be:
    Waking up naturally (not by alarm) and drinking coffee in bed with my boyfriend. Working out and then going for a facial and/or massage..late lunch at my favorite local spot..coming home to be a couch potato for a couple of hours with some reading, TV or maybe listening to a podcast. Going to get a salon blowout + getting ready to go our for drinks/dinner at night with my closest girlfriends. Home by 10 maybeeeee 11, HA!

    4.15.22 Reply
  4. Sarah:

    Love this question!! Mine actually starts the Friday before in that I went to bed early enough to wake up at 6:30am, ha. Linger in bed for about 30 minutes just relaxing, then get up and do a spin class on the Peloton (pre-COVID, an in studio one!). Then I would shower, dress up just slightly in a cute summery outfit, and go out to brunch with my boyfriend and some good friends. Brunch must include one eggy dish, one sweet dish, coffee, water, and a juice! Then my boyfriend and I would stroll up and down the street for fancy shopping (think Newbury St in Boston, or Greenwich Ave). When we are a little tired, we would pop into a quiet coffee shop and recharge with afternoon herbal iced tea and scones. Afterwards, we go to an early-ish dinner and sit outside on the patio to watch the sunset. We’re home by 7:30pm, in bed by 8:30pm, and have just enough time to watch a few episodes on Netflix before falling asleep at 10pm!

    4.15.22 Reply
  5. m.:

    Wake up in Highlands, NC. Have a country biscuit and coffee from a little shop in town. Hike up Whiteside Mountain to see the view. Follow with a craft beer at one of the local breweries and people watch. Nap, read and do jigsaw puzzles all afternoon in front of the fire. Get dressed for a nice dinner at Canyon Kitchen in Cashiers, NC with cocktails in the garden at sunset.

    4.15.22 Reply
  6. katie:

    My dream saturday would involve sleeping in, making breakfast and bringing it back to my bed to eat (gasp! scandalous!) while I peruse my social media. Eventually, I will muster the will to get up and ready for the day so I can make my first stop at our local farmers market before they shut down- getting there right at the end often scores you discounted or even free items as they try and pack up, so I have learned! From there I head up to our local antique “mall” for a stroll through the various vendor booths to see if anything catches my eye. The way home calls for meeting friends at one of our many local breweries. Of course that evolves into ditching our separate relaxing evening plans to instead hit up the brand new restaurant that just opened. Though I am an 80 yr old in an almost 30yr old body so I pack it up after dessert, bow out of the nightclub plans, and head home for a relaxing bath with a clarins depuff face mask, a glass of wine (balance!), and a good book

    4.15.22 Reply
  7. I would enjoy all of the perfect Saturdays described! Of my own design, I have two perfect Saturdays in mind depending on my needs. One would be a stay-at-home day of brunch & French-press coffee; the morning newspaper & crossword puzzle; a great novel; card/letter writing; cozy blanket & a nap; afternoon tea; more reading of the great novel; a soaking bath, facial & fresh pajamas; and a good movie with a glass of wine & a hunk of cheese. The other perfect Saturday would be social with friends & meeting new people; eating breakfast alfresco – good food & stimulating conversation; exploring an art exhibit or attending an outdoor concert; walking through a sculpture or flower garden; going to a book reading & browsing through books; and finishing the day with wine & a picnic on blankets while watching a Shakespeare play.

    4.15.22 Reply
    • These both sound absolutely LOVELY! Thanks for sharing!

      4.16.22 Reply
    • A:

      Judy, are you me??? This is exactly my dilemma each Saturday as I love both kinds of day. I don’t know about you, but I need to make sure that I get a balance of both kinds of days across a month otherwise I start feeling out of kilter. This weekend I’m doing the slow and relaxing kind of day today, and the buzzy stimulation day tomorrow.

      4.23.22 Reply
  8. Ashley:

    what a calming post and thought exercise! My day would be similar to yours! Thanks for posting

    4.15.22 Reply
  9. Laura:

    I love this!

    Unrelated to this post.. I love your decor so much! Not sure if you have already done this but would you consider a post about how you’ve decorated, where you’ve found your art, and if you hired an interior designer? I’m most likely going to hire one but either way would love to hear all about your process 🙂

    4.15.22 Reply
    • Hi Laura,

      Yes this has all been covered if you search home! I have detailed tours of each room including where I bought all my art, and the designer I worked with. 🙂 xx

      4.16.22 Reply
  10. Lynnbcroland:

    I definitely cannot top that description of your Saturday. Mine is just a quiet day , a good book , a walk by the beach, getting ice cream cones and ordering out later maybe Thai food and yummy Thai Iced Tea. Then a good old movie . Both of us feeling good because we have both been pretty sick this month and now waiting to get a good Health report. This is something I never thought about when I was young and Adventurous but I do now . Life is short and precious . I had a wild ride and my share of great loves and tragic losses . Now being older, peaceful and happy is just fine . I miss your Saturdays too, but I’ll take these calm and quiet ones just fine . Enjoy yours . They sound magical

    4.16.22 Reply
  11. Maria:

    It’s rainy so we all sleep in a little. Coffee in bed until the “baby” comes in our room. We all slowly migrate to the den for snuggles, tv and dry cereal. Later, I step over my daughters doing an art project and catch sight of my husband and son playing Mario kart while I head to take a bath. A hot bath with coffee, carrot cake and my weed pen. (If I’m honest)
    Later we head out for lunch and fun. Maybe window shopping, or if the rain has eased, visiting our favorite Mulberry tree in the community garden.
    We’re home in time to walk our dog, “family adventure” style and my husband will start dinner for the kids while I get ready. Our babysitter comes in time to finish up the night and we sneak out for dinner. Sushi is the plan but once we see there’s no parking we will head to our favorite spot for margaritas, tacos, laughs…and tequila shots.
    Back home to sleeping children. We make love, we laugh about how far we’ve come and bewildered over how we’ve made it.
    Footnote- Feeling thankful and overly romantic as I’m coming up on 15 wild years with my guy.

    4.16.22 Reply
  12. RB:

    All of these sound lovely! My perfect Saturday would be waking up (before the hubs) around 6:30 for some quiet time on our screened deck listening to the birds chirp, while drinking fresh coffee. Then take a stroll around the yard with the dew under my feet to the garden to pull a few weeds (not too many) and pick some fresh garden greens and ripe tomatoes. Ideally a simple, healthy breakfast of soft eggs, buttery rye toast, and garden greens dressed with lemon juice and olive oil would be on the menu for breakfast. Then throw on an easy dress and straw hat and head to town to hit up some thrift stores and hunt for treasures. We would grab a really good burger and fries for lunch, hit up the market and stock up for dinner at home. We would then return home for some relaxing reading and piddling around the house. Around 4:30, I would start shaking up a fabulous cocktail and setting out nibbles of cheese, crackers, spiced nuts, and olives. I would slowly prepare dinner consisting of a simple seafood dish and sides with Leon Bridges and Bob Marley playing in the background. We would have dinner on the deck as the sun sets over the mountains, then settle in on the couch for a movie.

    4.19.22 Reply