The Weekly Distraction, 5.4.20.

The Weekly Distraction, 5.4.20.
a to-go negroni from OTB in Williamsburg.

Hi + happy Monday! Let’s start off with our weekly check in. I really love these little check ins and reading through your comments… it’s both intriguing and reassuring to hear how other people are doing and what their cities are like right now. Makes me feel a little bit less alone and isolated! Tell me how you are doing and how your weekend was! (And where you live, as that’s always interesting!!!)

I’ll go first. I am happy to share a bit of positive news and tell you that this weekend was better for me. I don’t mean to sound dramatic, but Saturday was the first time I felt truly happy in a while.

A few things were at play. First of all, it’s wild what a difference changing the curtains in my living room has made for my state of mind. I spend so much time there now, and it’s been pretty dark. The sheer panels let in so much sunlight (while also of course, providing privacy). I had no idea how bright and airy my apartment could feel with just one small change. I also Facetime’d with my sister and my niece, made (and ate) some delicious homemade ice cream…  and even went for a long walk (and got a to-go Negroni from one of my favorite bars). It was a weekend-y weekend, and it didn’t hurt that it felt like summer outside.

The Weekly Distraction, 5.4.20.

Our May Bad on Paper Pick!

I am really, really enjoying The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires. It’s our May book club pick for Bad on Paper (if you’re new here, BoP is the podcast I co-host with one of my best friends… we have a monthly book club!) I am only about a third through it but I love that it’s well written, a little gruesome, and revolves around a book club set in Charleston. This one came highly recommended by my mom… and my mom has the BEST taste in books!

Making Homemade Ice Cream

Media Consumption

This was a big week of TV. There was a lot of TV. I am really impressing myself with my TV watching abilities, lately. But at least it gives me something to talk about? I have discovered that when trapped inside, I can watch several seasons of TV in just a week. What a world… 😉

OK I am OBSESSED with Defending Jacob on Apple TV. But I’m also slightly heartbroken that it isn’t all out at once? I want to binge watch, but suppose it is an exercise in patience. This one is a thriller (yay) where a teenage boy is accused of murdering his classmate. I’m four episodes in and it’s quite dark – it’s pretty devastating to watch how the murder charge impacts the family. I never read the book (it had come highly recommended to me from Ashley Spivey) and now I wish I did, as the series is SO GOOD!

I also started, and finished Normal People and (this is something I never say!!!) the TV show is even better than the book! It’s beautifully shot, the characters are incredibly relatable and their chemistry is BEYOND. It’s heartbreaking though (you know this if you read the book), so I like to give a little warning there. If you’re feeling down right now, you may want to save it for later.

Never Have I Ever (Mindy Kaling’s new show on Netflix) is SO cute. It’s about three nerdy high school girls; one of them being particularly hot-headed. If you loved Booksmart, you will love this. It’s so real and heartwarming, and just FUN… it’s the lighthearted cute TV show we all need right now.

I also finished Outerbanks, which we discussed last week. Was only medium on the plot but the beautiful cast definitely made it worth watching. I still can’t decide who I have a bigger crush on: “teen” John B (he’s 27 in real life), or his girlfriend Sarah’s father Wade (55 in real life). Lol.

Making Homemade Ice Cream

I would venture to say that we are heading into ice cream season? I love making homemade ice cream; it’s such a treat! I’m not a big sweets person but I LOVE ice cream… especially really good, homemade ice cream! This cookbook has a million great recipes (I made the roasted banana ice cream this weekend which is like an ice cream version of banana flambe!).

I use this ice cream maker and store the ice cream in these tubs after! Highly recommend this as a (fun + delicious) project!

Making Homemade Ice Cream + carly beck

Carly Beck

I’ve been a big fan of Carly Beck’s artwork for a while now. Her pet portraits are INCREDIBLE. I’m trying to remember how I found her instagram and I can’t remember (it may have been The Carlyle Hotel?) but I remember just being like WOW and falling head over heels with her work. Anyway, a couple months ago (totally unprompted; we had DM’d a couple times – mostly just me fangirling), she painted Tyrion! I freaked out. I lost my mind. He’s even wearing Game of Thrones regalia! And then she mailed me the painting, which was just the best mail ever.

Carly’s work is so vibrant and fun – you can commission her to paint your pet (mine is the small 6×8 size!), or she has an incredible shop, or she also sells beautiful wallpaper!

Would love to hear your favorite distractions right now!

PS – what to watch on TV right now, and some good indoorsy things to do right now!

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  1. I’ve only ever made ice cream once, in home ec class, and it didn’t turn out too well – scarred me for life! But making ice cream sounds fun! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Katie says 5.4.20

    So glad to hear you had a terrific weekend! I agree, the warmer weather goes a long way in boosting spirits. I live in Tokyo and we’re right in the middle of Japan’s “Golden Week” holidays – a full week off. Normally, it’s a great time to go on vacation, travel, visit family, etc. but this year, of course, has been renamed “Stay Home Week”. As someone who barely speaks Japanese and lives alone in a super tiny Tokyo studio, it’s been…real. I’m a little worried I’ll forget how to speak English and am counting down the days until I can go back to work (I work as a journalist so we still have to go into the newsroom) and talk to people!

    What’s helped though is mainlining Unorthodox (Netflix, just four episodes, highly bingeable and SO GOOD), reading (The Turn of the Key by Ruth Ware was perfect escapist thriller reading!), trying free online ballet classes, and sticking somewhat to a schedule of “exercise, do something chores/work-related, do something fun, eat” repeat. And of course reading your blog (and listening to BoP, lol at the FMK episode!) has been a lovely part of my day! Thank you!

    • Oh my gosh that sounds HARD! Good luck. Sending you a big hug.

      I really enjoyed Unorthodox as well- it was so good!!! And LOVED Turn of the Key!

      Hang in there! XOXO

  3. Kristin says 5.4.20

    Hi Grace,

    Really been enjoying your content lately. I’m in South Florida and am alternating between good and meh days. It’s easy to get outside here so that’s a big plus. I’ve also cut back on all the zooming and Facetiming lately and that has helped me feel more normal. On a bummer note, we have decided to cancel our attendance at a July family beach vacation and delay our 2 year old’s preschool admission in the fall. Both things we were looking forward to, but it also feels good to make an early and definitive decision rather than repeatedly going through all the what ifs every week. The next few weeks I plan to spend some time moving on from our decision and planning some activities for the summer to keep us occupied.

    • Hi Kristin! I’m so glad you’re enjoying it!

      I’m dealing with the same in July! Our family was supposed to go to Cape Cod and my parents still haven’t cancelled the rental house but I honestly can’t see it happening??? The house is a family friend’s so they’ll let us cancel but I just can’t imagine it happening which bums me out.

      I’m glad you’re able to get outside!

  4. Margaret says 5.4.20

    Oh man, I’m so down for the ice cream making trend. Do you halve the recipes from the book? I have the same machine, but it’s quite small.

    Loving the small distraction post. I’m in Atlanta, things are starting to open up, which is surreal. Not everything is opening but the places that are, are busy. Still feeling out my comfort level on this.

    Just finished watching the Ailes series on showtime, and currently reading and loving Democracy by Condoleezza Rice. Cheers to another week!

    • No it seems like the recipes are also small! I’ve never had an issue! I think it’s geared to home ice makers which are all small!

  5. Katherine says 5.4.20

    It’s so good to hear that you are feeling better! I also feel like this weekend was so summery. Everything is starting to get so green in here in VT (all that manure in the farm fields, lol!) and I drove down to a coworker’s greenhouse to get some plants and then picked up dinner from a great restaurant and it was SO WARM! I am hoping that the summery weather will lift my spirits more. As I’m sure you know, spring in the northeast takes a while but once you can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, all that cold and all the bare branches are worth it! I will say that I am SO FICKLE with moods relating to being busy or being lazy. When I have to work, I don’t want to at all. When it’s the weekend, I feel guilty that I am not making the most of the free time. Hoping that getting lost in a book on weekends will help me with that (right now it’s The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah).

    • Ah green spaces and fields sound SO nice right now!!!
      And laughing as I am the same with my moods. It’s hard. I LOVED The Great Alone! Kristin Hannah is so talented; all of her books are wonderful.

  6. Michelle says 5.4.20

    You should watch Upload on Amazon Prime! I binged the whole thing this weekend and its so good and a great distraction!

    • Ooh thank you for the rec! Adding to my list 🙂

    • Sarah says 5.5.20

      I saw your comment yesterday and started watching last night! It is SO GOOD! I can’t stop watching! I had to force myself to go to bed last night so I wouldn’t stay up all night and watch.

  7. Rachel says 5.4.20

    I’m a newbie to your blog, and usually I find blogs cumbersome/boring, but yours stands out – a true gem! I love all of your posts!

    We just moved, so I’ve been keeping busy redecorating/organizing, etc.

  8. Brianna Rooney says 5.4.20

    Grace! I started and finished Never Have I Ever yesterday and loved it. In the beginning, I was like oh no, this may be awful but I loved the ending and may have cried…

    I’m also loving Defending Jacob. My fiance said last night “I wish we had more episodes to watch!” Me too!!

    here’s to a good week ahead.

    • Oh my gosh agree so much! I was like “I don’t know about this” at first and am glad I stuck with it – it’s great!!!!!!

      I still think you should watch Normal People. I want to convert you!!!! haha!

  9. Sasha says 5.4.20

    Hi! Love all your content during this time- thank you! I haven’t read Normal People yet. Would you recommend watching the show if you haven’t read the book or reading the book first? Just curious! (Also I’m also loving Defending Jacob!)

    • Yes absolutely. You definitely don’t have to read the book, and I think the show is even better than the book!

  10. Nikole says 5.4.20

    Hi Grace,

    Long time reader, first time commenter here! I’m also in Brooklyn, and this weekend was just sort of meh for me. Despite the beautiful weather, I still just felt blaaaaah.

    But I do love making my own ice cream! I sort of forget that summer is nearly here, haha. This rocky road recipe is my fav – it’s divine:

    Thanks for all you do! Reading your blog each morning is a always such a pleasure 🙂

  11. Sarah says 5.4.20

    Hey Grace! I live in Milwaukee, WI, 31 yrs old and have lived in my house for 6 months! Thankful to have bought my home when I did, instead of being quarantined in my old 600sqft apartment 🙂 I’m alone & working from home…taking lots of walks & attempting to check off home projects. Currently getting my deck and fence cleaned up to be restained. Hoping to create myself a little oasis in my backyard. Looking forward to reading on my deck and taking naps this summer. Love these Monday posts!!

    • At first I read this that you’d been quarantined for 6 months and was confused – ha! Enjoy your week 🙂 xx

  12. Abigail says 5.4.20

    Hi Grace!

    I’m in Williamsburg as well and loved the nice weather this weekend! Last night, I got a to-go margarita and took a long walk to pick up takeout and some groceries. I also binged all of Normal People, it made me cry and I agree it was better than the book. My roommate and I got bagels for the first time in months and I started Jessica Simpson’s book (the hard copy). I’m definitely tired of cooking so all the takeout was a nice treat.

    Have a great week!

    • omg I want a bagel so badly now. There really is nothing better! You have a great week too.

  13. Hannah says 5.4.20

    Glad you had a good weekend! My distractions lately have been binging “Never Have I Ever” and “Unorthodox.” I’m in nyc, and my roommates have gone home for quarantine. While I have the apartment to myself I keep rearranging the bookshelves . I also ordered a ukulele off of amazon, so my weekend distraction was learning songs. Love seeing how everyone else is distracting themselves too!

  14. haley says 5.4.20

    loving these updates Grace! I feel like my mood took a significant turn for the better these last two weeks. I’m starting to really accept this reality rather than challenge or reject it.

    I deep cleaned the house, ordered Mexican takeout, made a key lime pie, did two face masks, socially distanced outside lunch with my sister in law, started High Fidelity on Hulu (SO GOOD!) and watched the WESTWORLD finale on Sunday. Overall a nice, low key weekend with some creature comforts.

  15. Kristin says 5.4.20

    I am 100% giving myself that ice cream maker and container- thank you!

  16. Courtney says 5.4.20

    Hi! I’m from Colorado. It was absolutely summer like this weekend. I made a two layer funfetti cake with homemade cream cheese frosting for my brother’s birthday and binged watched normal people on Saturday. It was a great weekend. One that felt weirdly like a normal one I would have pre-pandemic. I may bake banana bread today or tomorrow.

    • That’s how it was here too, so nice and warm (although EVERYONE was out which made me nervous!!!) Also, you are making me want cake now, haha!

  17. Marcella says 5.4.20

    Loving these posts every week. I live in San Antonio, TX where it’s basically summer here again (for the next 6 months, ha). It’s weird because our governor decided to “open the state” so things are technically open but helll no I’m not going to a restaurant to sit 6 feet away from people. This weekend my friend and I originally Facetime’d for a drink, but then we decided what the hell and had another drink and then we both ordered food at the exact same time another thing keeping me distracted is my small attempt at gardening – the last time I went to the grocery store before all this I bought a tomato and a cucumber starter and yesterday I checked and found a baby cucumber under one of the leaves!!!!! It made me SO proud and way too excited, haha.

    • That has to be so hard. I would be so scared to go to a restaurant right now. I struggle with understanding if it’s good for things to be opening. Also, for the restaurants right now… will they lose even more money by opening when they have to operate (wayyy) under capacity? I don’t know.

      Also, impressed by your gardening! I have a small patio here in Brooklyn and I’ve thought about trying tomato plants!

  18. pita says 5.4.20

    Hi Grace! This weekend was a tough one. I ended things with my longtime partner. One of those difficult situations where it was almost right, but not quite. Am thankful for your posts and distractions right now!! xx

    • Oh no, I am so sorry to hear that!!!! Sending you the biggest hug!!!! It sounds like you did the right thing. Thinking of you.

  19. Abby says 5.4.20

    Thank you for keeping your chin up (and also keeping it real) throughout this ordeal! Your posts are like a little oasis these days and the book recommendations are on point as usual.

  20. Mackenzie says 5.4.20

    Hi Grace! I just finished Love & Gelato and absolutely loved it. It was such an easy, light hearted (there are definitely sad aspects, don’t get me wrong), but ultimately uplifting book. Also really makes me want to go to Italy, I’ve never been. It felt like summer in Ohio so I sat outside and read and drank wine and went on lots of walks. Hope you have a great week!

    • That sounds like a perfect weekend and it sounds like I need to check out that book!!!!

  21. Mariana says 5.4.20

    Hi Grace! I’m glad you had a good weekend. That ice cream looks delicious! I’m in Portugal and also had a good weekend: it was a long one (friday was a national holiday) and it made all the difference for both me and my husband not having to work remotely for 3 days, since we have 2 kids and a big house to clean. The weather was amazing so we spent most of the time in our backyard, including yesterday were we only went inside for dinner so late it almost felt like a summer vacation evening. It felt really good! Hope you have a great week, with plenty more ice cream 🙂

    • I am so jealous of anyone with a backyard right now! Even just a sliver of private green space would be so nice. My sister and her husband have a tiny yard and I’m very envious! That sounds like a lovely long weekend… it felt like summer here, too, which was nice.

  22. Melanie says 5.4.20

    I definitely need to make ice cream ASAP! Looks delicious. Distracted myself last week with lots of TV (rewatching Veronica Mars, as well as keeping current on Westworld), doing a 1,000 piece puzzle of Hershey’s candy (so many Reese’s cups!), and reading (I’m on the 3rd book in the Will Trent series). Live in Houston where it’s getting hot this week – hope it stays nice/cool enough to sit outside for my birthday this coming Saturday! Spending the big 3-0 in quarantine is kinda sucky but my husband promises a major trip to make up for it later… I’ll take it!

    • It’s so good! So everyone is saying I need to watch Veronica Mars. And in an article I linked to on Saturday, they called it the best teen drama – think I’m slowly being sold!

      Happy almost birthday! I’m sorry it’s in quarantine but hope you can plan a fun celebration once this is all over! I feel like there will be lots of half birthday celebrations this year!!!!

      • Melanie says 5.6.20

        Definitely yes, get sucked into Veronica Mars! Thank you for the well wishes 🙂 looking forward to celebrating now and later!

  23. Betsy says 5.4.20

    I’m in Texas and while our state has opened some things, we are still social distancing and staying home. Of course there are pictures of dopey people being ridiculous all over with no masks and hanging out in parks, but we are sticking to protocol as long as we can. Plus, we are using this time as one huge example to our young children of what it means to be a good citizen and member of a community. We have a yard and can ride bikes, so we get out as much as we can. Summer is basically here and we got 12 foot inflatable pool to ease the pain.

    Will definitely check out Defending Jacob. For people who haven’t seen Michelle Dockery in Good Behavior, I LOVED that! So dark and she was so incredible in it – totally opposite of Lady Mary! Normal People is up next and we just finished The English Game on Nextflix – so good! I’m very into things set in the past so I don’t have to feel on edge about people on screen not social distancing. We also watched The Sandlot with our kids- very feel good and a good laugh.

    Grace, I have always thought your content was great but for you to generate such good work during such a challenging time is even more impressive. Thank you for creating an online space that I always look forward to visiting!

    • Oh my gosh I loved Good Behavior so so much. I was devastated when it got cancelled; I don’t understand why – it was fantastic and so fun and dark!!!!! (And thank you for the kind words, much appreciated!)

  24. Jaclyn says 5.4.20

    Ooh, so excited to watch Defending Jacob! I read the book years ago and remember loving it and thinking there was a big twist–but I’m so glad I’ve forgotten that twist by now, haha. Loving your posts as always, Grace–they’ve been a highlight of my quarantine. I’m a long-time reader and rarely comment, but I so appreciate your real-ness and vulnerability. And your quarantine content is so, so good–I’m obsessed with your girls night out videos! Please keep making them. 🙂

    I live in Tel Aviv, and in the past week there’s been a huge reopening. I feel really fortunate because the country has flattened the curve, and there have been no new cases in my city for a week. So while I am still social distancing from strangers, I’ve started to hug friends again–and oh my god does it feel GOOD. I live alone and went through a break up at the start of quarantine, so give me all the hugs. People have been flooding the streets though, and it’s disconcerting to be able to go into stores again, albeit with masks. They haven’t opened restaurants yet, but gyms are forthcoming this week, apparently. It seems like it happened a bit fast–like one day we were in a police state, can’t go farther than 300 feet from your apartment, and then the next day the floodgates opened. It feels like only 30% of people are wearing masks properly, and everyone else is wearing them around their chins in case they get stopped by the cops. It’s all so strange and hard to know what the right thing is to do. I live on the beach, and while they haven’t opened the beaches back up for sunbathers, I’ve been able to go for runs along the shore, which has been clutch for my mental health. I’m feeling so fortunate, because I know I have it so good here compared to so many parts of the world, including of course New York. You guys are super in my thoughts and prayers! My family is all in the US, mostly in Michigan which has been hit pretty hard, and it’s hard and scary to be so far when all this is happening. Also, who knows how this will play out, and if there will be more waves. But for now I’m enjoying this new sort of freedom, and savoring the fact that amongst my friends in Tel Aviv, corona isn’t the only topic of conversation anymore for the first time in months…

    • Thank you so much for sharing – it’s really interesting to hear from someone so far away! And it gives me hope, as we hopefully start to reopen some things in the coming months. Hang in there and have a great week ahead! xx

  25. Rachel says 5.4.20

    I’m Rachel from Philly and quarantined at home with my husband and baby (and two full time jobs). It’s really hard, but face masks and skin care have been my distraction! I’ve been buying basically everything you love, so keep them coming!

    • I’m so glad to hear that the skincare has helping. I joke that it’s my therapy 🙂

  26. Nikki says 5.4.20

    Hi from Cape Town!
    We’ve gone down from level 5 (full lockdown) over the weekend to level 4 which means there’s still many restrictions in place but my highlight is going for early morning walks now 🙂 Its so lovely getting out to feel the crisp air on my cheeks, see the autumn leaves & watching masked people jog by, lol. Looking forward to starting “Hollywood” on Netflix this evening. Not usually into memoirs but I’m enjoying Bob Iger’s The ride of a lifetime.

    • Oh my gosh, Cape Town – cool!

      I’m so glad you’re able to get out for a walk!

  27. Cassidi says 5.4.20

    Loving the blog content- which has been a really great distraction!
    I live in Florida, so I feel very grateful for our weather- even though it’s already so hot. This weekend was probably our busiest weekend since this started. We pulled weeds from our front yard, and spruced up some of our potted plants.
    I had a very Grace influenced Saturday morning reading The Guest List and ice rolling. LOL
    Keep these distractions coming- loving it!!

  28. Sarah says 5.4.20

    Hi! I seriously love this weekly check in as well! I’ve read them (and the comments) every week, but this is my first time commenting! This was, what I hope to be, the first of many amazing weekends! The weather was PERFECT here in Cleveland, OH! Did a little yoga overlooking Lake Erie Saturday morning! Got some sun and I’ve never been so happy to have some tanned checks 🙂 Saturday night my family and I, who I have been quarantined with, went to a super cute little town on the lake about 40 minutes away and got take out from our favorite restaurant there. We then set up a table on the beach and had a little picnic dinner with the best view of Lake Erie and the STUNNING sunset! I think this may be our new Saturday night activity moving forward, finding a different restaurant every weekend.

    • That sounds like such a nice weekend! I think from what everyone’s saying, the nicer weather really helped us all!!!

  29. Kelly says 5.4.20

    I’m in St. Louis, MO and while the rest of our state is starting the process of “reopening” today, my city is staying “closed” because we have such a higher incidence rate. I’m handling it better than I thought I would. I also had a really good weekend that actually felt like a weekend! On Saturday, I had donuts delivered and my friend (who lives in my same building) and I sat in an empty field (maintaining appropriate distance) with our respective boxes and just talked for three hours while we ate donuts for breakfast and lunch. It was incredible to have that sustained face-to-face interaction. Plus, as she stated, “Donuts and friendship are healing.” I told her to pretend to be surprised when her birthday present ends up being a pillow cross-stitched with that phrase. 🙂

    • Donuts and appropriately distanced face time sounds so so nice. Agreed that they are definitely both very healing!

  30. Alexandra says 5.4.20

    I think this weekend was a big turnaround for a lot of people. The gorgeous weather in Massachusetts made for lighter moods and more time outside. Being able to pick up breakfast and a huge iced coffee from a local place then driving with the sunroof open made it feel like a ‘normal’ spring day. I also binged Normal People from Friday to yesterday (trying to savor it) and found myself sobbing last night watching the final episode. I was kind of meh on the book, so it was a pleasant surprise how much I enjoyed the show. Overall it was a great weekend to reset. Hope you have a good week!


    • Couldn’t agree more – this weekend felt closer to “normal” than anything has so far!!!

      I cried at the final episode too! Destroyed me. I’ve seen a lot of people say they didn’t love the book (I really liked it!) but LOVED the show! You have a good week too! xox

  31. clare says 5.4.20

    I was in a similar mood this weekend! I live in Detroit and Michigan weather in general is all over the place. Luckily this Spring has been pretty “normal” and this past weekend we made it up to 70 with plenty of sunshine. The sun really does wonders for my mood and energy levels. For the first time since quarantine started I was actually feeling like myself. My book club met virtually and we discussed The Greatest Believers by Rebecca Makkai. Highly recommend if you haven’t read.

    I also had a virtual bachelorette party as this weekend. Myself and a group of girls were supposed to be in Arizona this past weekend celebrating our friend, the bride. It was still nice to hangout over Zoom with some cocktails but definitely not the same 🙁 Last highlight of the weekend included a little retail therapy and ordered an amazing FRINGE lamp from Nordstrom Rack from the TOV Furniture collection. They have so many cute things. Have a good week lady!

    • A fringe lamp sounds so fun! And I hope your friend can have a proper party when this is all over!!!

  32. Shana says 5.4.20

    I am all in for that artwork and Chris Evans, anything Chris Evans 🙂 back to last week and the weekend – it’s getting hot here in Texas and we don’t have access to a pool with the quarantine restrictions so we broke out the old fashion hose in our lanai over the weekend = cheap fun for our 3 yo at least until the water bill comes hahahahah looking forward to some take out Tex-Mex tomorrow for Cinco de Mayo!!

    • Couldn’t agree more, love him! And it’s beside the point but he looks amazing in his red sox hat on the show! Ha!

  33. Jessica Camerata says 5.4.20

    I need to try another ice cream recipe, I made one last summer and it was SO easy and delicious. Also, need to watch Normal People, it’s on the list!

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

  34. Madelyn says 5.4.20

    I also had the best weekend! It was 75 here in Minnesota, and just SO nice.

    1. I started Run. I had been meaning to anyway, reading your post last week reminded me. I LOVE that actress, she is one of my favorites.. (have you seen Nurse Jackie? There’s another one to binge, she’s so great in that show) and I was hooked immediately. I did NOT know there was a Defending Jacob show! I loved the book. Now I just need to figure out if I can get a trial for Apple TV because the last thing I need is another thing to pay for. I watched the first two episodes of Outer Banks, I should probably keep going. I have been watching trashy reality TV like Below Deck, 90 Day Fiance, and Very Cavalleri.

    2. I have a 10 year old son that I have 50% custody of, and every day we have been going on long walks to hunt for turtles, which he has somehow recently become completely obsessed with. Today we found more than 3 dozen turtles!

    3. I have started my newest craft project…a Diamond Painting. There’s a ton of them on Amazon. Mine is a Northern Lights scene. It’s the perfect mindless thing to do while listening to podcasts.

    4. Have you read The Great Alone? You should. Best book I’ve read all year.

    • So glad to hear that!!!

      1. I feel badly as I can’t stand that actress! So funny. I don’t know what it is about her!
      2. That sounds like such a nice ritual with your son, and something my sister and her son would do (they’re also in MN!)
      3. That looks so cool!
      4. YES – I read it when it first came out. Loved it. Kristin Hannah is one of my fav writers!

  35. Chelsea says 5.4.20

    YES! I am so happy you also watched Normal People. I loved it so so much! I rarely like a movie or series more than the book when it comes to adaptations, but I agree, the series was even better (and I LOVED the book). So beautifully shot and such an incredible soundtrack, which I’ve been listening to for the past few days!

    xx Chelsea

  36. Theodora says 5.4.20

    Once again, loving reading the comments here.

    I found out on Saturday that my grad school is still online until September. Makes sense of course, but a huge bummer. I love my classmates and miss seeing them IRL. It just makes this feel that much more interminable.

    PMSing and just super emotional right now. PMS should be outlawed during quarantine.

    • Haha it really should, I’ve been feeling the same way. Also periods are a terrible way to measure how long we’ve been quarantined.

  37. Sloane says 5.4.20

    Hi Grace!

    Really been digging your content the past few weeks. It feels like a perfect balance of what my heart and brain need right now. It’s nice to read how you’re doing, and I’m very glad to hear you had a nice weekend!

    I’m right outside Savannah, Georgia and honestly have been struggling. The past 8 months have held a lot of changes, both personally and professionally. I know that many people have it worse, and have even been in my position and made it through, which I try to keep in mind. My boyfriend and I moved to Oklahoma from June-January, got engaged in December, got (secretly) legally married in January, moved to Georgia in February, and he left for a year in Poland in March. Since leaving Washington, where we were in June ‘19, I haven’t had a job, primarily because of the quick moves paired with the fact that I’m a teacher. Now I’m alone, in a new state, and haven’t been able to meet anyone since he left thanks to the lockdown. My family is in Washington, his is in Texas, and while we try to FaceTime, it’s still tough. Being alone, being completely dependent on someone else’s finances for much longer than anticipated, and having two dogs who I love dearly but aren’t used to being in an active residential area (coming from 2.5 acres so no one to bark at) who are driving me up the wall with their barking daily, even with long walks, trying to plan a wedding, but didn’t have any sort of engagement party, so it’s hard to get excitedfor anything…This long pity party all to say, I’m healthy, in a home, and fed, but struggling mentally and emotionally. Hoping for better things to come! I’d love to try the ice cream you made!

    • Hey Sloane,
      I’m really sorry – that sounds so hard!!!!! It’s hard being alone; I couldn’t imagine doing it in a new state. Sending you a big hug… hang in there! And definitely give homemade ice cream a go… it helps!

  38. Lily says 5.4.20

    So glad to hear that you were feeling happier this weekend, Grace! Your content has been a huge bright spot during the quarantine and I just love these Monday posts! I had a nice weekend too, the nice weather really lifted my mood and it felt so luxurious to be doing my yoga outdoors in the sunshine on my parents’ deck where I am quarantining!

    Making homemade ice cream has been my go-to quarantine hobby and my partner and I have had so much fun coming up with new recipe combos! Your roasted banana looks AMAZING!! Did you ever go to Caffe Panna for ice cream pre-quarantine? It’s my absolute favorite ice cream place (in NYC but also in, like, the entire world) and Hallie Myer, the owner, has been doing IGTV tutorials on how to make their base recipe and signature flavor on Insta! I have been totally converted to their sweet cream base – it has the best texture I’ve ever made at home, and we’ve been jazzing it up with all sorts of different mix-ins. I highly recommend trying out her recipe – it’s so delish!

    • Thanks Lily!!!
      I’ve never been to Cfae Panna! Will have to check it out, sounds so good!!!

  39. Megan says 5.4.20

    I am so jealous of your Negroni to go. I can’t even tell you. My distractions are rewatching Grey’s Anatomy and the Challenge on MTV— it’s kind of sportsy, but also full of reality show drama. Highly recommend. I also puzzle and bought a Nintendo Switch like a super grown up to play Animal Crossing. It’s very fun and satisfying. I like to pick up weeds on a video game. Who knew? ‍♀️

    • It was such a fun treat! Long walks with to-go drinks are my new weekend activity, ha ha.

  40. Misti says 5.4.20

    We had nice weather here too (I’m in south Louisiana) over the weekend, and it was such a nice little serotonin boost! I propagated some of my house plants in big jars of water and am now growing little plant babies. I’m reading Conversations with Friends by Sally Rooney because I loved Normal People so much. And I made Samin Nosrat’s (adore her!) big lasagna – it was insanely good. Highly recommend:)

  41. Brittany says 5.4.20

    Loving your content and glad you had a nice weekend!! This weekend I made pumpkin bread, went for runs, tie dyed some clothes, worked on my bullet journal, finished verity, and went back and played your book club episode for it!

  42. Kelly says 5.4.20

    Hello from Albuquerque! I’m glad you’re feeling better. I had a couple rough days last week, but I came out of it yesterday. The rough days seem to hit me especially hard because I haven’t had as many since this started as I would have expected. I love The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires; it’s one of my favorites!

    • I am so glad you loved it as much as I am! I am on track to finish it today and will be sad when it’s over!

  43. Alanna says 5.4.20

    First-time commenter here. A friend introduced me to your blog and IG over a quarantine catchup call recently, and it’s been a lovely discovery! I’m furloughed in Los Angeles and between the joys of filing for unemployment and proving myself to be a brave, elder millennial on TikTok, I am tending to interests I have put off forever. Lately that’s been cooking without being in a rush, trying to learn French, and indulging in long talks with friends, whenever we feel like it. Currently watching Money Heist, Normal People, Bosch, and Call the Midwife. And listening to lots of jazz? It just feels right! And thanks for the great posts, which I very much look forward to!

    • Aw I’m so glad you found me!!!!!

      Jazz DOES feel right. Maybe I’ll put some on this afternoon! Take care! XOXO

  44. Stacey Hoffman says 5.4.20

    The weather here in St.Louis was amazing this weekend! Played in our backyard with our kids, which was so nice. Then ordered a bunch more backyard toys. Also did some Melissa Wood Health flows which totally turned my pessimistic mood around! Can’t wait to read this months BOP book and to read my BOTM!

  45. Brooke says 5.4.20

    I love your blog I live in mass and long time reader I enjoy your honesty about your feelings it helps feel that we are not alone feeling bad /sad/mad /anxious /happy etc I like your recommendations too
    The weather this weekend really brightened up everything and everyone I live with we got a trampoline so we been bouncing ,gardening , and sitting outside

  46. Fiona Templin says 5.4.20

    ❤️❤️❤️ the painting of Tyrion!

  47. Emma says 5.5.20

    Grace, hello!!

    My weekend felt way too short; today was the start of week 6/10 of my final term of grad school, and the assignment deadlines are looming. I’ve been struggling to stay focused and get real work done during all this, so I really soak it up on the weekends! I’ve also been loving Never Have I Ever, and want to watch the new one on Netflix, Hollywood, next. I’m circled up on my couch in Eugene, Oregon, catching a few rays of sun behind some of our classic rain clouds. Fingers crossed for more sunshine later this week, and sending good vibes your way as well!


    • Hello! I can’t imagine trying to stay motivated with a big grad school deadline, it has to be hard to focus!!!! Hang in there. Also, Hollywood is next for me too. It looks amazing!

  48. Caitlin says 5.5.20

    Grace, these distraction posts are one of my favorite distractions And thanks for the suggestion of reading the comments! So lovely to see where everyone is at.

    What’s bringing me joy is my blossoming mug collection! I’ve always loved cheeky mugs, and I’ve been ordering more during this time of at-home coffee. Emily McDowell Designs has some amazing sassy ones that brighten my mornings. Also ordered a cute mug rack to hang on my wall to properly display.

    • Aw I am so glad to hear that!!!! And love the idea of starting a fun mug collection. It really is those happy little things that brighten our days best.

  49. Gillian Clow says 5.5.20

    Hi Grace! This weekend my boyfriend and I tackled a chore I had been putting off for nearly a year — cleaning out my deck so we can actually sit out there. We’ve had a few dinners outside and it has made my small condo feel much bigger!

    We also ventured to East Los Angeles, to Boyle Heights, to pick up tacos at a renowned taco stand. It was so nice getting out of my neighborhood, but still maintaining social distance and wearing masks.

    • Oh man that must have felt SO nice!!!! Always good to tackle that annoying thing you’ve been putting off. Also very jealous as I would really love a deck or a yard right now, ha!

  50. Kelly says 5.5.20

    Hi Grace! I started following you a year ago and your blog gets better and better for me. I’m currently at my parents in Maine, but I was only supposed to be in USA for a week in January when I went on Chinese New Year holiday from Beijing China (where I work) but haven’t been able to get back for many different reasons. I realized this weekend, when it was finally a bit warmer, that I have no summer clothes with me and that this is a great time to use Rent the Runway unlimited- if I were buying clothes I would buy everything I have waiting in my Beijing closet and I don’t want to waste. I used your link and the discount still works! Thank you!

    I am not a sports person at all but I am really enjoying “the last dance” about the Chicago bulls in 97-98. I highly recommend during quarantine! I actually had to check some stats and spoiled the end for myself because I had to know if they win the championship.

    • Hey Kelly!
      Oh that is great to hear!!!! And happy that it can be useful right now… I haven’t been using my membership as I always used it for party dresses and accessories which of course is not something I need right now!

  51. Molly says 5.6.20

    We have the same ice cream maker! I do prefer non fruity flavors and lately I’m following some non-dairy recipes. My only gripe is doesn’t it seem like it should be cheaper to make yourself? When I calculate the ingredients, it’s the same or more than store bought. But I guess more fun 🙂