Six Things I Love Right Now.

Six Things I Love Right Now.

We’re back with another fun list of things I am obsessing over right now! As always it’s a little random, but (also as always – or at least I like to think), it’s packed with cool discoveries and fun finds that I hope you’ll love as much as I do! Nothing is sponsored though where available, I do use affiliate links so if you make a purchase I’ll earn a small commission.

Veronica Beard x Kassatex

one //Veronica Beard x Kassatex

There are so many amazing collaborations happening this summer but if there’s one thing I’m most excited for, it’s the Veronica Beard x Kassatex collab! The collection is inspired by the film Overboard and just too chic, in the most extra of ways. It’s equal parts eighties glamour and classic style. The towel blazer is basically my introvert dream. A fluffy bathrobe reimagined into one of Veronica Beard’s chic blazers? Perfection. It’s great for lounging at home but I can’t WAIT to take it to the beach later this summer… will be so cute over a swimsuit. The leopard turban (and leopard pouch!) are also v v cute.

Fun Finds - two //  Sweet Reason CBD Seltzer.

two //  Sweet Reason CBD Seltzer.

Have you tried any of the new CBD Seltzers? They’re a little hard to find but I really, really like Sweet Reason. I will admit that I don’t know a lot about CBD. I have tried oil drops and gummies and the seltzer is my favorite/has made the most noticeable difference in feeling more relaxed and calm. Each bottle of Sweet Reason contains 7mg of CBD made from organic hemp. They sent me a few bottles to try and I’m going to order more as they leave me SO relaxed. A healthier alternative to my evening glass of wine!

Minted Greeting Card Subscription

three // Minted Greeting Card Subscription.

This is just such a clever idea and Minted has SUCH cute cards. I still really love sending snail mail and pretty cards, but I often forget to buy cards in time. (Cough cough, sorry Dad.) Just select your cards, opt in for how many cards you need, and Minted will send you your cards in time for the occasion. The cards are also pretty reasonably priced; most are around $4-5.00 and shipping is free. Last but not lest, it doesn’t auto-renew so you only pay for the cards you select and need.

Goop Sleep Chews

four // Goop Sleep Chews.

I have talked about my insomnia quite a bit here and really like these chews. The serving size is two chews but I find that one is PERFECT. They have melatonin, L-tryptophan and vitamin B6 to help you fall asleep and stay asleep. Also, they are REALLY delicious (I love the chocolate mint flavor)… like a tiny little treat before bedtime. I don’t take them every night but they are wonderful when my mind needs help turning off.

fun finds -  Drunk Elephant Bronzing Drops.

five // Drunk Elephant Bronzing Drops.

I am OBSESSED with these bronzing drops! I got a little mini sample in a gift bag (it lasted forever, as you only need a little bit) and finally bought myself the full size. Love. I’ve talked a lot about them on stories and in weekend reading but the way I use them is I take about 3-4 pumps of Dr. Bader (or whatever other moisturizer I’m using if I’m testing something different) and then just a drop of this (seriously, just a little drop) and apply it like I would tinted moisturizer. I don’t know if this is “approved” by Dr. Bader as he doesn’t want you to put anything on your face before his cream (more on Dr. Bader here in this post) but I like to think that mixing is okay. This combo yields dewy, gorgeous, golden skin – it’s my summertime obsession!

fun finds - six // Versed Skincare.

six // Versed Skincare.

I am really excited about this one as it’s filling such a tremendous void in the marketplace! Why? It’s clean, it’s aesthetically pleasing (sorry but packaging MATTERS!), cruelty-free and (gasp!!!) everything is under $20. I tried 5 products; mini-reviews below!

  • On the Rise Firming Serum: This is my favorite product from the collection (out of everything I tried). It’s a great anti-aging serum (while temporary, you can see it plump up fine lines and firm your skin almost immediately).
  • Skin Soak Rich Moisture Cream: This is a great basic moisturizer; especially if you have dry skin.
  • Found the Light Powder with Vitamin C: this is a little powder that you mix into your moisturizer for instant brightening!
  • Vacation Eyes Brightening Eye Gel: Immediately tightens and brightens the undereye area and hydrates that area. For the price ($18!) I haven’t tried anything better
  • Keep it Supple Body Oil: LOVE this body oil (so much that I’m already halfway done with it!) It’s super hydrating (without being greasy) and smells incredible – the product page describes it as “white flowers” but it makes me think of the plumeria flowers I smelled while in Hawaii years ago.


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  1. Love the packaging of Verse Skincare’s products! You’re so right, packaging really does matter. I’ve very guiltily bought a product just to Instagram it, lol! Thanks for sharing your favourites! ✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    6.26.19 Reply
  2. Samara:

    What do you think of/how would you describe the scent of the Versed moisturizer? They don’t carry any of the Versed line at my local Target (at least not yet) and I’m always nervous about buying oils and creams — basically anything that’s going to stay on my face and not be rinsed off — that I can’t smell first. But I need a new PM moisturizer and I’m very intrigued!

    6.26.19 Reply
    • It doesn’t really smell like anything! The only product I tried that had a fragrance was the body oil.

      6.26.19 Reply
  3. Sarah K.:

    Okay yessssssssssssssss – I have been waiting to hear your review on Versed! I see it every time I go to Target and I’m so tempted to buy something but I didn’t know anything about it. But now 😉

    6.26.19 Reply
  4. Brianna Rooney:

    Ugh, I have SO many tabs open and I can already hear my CC bill going up but this is all great!

    Thanks for always sharing new, clean products! Always worth trying.

    6.26.19 Reply
  5. Kate:

    Ooh those bronzing drops seem awesome! I’ve used the Clarins Radiance Plus Golden Glow before but don’t *love* the results.

    I’m curious, when you talk about mixing it with your Augustinus Bader cream (I’m on my second bottle of the Rich Cream and love it), do you add an SPF on top afterward? What’s your go-to these days? I tend to only use the Bader at night and am using an Avene moisturizing sunscreen during the day because I find my products tend to pill if I’m layering too many.

    6.26.19 Reply
    • This is probably not the best answer but I don’t wear sunscreen unless I’m going to be directly in the sun. (And when I do that, I wear Beautycounter). I don’t advise this, sunscreen is important, but I’m just being honest!!!

      6.26.19 Reply
  6. dana:

    If I don’t get that leopard turban in my life, I’ll die. (So dramatic, but yes, it is V V V CUTE!!!)
    Also looking into those goop chews for bedtime!

    Dana | The Champagne Edit

    6.26.19 Reply
  7. Meems:

    OMG! I love Sweet Reason and it is super hard to find. I tried it when I was in Williamsburg last month. I purchased it at a little Italian Deli/Bar/Restaurant near Wythe. I went back on Saturday and they no longer can get it. I was crushed. I was ready to buy their stock. I also like Recess but hands down Sweet Reason is better (more refreshing). Will they give you a discount code to pass on to your readers? I hope so. I am ready to buy a few cases :o) You totally AMAZE me Grace. I don’t know how you stay on top of all that is trending and at the same time, only promote what is good for you and your body/skin/health. Thank YOU!!

    6.26.19 Reply
  8. Amazing things, definitely gonna check them out. Those sleep chews seem amazing, I have some sleep issues as well sometimes.

    6.26.19 Reply
  9. I love the idea of a card subscription! What a wonderful idea.

    Emily | Snippets of Em xx

    6.27.19 Reply
  10. Lisa Autumn:

    The bronzing drops sound amazing!

    x Lisa |

    6.27.19 Reply
  11. Alison:

    I love Versed! I really like their moisturizing toner, the overnight peel, and the cleansing balm. The balm is great, especially if your skin is dry.

    2.29.20 Reply