Weekend Reading, 11.12.22.

Weekend Reading, 11.12.22

Hello from the west coast! I am feeling really lucky to have made it out here on time without too many delays; we had some big storms in Charleston before I left. Tuesday is my boyfriend’s birthday. I have some very fun things planned… I am excited! Whatever you are up to, I hope it’s great… enjoy this week’s list and enjoy your weekend!

Weekend Reading, 11.12.22

The best books of 2022 so far.

These $60 Amazon platform sandals remind me a LOT of my Stuart Weitzman pair. So good.

The best Thanksgiving movies to get in the mood.

Loved this very personal interview with Jennifer Aniston.

I wore this cozy cotton crewneck on the plane and forgot how much I love it. (I wear a medium!)

Putting this in my back pocket: holiday small talk tips!

This celebrity couples memory game would be such a fun hostess or white elephant gift.

31 cozy soup recipes.

The best new releases over the next few weeks.

How fun is this rainbow-y colorblock cardigan!?

What to do in Northern Island (I miss it!).

You know I have such a weakness for La Ligne, the best dresses! Ordered this dress this week.

Marriage is a team sport.

Love this:

You don’t need to be a parent to build meaningful relationships with kids.

Such a pretty cozy cardigan. I love all the colors!

Recreating Princess Diana’s iconic style.

I just got these black boot cut jeans and really love them.

Why am I so warmed by the Spice Girls reunion?

Warm places to visit in December.

I broke down and got the feather heels. Just so fun! I went with the yellow.

The best love letters.

Just another very cute Madewell dress.

36 hours in Barcelona.

Should we stop using dry shampoo?

You know I’m a fan of loose sequin pieces. This dress (in the bronze) is fab.

How a routine can help ease the stress of the holidays.

This velvet mini dress is stunning and under $100!

A great read if you’ve followed all of the Britney drama.

The most influential design hotels in the world.

These crystal earrings are fun, a great price, and come in SO MANY GOOD COLORS.

The case for solo travel. You know I’m a fan.

Wow, this Punta Mita estate is just gorgeous!

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  1. Effie S.:

    I *loved* David Chang’s podcast episode with Jerry Saltz — thank you so much for recommending! I looked it up and they had a follow up conversation: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-dave-chang-show/id1375877915?i=1000467528592

    11.12.22 Reply
  2. Molly:

    Sign me up for Barcelona! Thanks for curating Grace. PS Your blog has so many fun tools. Like the Beauty Hub sort by brand. And you already know I love the book list. I can’t find the RMS tinted lip balm you were talking about, I think you mentioned a shade Penny Lane? Is this still a fav? I want to treat myself to a daily nude lip for zoom calls. Or even a crayon like Nars. I’m open to your suggestions if you have time (or future post request).

    11.12.22 Reply
    • Hi Molly!
      It took me a little bit on this one. I don’t think that Penny Lane is Penny Lane is something I’ve recommended here. I could be wrong! I googled it and it looks really pretty. I did write about the RMS balms a couple years ago, as a clean dupe for Lip Glow — they are fab! https://thestripe.com/a-clean-dupe-for-dior-lip-glow/

      For an everyday nude, my two favorites are Charlotte Tilbury Pillowtalk or Kosas Rosewater. More of a lipstick than a balm but they’re both wonderful, universally flattering shades.

      11.12.22 Reply
      • Molly:

        Thank you for researching Grace! Yes this was it! You were wearing Peacock Lane. I may still try the Penny for my skin tone but really appreciate you finding this and vouching for the product ๐Ÿ˜‰ xx, Molly

        11.15.22 Reply
  3. I loved the podcast episode with Jerry Saltz as well! And I love your look in that picture. Would you share where those golden heels are from?

    11.13.22 Reply
  4. Erin Inhof:

    I cannot get over your tan in this pic – you look great!

    11.13.22 Reply
    • Thank you! Got a spray tan post-move to help me look a little more alive ๐Ÿ™‚

      11.14.22 Reply
  5. Shana:

    Wasnโ€™t sure where to leave the comment but my Sephora order arrived, and Iโ€™ve used the Wishful scrub!! Wow, everyone on my Christmas list is getting it in their stocking, itโ€™s SO good! great recommendation, you were not kidding itโ€™s gross but so satisfying ๐Ÿ™‚

    11.13.22 Reply