The Best Green Juice Recipe!

The Best Green Juice Recipe

One of the best parts of my morning ritual (that I encourage everyone to try) is to drink green juice! I love it so much. When I lived in New York I’d buy it (at Pressed in Williamsburg) but now that I live in Charleston and don’t have a good juice spot nearby (well, there is one but it’s so expensive!) I make it myself.

I like to make a fresh batch every week. I’ll have a big glass immediately and then put the rest in glass bottles to drink over the next few days. Besides being delicious, it’s an easy way to load up on veggies and nutrients first thing, and I find that it sets the tone for the day. The apple adds a little natural sweetness, the ginger wakes me up… the veggies just feel really good. It truly is just a clean, simple, and easy green juice recipe.

And when you make it yourself, you are able to control how much sugar you put into it (and how you also have the freedom to add whatever fruits and vegetables that you like). There’s truly NOTHING like a refreshing, healthy green juice.

The best green juice recipe!

Here’s my “recipe” – it’s so basic, but delicious!


  • one green apple
  • one cucumber
  • a big bunch of celery
  • a lemon (sometimes I’ll add a second lemon if I want more of a kick)
  • fresh ginger (usually a piece the size of my thumb, if I am sick I will do more!!)

I was playing around with other veggies (particularly leafy greens) but always felt so wasteful with those (kale, spinach, etc) as they don’t make much juice. If you like the adding of adding leafy greens, I’d recommend leaning towards making a green smoothie instead.

*I will often double it to make more for the week, but this amount of vegetables is perfect as it fills up the juicer pitcher just to the top without any overflow.


Wash your veggies + fruits!

Give them a good washing, especially the celery! Why is celery always so dirty haha.

Peel any citrus.

Some people leave the lemon rind on but I prefer it off. (Though sometimes I am lazy and leave it on. It’s a little more bitter this way but the peel actually contains quite a few nutrients.

Cut produce into smaller sizes.

Halve the lemon, cut the cucumber into 3 or 4 pieces (same with the celery). This just makes things a little easier on the juicer. If you prefer, you can even peel the lemon.

Insert into juicer!

I love that the Breville has two speeds. I use the lower speed for the citrus and cucumber, and the faster one for the harder items (ginger, apple, celery!).

Drink, or store in jars.

I’ve heard it’s best to drink immediately, but I like to do a mix. A big glass right away and then I put the rest in jars for the week ahead. It becomes my go-to healthy and delicious option when I’m feeling short on time and can’t commit to something heavier.

The Best Green Juice Recipe

PS – This is the juicer I have. I have had it for years now (it was one of my first purchases when I moved and finally had the storage space!) I use it at least once a week and absolutely LOVE it. I will also say that adding a produce bag to the fine mesh waste area is the move – helps so much with the cleanup of leftover pulp! Adding to easy clean up, most parts can go in the dishwasher which is a huge bonus to me!

Also: these are the bottles I use. If they’re ever sold out, I like the look of these as backup!

how to make green juice

healthy juice ingredients

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  1. AK:

    Hi Grace could you please share what the clean up process is with the juicer? How much work etc?

    1.14.22 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      It’s not bad! I throw out the produce bag full of pulp, rinse everything off, and wash it in my dishwasher. I will say that if I did not have a dishwasher (I didn’t in Brooklyn), it would be more cumbersome – one of the reasons I bought my juice when I lived in the city!

      1.14.22 Reply
  2. mary:

    I love green juice but never make it at home because I hate the mess. Instead I use my Vitamix for smoothies and throw in a handful of carrots and spinach to up my veggies. I get more fiber this way and the Vitamix is so easy to clean. I’ll occasionally make juice (like celery) by blending ingredients with water in my Vitamix and straining afterwards. I might have to try your recipe combo this way.

    1.14.22 Reply
  3. Rachel:

    Just sat down with my green juice and opened up your blog to this post ha!

    My recipe is very similar – sometimes I add fresh herbs if I havve them on hand. I also like to freeze the pulp to add to smoothies, highly recommend!

    1.14.22 Reply
  4. Shana:

    We love our Omega juicer! It is a masticating juicer I add a bit of pineapple to overcome the kale and/or spinach taste along with the celery. I don’t know what it is about celery but oof it’s intense 🙂 Green juice is a great way to start the day and we are fortunate to have a Pressed very nearby if I’m in a hurry! Have a great weekend!

    1.14.22 Reply
  5. Lynn:

    I actually never tasted green juice and I’m certain I don’t get enough veggies so I’ll try it before I invest in a nice juicer . Look great though!

    1.14.22 Reply
  6. Margo:

    Love this combo! I don’t have a juicer but I make juice by putting all ingredients in my Vitamix, blending until smooth, then straining using a nut milk bag (available on Amazon) into glass jars. You can even save the pulp from the bag, freeze, and throw in a fruit smoothie on another day!

    3.22.22 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      Love this idea!

      3.23.22 Reply
  7. Catie:

    How many servings does this make? I love the idea of making a big batch but I’m nervous about the price of the ingredients if each batch only makes like 1-2 drinks.

    3.28.22 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      I’d say 3-4 big glasses!

      3.28.22 Reply