The Best New Skincare Product I’ve Tried.

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Beauty Pie Youthbomb Serum Review

I’m so excited to tell you about a new favorite product today. When Beauty Pie approached me about creating sponsored content around their new Youthbomb Serum, I was excited – I am a huge huge Beauty Pie fan. But despite knowing and loving the brand, just like with all skincare products I told them I’d need a few weeks to test it out before I could commit. Within just a few uses, I knew this product was going to be a YES… but still, I waited a few more weeks, just to be sure.

Friends. This product is no joke. It is easily the best new skincare product I’ve tried this year. I am on a pretty much constant hunt for extra glow and radiance, and this product is the GREATEST when it comes to glow. It also smoothes, tightens, rejuvenates, hydrates, and helps with anti-aging. But the GLOW is real. (Okay, the tightening benefits are also pretty great but if I had to pick a favorite benefit it’s the glow. You see results pretty much instantaneously.

Beauty Pie Youthbomb Serum Review

You are going to love this serum. It can be used morning and evening. It plays well with other products and can be layered into your existing routine. In the morning you will want to use it after your Vitamin C serum (if you use one), before moisturizing and applying SPF. In the evening, I like to apply this right after I finish cleansing and toning my face (before other serums like retinol and acids and of course moisturizer).

I am going to tell you more about it (and more about Beauty Pie too!) and why it works so well but first! Beauty Pie has an offer for us. Use code GRACESENTME for $10 off the cost of a new membership 

Beauty Pie Youthbomb Serum Review

Let’s Dive in!

Beauty Pie Youth Bomb Serum is one of the brand’s most advanced skincare formulas. Usually a serum like this would cost at least $185. But Beauty Pie members get it for just $48 (more on how their membership works below!).

Every single ingredient in this serum has been chosen for its ability to dramatically improve how your skin reflect light. In their consultant dermatologist Dr. Andrew Markey’s words, it helps to replicate the “wow effect” you get after visiting your derm. As Dr. Markey says, “Healthy skin is characterized by an even reflection of light,” “The glow, luminosity and radiance that may have been lost over the years is a key sign of healthy skin. It is packed with peptides and actives for radiance, glow, firmness… all of the things we talked about above. This is a luxury face serum, for just $48.

Beauty Pie Youthbomb Serum Review

I also want to chat about BeautyPie’s business model as it’s really cool!

A Beauty Pie Membership…

There’s so much value in a membership; you can get incredible products (and also save a lot of money!). Beauty Pie lets its members shop for luxury beauty directly, from the best suppliers in premium skincare, makeup, haircare, bodycare, candles, fragrance, accessories and nutritional supplements, without the 10X typical industry markup. You get the same luxury quality without paying for the middlemen or retailer’s cost.

An annual membership is $59 ($10 off with code GRACESENTME) and it allows you to shop for all of your beauty needs for up to 75% off traditional retail prices. I am also a big big fan of their retinol, the retinol hand cream, their candles, and all of their body care and makeup. If you want to see a few more Beauty Pie favorites, check out this post, this post, and this post!

Beauty Pie skincare review
Beauty Pie face lift serum
Youthbomb face lift serum bottle

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  1. Kori C:

    This is also my favorite can’t live without it holy grail product! So glad you loved it too! Although now that you are telling everyone I may have to order a few backup bottles.

    6.21.22 Reply
  2. Cathy:

    Did Beauty Pie change its pricing structure? I thought you had to pay so much per month for a membership. Their retinol hand cream is my favorite!

    6.21.22 Reply
    • I think they did! I *think* that it used to be $10 per month but now it is $59/year (plus, $10 off with my code!!!)

      6.21.22 Reply
  3. Meg:

    Always been interested in trying Beauty Pie, thinking I might give it a go now! Not sure if this question is too abstract to answer, but how can you tell when a product really works? I don’t know that I see a huge difference in my skin when using different products (even including Bader ) but maybe I’m not using the right products for my skin? Just trying to qualify what “works” means to you? Thank you!

    6.21.22 Reply
    • I know, it is hard sometimes to quantify it and does feel really abstract! I’m going to try my best to answer!!!

      For some products – in my experience, the majority of products – like Bader, I don’t see a noticeable difference right away. Just hydrated, dewy skin. For products like those, it is a question of how it makes my skin feel, and how my skin responds to the products. With Bader, I knew right away that I liked it – it left my skin glowy and super hydrated, my skin just felt really good. That being said, after 6 months I noticed my skin just looked so much better. Smoother, glowier, firmer, etc. There are also things like retinol, which is very long term. Retinol definitely has immediate texture benefits but it’s more of a long term investment in my skin that isn’t noticeable right away. A lot of skin care is preventative… it is not going to make you look better immediately but it’s going to slow down the aging process. That’s why I personally do a combination of Botox (immediate but temporary results) and skin care (longer term results/prevention!)

      This particular product has benefits that you see immediately. Skin looks brighter, more radiant, more firm. Kind of the equivalent to the way my mind wakes up after a strong shot of Espresso, or the way that my face looks better after a good night of sleep. The only other product I can think of that gives really good *instant* results is the Biossance lactic acid that I gush about; I also see an immediate difference the next day after using (for texture). I think what makes this product work so well is all the technology they put into helping the skin reflect light – it really makes you GLOW. Also, the firming/tightening benefits are pretty noticeable. That’s my other favorite thing about the product… skin looks much more lifted.

      I hope this is helpful!!!! I am obviously not a dermatologist or expert, just someone who tries a LOT of products!

      6.21.22 Reply
      • Meg:

        This is IMMENSELY helpful, thank you for being so thorough! I also love Biossance because of you and most recently the Strivectin eye cream. Thank you for your incredible posts and thoughtful responses!

        6.21.22 Reply
        • I am so glad it was helpful!!!! Sometimes the answer is a little more abstract – thank you for the thoughtful question 🙂

          6.21.22 Reply
        • Also YES to that eye cream, I find that makes a noticeable difference with dark circles and puffiness.

          6.21.22 Reply
  4. Zina:

    After applying youth bomb should I amply my mosturiser?
    And also after the retenol??

    12.25.23 Reply