Beauty Pie Review!

Beauty Pie Review by Grace Atwood - The Stripe Blog

I am really, really excited about today’s post on the blog as it’s such a cool concept and something I think you guys will truly LOVE. Like really love.

Beauty Pie Review

Beauty Pie… how to even explain it! In a word, it’s a members only club for beauty lovers; allowing you to buy luxurious beauty products at cost. I am on the $10 a month plan, and so for that I get $100 to spend a month at the typical price.

Beauty Pie was started by Marcia Kilgore (you may remember her as the founder of Bliss and then Soap & Glory). Over the course of her impressive career she developed relationships with all the really big beauty factories and labs. She had the (brilliant!) idea to start a members only club where customers pay a small monthly fee (between $10-$30/month depending on how much you want to be able to buy) and then can purchase luxury beauty products at cost.

They make their money from membership dues and because they’re direct to consumer and don’t do any big celebrity marketing, they can sell the product at the actual true cost. So you’re not paying for middlemen or retailer markup, stores, fancy marketing, etc etc. Just product costs. I’ve talked about this before but the markup in the beauty industry is pretty huge…. like, 90% when all is said and done.

Beauty Pie is completely transparent in their pricing.

Each product page shows the typical price as well as the cost for members. There are three membership tiers (and an annual pass), depending on how much product you use. I’m going to talk about some of my favorite products, but if you sign up using my code GRACESENTME, you will get an extra $50 allowance in your first month!

Beauty Pie Review by Grace Atwood - The Stripe Blog

I have so much to say here!

Over the past few months I have tried SO many Beauty Pie products (I love them all; there’s nothing I wouldn’t recommend!) but today I want to talk about my absolute favorites.

The Über Youth™ Hyaluronic Sheet Masks are one of my new favorite sheet masks. The pack of five masks would typically retail for $70, but members pay $22.62. The masks are packed with anti-aging ingredients as well as hyaluronic acid and hydrolyzed collagen to instantly plump up skin. I love these when I am tired or before a big event.

All of the Super Retinol products are AMAZING, but my favorites are the retinol night cream (I like it just as much as my usual go-to department store retinol), which also contains Vitamin C! This one would usually retail for $95 but members pay only $11.23. I like this one a lot because it doesn’t dry your skin out. Besides all the important anti aging ingredients (retinol, vitamins E and C, ferulic and hyaluronic acid), it also has shea butter to nourish. When I do this I will just pop on a little bit of face oil on afterward and I wake up with smooth, glowing skin.

Along those lines, is it weird to admit that the Super Retinol hand cream is actually my favorite Beauty Product of all? I am super self conscious about my hands (they get so dry and look old!). I use this every day and have noticed a huge difference. HUGE. This one would usually go for $50 but members pay only $7.48.

Beauty Pie Review by Grace Atwood - The Stripe

A few more awesome products:

Plantastic™ Apricot Butter Cleansing Balm //

Usually retails for $65; members pay $12.35. You know I LOVE a cleansing balm and this is a good one… made from cold-pressed rosehip seed oil, apricot butter, and vitamin E. Gets all your makeup off while leaving it nice and hydrated.

Superactive Capsules Hyaluronic Acid & Biopeptide Microspheres Serum //

Typical price would be $65; members pay $11.65. These are amazing (I am BIG into hyaluronic acid for plumping up my skin). This isn’t how you are supposed to use them but I actually really like them before makeup because of how much they plump, smooth, and hydrate the skin. So I actually use these after moisturizer and before primer/foundation. They make a noticeable difference, instantly smoothing out rough texture and filling in fine lines.

Wondergloss Lip Oil Trio //

Usually would retail for $50; member price is $8.66. These lip oils (made in Italy!) are supremely hydrating and glossy. I like that they deliver tons of shine (and just a sheer wash of color) but are still really hydrating.

Blending Sponges //

Usually would retail for $20; member price is $4.09. I was going through my makeup sponges wayyyyy too quickly (I use them to blend everything, from eyeshadow to foundation and concealer and highlighter, to blush and bronzer) and it’s annoying how expensive they can be. Four dollars is much more palatable!

Lips Makeup Bags (Small and Large) //

These are a limited edition so grab them quickly! I’m a sucker for anything with modern art or lips, so these immediately appealed to me. They’re a collaboration between Beauty Pie and NYC graphic designer Laurie Rosenwald.

Beauty Pie Products

Lastly: we have to talk about is the candles.

Holy MOLY. The candles are amazing and they’re made in the same factory in Grasse, France, as other premium brands known to make the same scents. They’d usually retail for around $50, but members pay around $15 (depending upon the scent). My personal favorite is the Tuberose candle, followed by Clean House. Both smell exactly as you’d expect them to.

I am always burning a candle and love these. They smell so good and the quality + packaging is very nice too.

Super Retinol

It’s really all about the Super Retinol hand cream though. Seriously; this stuff is MAJOR. Such a game changer.

I think that about sums it up! I love what Beauty Pie is doing so, so much. And if you want to sign up, don’t forget to use GRACESENTME, to get an additional $50 allowance in your first month!

Grace Atwood Beauty products Sheet mask Beauty capsules Beauty Products Grace is using lipstick

Thank you to Beauty Pie for sponsoring this post. // Photography by Carter Fish.

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  1. Oh gosh, the packaging already has me sold! It’s gorgeous! Thanks for sharing, Grace! ✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    6.13.19 Reply
  2. Janice Stern:

    Game changer! Amazing idea thank you for sharing. Site looks amazing!

    6.13.19 Reply
  3. Marty:

    Good morning, Grace! This club sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing with all of us. I had one question: Are any of the available products clean? The cleansing balm sounds like it is. Are the retinol products derived from natural ingredients or synthetics? I’ve followed your blog for years and I’m grateful you’ve shared honest feedback about your fave green / clean products. That’s one of the reasons I’ve become a huge fan of Tata Harper and use several of her products regularly. So always on the lookout for other products and trying to stick to clean skincare and cosmetics. Thanks so much!

    6.13.19 Reply
    • I came to ask the same question 🙂 It definitely sounds like a great service, especially if the products are clean.

      6.13.19 Reply
    • Hey Marty,
      Stay tuned!!! I am finding out. I sent your comment to the team and will report back. My hunch is that it’s not fully clean though I know they’re committed to using only high quality ingredients.

      6.13.19 Reply
      • Marty:

        Thanks so much for looking into that Grace!

        6.13.19 Reply
  4. Shannon:

    Yay! Have been thinking about signing up for awhile, but was waiting to see if it got The Stripe stamp of approval. Signing up today!

    6.13.19 Reply
    • I love it SO MUCH. Especially the retinol (night cream and hand cream) and the candles! Oh and the sheet masks. Gahh it’s hard to pick!

      6.13.19 Reply
  5. Katy:

    Very intrigued by this! Seems like a great concept. Do you know which, if any, products are clean? Hard to tell on their website without looking at every single ingredient. Thanks!

    6.13.19 Reply
    • Hey Katy,
      I don’t think it’s clean. I sent a note to the brand and will report back.

      6.13.19 Reply
  6. Nicole M.:

    I LOVE the Super Retinol serum and eye cream. I have been super curious about the hand cream, though, and will definitely be ordering it in the next few days. I absolutely love the cleansing balm, too. Did you try the eyeshadow sticks? I’m OBSESSED. So happy to find another Beauty Pie aficionado! 🙂

    6.13.19 Reply
    • YES!!!! I love the shadow stick! I forget which color I have but it’s this really pretty shimmery gold. So good.

      But you MUST try the hand cream. I keep one in my purse and one in my desk so that I’m never without! It’s really made a huge difference in how my hands look.

      6.13.19 Reply
  7. Lauren L.:

    I’ve been waiting for this post! Excited for the extra $50 credit — added the hand cream!

    6.13.19 Reply
  8. cy:

    This is so exciting! I can’t believe the price difference. I joined at the $10 level, using your code. I’m most excited about the hand cream. Thanks Grace!

    6.13.19 Reply
  9. Lyndsay:

    Woohoo! Been waiting for this review (and possible discount!) before I started a plan with Beauty Pie! I discovered it awhile back but wasn’t sure what to buy given all of the great options. Can’t wait to try it all!!

    6.13.19 Reply
  10. Erin K:

    hi- thoughts on using retinol during summer months?

    6.13.19 Reply
    • I still use it 2-3x a week! Just be super vigilant with sunscreen. It definitely depends on your skin though – if you notice any photosensitivity, stop using + consult your derm!

      6.13.19 Reply
  11. I’ve been in the market for a starter retinol (I’m 25) and this sounds right up my alley. I’m excited to try out this new brand, it’s so innovative!! A even though this is a sponsored post I’m so confident in your recommendations anytime I try something out! Thanks for your honesty and detailed reviews.

    xoxo Logan

    6.13.19 Reply
    • I really like this retinol. It’s definitely gentler than the other retinols I’ve tried; I think that’s because it also has shea butter in it!

      6.14.19 Reply
  12. I’m just have to give this beauty pie membership a try…

    6.14.19 Reply
  13. I had never heard for this until you mentioned it on IG, but I had been wanting to try that retinol hand cream! Now I think I should just join Beauty Pie to try that and a few others!
    Thanks for the rec, Grace!
    xoxo, Jenna

    6.14.19 Reply
    • Yeah I hadn’t heard of them til they reached out! I took a LONG time to test everything and am such a fun of all of their products.

      6.14.19 Reply
  14. Lisa Autumn:

    Oh the packaging is SO cute!

    x Lisa |

    6.14.19 Reply
  15. Cynthia:

    Hi Grace! What kind of watch are you wearing? I love the look of it.

    6.14.19 Reply
  16. Sahra rabbitt:

    This looks amazing was so excited to try, but Unfortunatly they dont ship to Australia so I will have to wait until they do. I hope when they do that they keep the pricing the same as I need some retinol hand cream in my life.

    6.25.19 Reply
  17. Lindsay:

    After reading the review, hearing you all talk about it on the podcast, and pouring over the website, I have finally decided to bite the bullet and join. When I clicked the link, I noticed that the lowest membership is now $15. Did BeautyPie do away with the $10 membership? Thanks in advance and I love following along on the blog!

    6.27.19 Reply
  18. Angela:

    I just got my first order and I am loving all the products! My favorite is the Ginsing Sleep mask! It is the perfect thickness for an overnight moisturizer and if you are traveling. This is great dupe for the Summer Friday’s Jet Lag mask! Everything is great and I am slowly transitioning my skincare routine over to these products! Thanks, Grace. I am loving this brand so much!

    7.24.19 Reply
  19. Carolyn:

    First, THANK YOU for introducing me to beauty pie! I’ve loved most of the products I’ve tried and with the prices, don’t mind that I haven’t been crazy about everything! I was wondering…have you tried the sleep oil? I’m looking for a simple night moisturizer for evenings that I don’t need my heavy Trish McEvoy vitamin C cream. Thank you!!

    10.28.19 Reply
    • Oh good! I am so happy to hear that. I haven’t tried the sleep oil yet but I am sure it’s fab!!

      10.29.19 Reply
  20. Kandi:

    Hey there,I’m curious, do you still use beauty pie?do you love it????I’m thinki g of joining…let me know your thoughts-kandi

    6.25.20 Reply