A Giant Guide to the Best Holiday Accessories.

The Best Holiday Accessories
jennifer behr earrings + vintage top

Dressing for holiday parties is my favorite as I can be my most¬† sparkly, extra self. Over the next few weeks I will be releasing several holiday style guides… but we had to start with accessories… my personal favorite.

I am giving you a lot of options here (like a lot a lot – this post was pretty all consuming to create but I thought it would be most helpful to put everything in one giant post vs several smaller ones!) but I do want to stress that you do not need much. All you actually need is one or two really special signature items to take you through the season in style. I’ve rounded up the best jewelry (and hair accessories), my favorite special occasion shoes, and the prettiest little clutches and bags. I’ve also been sure to include some affordable options within each collage – those are all flagged as such! Sparkle on, friends… tis the season!

The Best Holiday Accessories

Guide to The Best Holiday Accessories The Best Holiday Accessories

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OK let’s talk about jewelry.

I included hair accessories as well as they are so on trend right now but can also make for a unique and fun way to wear your sparkle. (This headband, for example – I wore it to a dinner a couple weeks ago and skipped any other jewelry except simple gold studs and a few bracelets). Also just need to say that I can’t stop thinking about these malachite earrings – they are incredible (but you already know I am having a malachite moment right now). I love a good cocktail ring and chose several very fun ones but this one is currently in my shopping cart and is probably my favorite of the bunch. It’s so extra.

I know some of these picks are splurgy which can be the case with these more special pieces. Target has some great velvet bows that are only $14, and these butterfly earrings on Etsy are similar to mine but only $22! Also from this roundup, this, this, these, this, and these are under $100. The heart ring is especially fun and only $38!

sarah flint heels
sarah flint heels

festive shoes for the holidaysfestive shoes

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AH, shoes!

This roundup makes me so happy as it is just SO fun and festive and sparkly. I have and love a lot of these shoes (the sparkly Sarah Flint pumps, the gold Loeffler Randalls, the Margaux Uptown Sandal). If I buy a new pair of shoes for this holiday season, it is absolutely going to be a Mary Jane. I am really loving the look of a sweet Mary Jane heel (and am thinking about integrating that idea for my Sarah Flint collab next holiday, WDYT?) This pair is super fun, these J.Crew ones are in my cart (I’m also tempted by this new pair with tiny crystals), and I can’t stop thinking about these Jimmy Choo flats – they are a big splurge but so lovely – those pearls!

Also probably my most popular question – the gold Loefflers run TTS for me BUT I have narrow feet. If you have wider feet, go up. The fabric does stretch out a bit. I’ll also add that if there is dancing involved, I almost always wear my uptown sandals. They are really comfy and supportive and the strap means they stay on, even if the night gets wild.

And on the more affordable front, wanted to flag a few pairs!

These Mary Janes, these strappy silver sandals, and these fun (puffy!) metallic blue sandals are all under $100. ASOS is a great spot for affordable party shoes in my opinion. Also, I will be honest, the quality looks a little dicey so I hesitated to include them but I love the look of these emerald green bow slingbacks. If any of you own them, please let me know how they are!!!!

bags for the holidays festive holiday bags

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And then we have the bags… oh, the bags!

Feathers and crystals and rhinestones and pearls and glitter and GREEN. There are so many beautiful bags… in particular, this feather number is high on my wish list. On the more affordable side, I ordered this red feather bag (only $26!) immediately – it’s too good! This (also with feathers) is only $50, and this and this are both under $100.

Which piece is your favorite!?

Disclosure: If you buy something through my links, I may earn an affiliate commission, at no cost to you. I only feature things I truly love here. Thanks for your support.

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  1. Callie:

    LOVE everything, Grace! This is the most delicious eye candy. I want all the sparkle! I have recently become obsessed with Lauren Hope jewelry and nearly bought myself a tiara.

    11.10.21 Reply
    • Callie:

      Loren Hope (I hade autocorrect)

      11.10.21 Reply
  2. Maire:

    I really love all the cocktail rings and I also love the one you designed as a present to yourself! I wear large rings everyday, but they are just silver. I like the idea of a flashy colored stone for special occasions and parties.

    11.10.21 Reply
  3. Caley:

    Those chunky cocktail rings are SO GOOD. I need to incorporate more color into my jewelry collection and your picks have my mind whirling (in the best way!)

    11.10.21 Reply