Six Thoughtful Gift Ideas.

Thoughtful Gift Ideas
east olivia arrangement

Today I wanted to round up a few great thoughtful gift ideas from a few small businesses that I personally really love. It’s a hard time to be a small business right now, so when buying a gift for a friend or family member I try to keep that in mind and shop small! And even though there isn’t any big “occasion” to gift around right now, we all still have a slew of birthdays (and non-occasions… sometimes it’s just nice to send a gift to a friend just because!) 

Six Thoughtful Gift Ideas

I have talked about East Olivia’s floral arrangements here before but they just keep outdoing themselves! The summer collection is BEAUTIFUL, especially the arrangement above. I love sending flowers (to girlfriends AND myself) and these are really special but I really appreciate that the arrangements last a long time (at least a year!) They make for such a special, thoughtful gift.

Thoughtful Gift Ideas

Brightland Olive Oil

We’ve talked about Brightland so much (read my full review here!!), but I wanted to include it here too as it makes such a wonderful gift. I bought my dad two bottles for Father’s Day and it’s one of the few gifts I’ve got him that I know he truly loves (he is soooo hard to shop for!!!!!)  I’d recommend buying Awake (a classic, delicious olive oil) and a gold stopper! If you want to be really fancy and generous, this duo is another great option… (that’s what I got my dad and he LOVED it!)

Thoughtful Gift Ideas

A Fancy Puzzle.

There are tons of fun puzzles out there but Jiggy Puzzles has such pretty ones (and they’re finally back in stock, they’d been sold out all quarantine!). I love the summer staycation collection and bought myself this one last night as it reminds me a little bit of Charleston or Morocco or SOME sort of vacation. Tip: Nothing is more relaxing than listening to an audiobook, pouring a glass of wine, and doing a puzzle!

Luv Scrub

Luv Scrub

I love my Luv Scrub so so much. I wrote a much longer review of it and why it’s so awesome but it’s just the best exfoliating wash cloth. It would make such a nice gift as it isn’t very expensive, and literally everyone will like it! For extra credit, pair it with a fancy body wash. My favorite body wash right now is Necessaire. Gets skin so clean without drying it out, totally clean, and I love the unisex packaging. Eucalyptus is my fav scent!

Something from Loop & Tie

Something from Loop & Tie

When I launched my Amazon collection, my friend Hitha was so sweet and thoughtful. She sent me a gift from Loop & Tie. I had never heard of the company before and was so impressed by it. You select a price range and they do all the rest, letting your recipient choose something they’ll truly love and want. I ended up choosing a beautiful grey porcelain vase – I’d been in the market for a new vase and so I got exactly what I wanted. I think this idea is BRILLIANT and next time I need to get a gift for someone who is a little harder to shop for, I’ll be using this service!

Andy Warhol Banana Bookends

Andy Warhol Banana Bookends

Admittedly, I am not sure if The MoMA counts as a small business but it’s a museum so I felt that justified it regardless. The MoMA’s gift shop has the greatest things. There’s something for everyone, even the hardest to shop for person. I can’t stop thinking about these Andy Warhol banana bookends. Aren’t they fabulous?! They’d make a great gift for the art loving bookworm in your life.

Even more ideas: This amazing body oil, a great book (my reading list page is a great resource – you can filter by genre and sort by grade), or the prettiest fancy slippers.

Got any more ideas? Would love to hear them in the comments!

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  1. Ahhh, the banana bookends are so fun! I love them! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Kendall says 7.15.20

    Love this post!

  3. Leah says 7.15.20

    Do you know that Caroline from Luv Scrub lives in our hood? I met her at an entrepreneur group last year, and she’s lovely.

  4. Lisa Autumn says 7.16.20

    Oh I love the fancy puzzle idea!

    Lisa |

  5. Kelly A Gegg says 7.16.20

    I’ll definitely have to check these out!! The flowers look amazing! Thanks for the share!

  6. Maggie says 7.16.20

    Ok, ok, you twisted my arm, I bought two Luv Scrubs. One for myself & the other to keep on hand as a gift.

  7. Rachel says 7.19.20

    I LOVE this post! Sending dried flowers to a friend right now.

  8. Naveena says 7.20.20

    I happy to see this, Thank you

  9. LaChell Gentle says 7.20.20

    I have a new company that is the perfect meaningful gift.

  10. Natalie Ann Redman says 8.3.20

    Great gift options!