9 Things To Do At Home Alone For Introverts (Or Quarantined Extroverts).

9 Things To Do At Home Alone For Introverts (Or Quarantined Extroverts).

I had started working on this post pre-quarantine, but put it on the backburner. Now, more than ever, it seems relevant though, so here we go! A list of fun, solo activities you can do while quarantined at home (besides making terrible music videos, of course).

I am definitely an introvert. I really feel for my extrovert friends right now. People who don’t know me well will challenge me on this “you’re always out!”you go to so many events!!!” “you’re definitely NOT shy!” YES but that is for work. At the end of the day, being an introvert or extrovert is all about how you recharge your batteries and what gives you energy vs. what leaves you feeling depleted. If you get your energy from being around other people, you are an extrovert (AGAIN my heart goes out to you right now, I’m an introvert and I’m going crazy!). If you recharge by being alone, you are an introvert. And of course no one is fully both… I’m probably an ambivert (a mix) or an “extroverted introvert.”

Regardless, today I wanted to share some cozy things that you can do at home alone. Hopefully, this post is helpful for everyone!!!! I joke that I’ve been preparing for quarantine my whole life as I love being home alone indoors BUT that’s making light of the situation. I think regardless of our personality types, we are ALL struggling.

Things to Do At Home Alone For Introverts

Get lost in a good book.

I mean obviously, this is my number one. When you read a book, it’s the perfect little escape from everything going on in the world. I mentioned in yesterday’s reading list that I’ve had a harder time reading have a list of the best beach reads which is PERFECT  for this time. Other good books I’d recommend (fun, light, distracting reads) are If I Never Met You, Big Summer, and Matchmaking for Beginners.

Do a puzzle.

I am going to order a puzzle this weekend (let me know if you have any good recs!!) as I always loved doing them as a kid! My best friend just bought a Jonathan Adler puzzle which is such a chic take on the idea. They have a lips one and a rainbow one. The “Vertigo” one is great too. I also love the idea of finding a puzzle version of your favorite artist’s work: here are a few of my favs: Frank Stella, Andy Warhol’s Flowers or Soup Can, or this Mondrian one!

Try a painting kit!

Painting is an amazing way to get in touch with your creative side. My mom got me a few kits from Let’s Make Art and I am planning to finally do one this weekend. (I keep getting intimidated and thinking I will be terrible at it!)

Binge watch an entire season of TV.

I know I know, rotting your brain and such BUT sometimes you just need to sit and binge some good TV! I posted a roundup of favorite shows on my blog last week. My recs are pretty solid but honestly, YOUR recs are even better – the comments section of the post is packed with great recs! My parents asked for recommendations and I have put them onto Damages and White Collar. 

Make a candle!

Siblings is a cool new company that makes candle-making kit! Unfortunately I do not have a microwave so I haven’t tried a kit myself but I think this is SO cool. (During normal times my mom and I kept trying to sign up for candle making classes at Candlefish in Charleston but they’re always full when I’m home! For another way to do it (no microwave needed!) try Cupcakes & Cashmere’s tutorial!

Try a fun craft project or DIY.

If you are a long time reader, this blog was originally a lot about fashion DIY projects! I haven’t done one in a while, but I have a great DIY gallery here on the site with TONS of craft projects you can try at home. Blast your favorite music and get crafty! In all honesty, some of my projects are pretty bad (dated!!!) BUT I think these tassel earrings would be really fun to make right now, same with this bag charm.

In my opinion, no one does DIY’s better than Erica. She is incredibly talented and her DIY gallery is PACKED with amazing ideas!

Take a bath!

There’s nothing better than a bath. It’s simple but something I look forward to every night! If you need a little inspiration, this post has my favorite DIY baths, here are my favorite baths (that post is two years old and still holds up), and of course I love goop’s baths too (my favorite right now is Nurse! – it’s great on my allergies)

Make a vision board

I haven’t done this but have been thinking of doing it! We have plenty of time after all… here’s a good post on how to get started!

Bake cookies

I have been spending time baking a lot. It’s so soothing! My go-to has been Alison Roman’s tiny salty chocolate cookies (they are HEAVEN and remind me of the edge of a brownie), but my sister made the Levain chocolate chip cookies (the BEST cookies ever; if you know you know!!!) and I think that’s going to be the next thing I try! If you live alone, I recommend freezing the dough and baking a few at a time to minimize waste!

What are your favorite solo at home activities!? I’d love to hear in the comments.

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  1. CD:

    Thank you for this post, Grace! I live in LA now, but was in NYC for 8 years before and Levain made my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE cookie. I am really excited to try out this recipe! Thank you and stay healthy and safe. Really love your blog and appreciate these posts.

    4.3.20 Reply
  2. CD:

    I’ve also been working on a Van Gogh Starry Night puzzle while listing to audio books and I find it all very soothing 🙂

    4.3.20 Reply
  3. Adrianna:

    Gray Malin puzzles are great, too; double-sided and hard-enough!

    4.3.20 Reply
  4. Sharon:

    Another idea.. the site brit+co.com is offering all of their online classes for free until April 9th with code SELFCARE

    4.3.20 Reply
  5. Lisa Autumn:

    Such a useful post, thank you! I hope you are well and safe x

    Lisa | lisaautumn.com

    4.3.20 Reply
  6. Ellen:

    I love the New Yorker puzzles: https://www.newyorkpuzzlecompany.com/collections/the-new-yorker

    They’re so fun! Get a print you like and they almost look like art lying around your apt or stacked with books.

    4.3.20 Reply
  7. Caroline:

    The DIY tassel earrings are going on my to do list immediately. It’s not often I just have all the supplies on hand for a craft project. I’ve lost interest in watching the robin build a nest outside my window… the cats are still into it 3 days later. This time has taught me I’m not truly a cat.

    4.3.20 Reply
    • Oh YAY! Happy crafting 🙂
      Also dying, Tyrion has a bird nest near one of my windows (even in Brooklyn!!!) and is obsessed with it.

      4.3.20 Reply
  8. I love your ideas! I’ve been honing up my baking and cooking skills lately! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    4.3.20 Reply
  9. Becca:

    Galison puzzles are fun and pretty! Ordered mine a couple weeks ago and still waiting on delivery but have a LEGO set to keep me somewhat occupied for now! LEGO would be my other suggestion. They are pricey but look for something over 1000 pieces to take up a few days time. I think it will be a fun bookshelf piece when it’s done.

    4.3.20 Reply
    • Thank you so much for the rec!!! YES to Legos! A reader DM’d me a photo of her making this cool lego tree and I was jealous!

      4.3.20 Reply
  10. Lauren:

    Ordered that puzzle and a little basil plant from MOMA — fun to support the museum during this time!

    4.3.20 Reply
  11. I am loving baths lately! I just got a couple bottles of Dr. Teal’s bubble bath. There’s a sleep one that is so soothing! I’m also playing a lot of Stardew Valley. It requires enough thought to keep you distracted but is not stressful.

    4.3.20 Reply
    • I have heard really good things about Dr. Teal’s!!! That may be my next purchase!

      4.3.20 Reply
      • I ordered 2 bottles from Ulta for less than $10 — and they are HUGE! And it doesn’t take much to get a nice scent and lots of bubbles!

        4.3.20 Reply
  12. Dana Mannarino:

    Love the idea of making candles! Also just ordered a huge coloring book kit – so excited hahah

    Dana | The Champagne Edit 

    4.3.20 Reply
  13. Kat:

    I have wanted to learn how to french braid my hair since I was in elementary school ballet – I’ve decided now is my chance! I ordered some small clear elastics and am going to start today. Going 4-5 days between hair washes requires a little creativity 🙂 Planning to use this tutorial from Ashley Brooke: https://ashleybrookedesigns.com/how-to-do-crown-braid/

    4.3.20 Reply
  14. Stephanie:

    I love the Gray Malin puzzles and they are reversible so you get 2 for 1!

    4.3.20 Reply
  15. Denise:

    Love this, start painting! If you want I will order myself one and do it with you! What do you think? There are some cool Charleston puzzles, maybe I will send you one!

    4.3.20 Reply
  16. Cookie Monstress:

    Grace, can you PLEASE report back on how similar to Levain cookies the end products from that recipe are? I am dying to try…but I fear the let-down haha.

    4.3.20 Reply
  17. Awesome ideas. I should definitely take a bath, I never seem to take them often enough and just have showers. I’m enjoying the quiet time, it’s just strange not knowting when things will go back to normal!

    4.3.20 Reply
    • I know, I’m really struggling with that as well! I wish we just had an official end date in place 😉

      4.3.20 Reply
  18. Jessica:

    I love to do cross stitch! Something about it is very soothing. There are cute kits on Etsy – I want to do a le croix can for a friend!!

    4.3.20 Reply
    • I have heard such good things about both cross stitch and needlepoint! Think maybe it’s time for a new hobby!!!

      4.3.20 Reply
  19. Deena ward:

    I love to to color it sounds childish since im 42.. But adult coloring books are a thing.. I bought 4 so i have options.. And some beautiful markers.. So if you like designs and colors.. Try this 🙂

    4.3.20 Reply
  20. thanurja:

    Thank you for the post,it was very usefulIm an introvert too!

    4.4.20 Reply
  21. Simao:

    Programming, working on projects, watching YouTube, 3D printing, listening to music, …

    4.4.20 Reply
  22. Chrissy:

    Grace have you tried Bon Appétit’s best chocolate chip cookies made with brown butter? I stumbled upon the recipe this week and made them…twice! Amazing!
    Take care

    4.4.20 Reply
  23. Love all of these ideas! I love how you have a little of everything from TV to crafts to self care! I’ve been reading a lot and watching TV (I just started Downton Abbey!) and I just started trying to teach myself French, we’ll see how that goes!

    xx Chelsea

    4.5.20 Reply
  24. Julianna:

    Ok following up because I tried the copycat Levain Cookies and they are REALLY good and close to the originals. They’re not exactly the same but pretty darn close. I’d give them 8/10.

    4.5.20 Reply
  25. So many great ideas. Getting lost in a book is always great.

    4.6.20 Reply
  26. Abby:

    Great list!
    On puzzles: love the “Magic India” puzzle from the French toy company Djeco. It is a colourful (making it solvable and not frustrating) 1000 piece puzzle. Beautiful but still “adult-ish” and beginner-friendly but challenging.
    On cookies: you need to make this recipe asap:
    The Tahini and sea salt make these really scrumptious!
    I started baking my own sourdough bread and deep-cleaned my windows last weekend! More fun when you listen to the Spice Girls album while doing it 😀

    4.7.20 Reply
  27. Rebecca:

    Hi Grace. Thanks for the ideas. I’ve been loving a bath lately while reading and having wine. The big thing for me is that I’m tackling cleaning the garage! Just a little each day. Then it’s not so over whelming but the progress is real.

    4.8.20 Reply
    • That’s what I have been doing with a few projects… just a little bit, every week!!!

      4.8.20 Reply