Six New Clean Color Cosmetics from Sephora!

Clean Color Cosmetics from Sephora

I’m really excited about today’s post with Sephora as I get to highlight six CLEAN makeup products that I’m absolutely loving right now. I have had a solid six weeks to play around with all of these products so I have a lot to say. You’ve heard me talk about a few of them already but I really, really like them all, each for different reasons. From the perfect red-orange lip to a full coverage (ultra creamy!) concealer to the prettiest glow powder to a juicy new lipgloss (and more!), these products are GOOD, so good you won’t believe they’re clean!

As I’ve mentioned in the past I try to be 80/20 with my beauty routine (80% clean products). Makeup has (for me personally) been one of the trickier categories to go fully clean in. There’s been so much advancement in clean skincare but makeup has taken a bit longer (in my experience!) to catch up. Sephora has a really incredible assortment of clean color cosmetics whether you are looking for everyday effortless beauty or something more trend-based.  Not only are these products bringing the newest innovation into the beauty space, with their great payoff and performance, but they’re packed with good-for-you ingredients too. We’ve talked about this before too but I LOVE how easy it is to spot clean products by looking for the green Clean Beauty Seal!

Six New Clean Color Cosmetics from Sephora

Clean Color Cosmetics from Sephora Clean Color Cosmetics from Sephora

Since referencing it a few times on my instagram stories I have gotten SO many questions about the new Ilia Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40. A few of you called it a “lazy person’s dream,” which I can also very much get behind.

What it is: A tinted serum with active skin-nourishing ingredients and non-nano zinc oxide SPF 40! It helps to soften the look of fine lines and blur imperfections, giving skin a nice satin finish. Hyaluronic acid plumps, squalane hydrates, and niacinamide evens tone  + softens the look of fine lines.

Why I love it: This is your perfect no makeup makeup AND it has SPF. I love that it includes good for you skincare ingredients, and I love that it has SPF. I am a big fan of pretty much everything ILIA makes and already really loved their Serum foundation so was extra excited to try this. And I don’t love wearing foundation every day but this is more manageable/easy and I still look and feel like me. Just a hint of coverage and sun protection. It evens out my skin tone and leaves my skin dewy + radiant. My color is Bom Bom!

I will say that I don’t skip my skincare when doing this.

You can, and the brand encourages you to, but I personally really enjoy my skincare routine. So I like to do this after my moisturizer. I also have really dry skin and find that the formula goes on more evenly when I do that.

A big question I got via DM was how it compares to the KOSAS Tinted Face Oil and Milk’s Sunshine Skin Tint. I know, SO MANY products. I would say that it’s most similar to the KOSAS. But with mineral SPF, which makes it a little bit more full coverage by nature. I also want to add that there is zero white cast with this one; which isn’t always the case with mineral SPF.

Clean Color Cosmetics from Sephora

Next up is KOSAS’ brand new Super Creamy + Brightening Revealer Concealer.

KOSAS calls themselves makeup for skincare freaks which is one of the things I like about them. For reference, my usual everyday concealer before testing this was the Ilia Serum one – this is very different from that. It’s creamier and more full coverage.

What it is: A medium to full coverage concealer with skincare ingredients and botanicals. It brightens! Caffeine helps to shrink your blood vessels so that dark areas look brighter. Pink algae is packed with beta carotene which is also a brightener. The formula also soothes, which is great for pimples – the formula contains arnica which has been used forever because of it’s healing powers. Last but not least, it plumps… thanks to peptides and hyaluronic acid!

Why I love it: It’s a hybrid of concealer and skincare. It’s very creamy which I love and I find it to be much more full coverage than the Ilia one. A little goes a long way. When testing these products I would apply the Ilia Super Serum Skin Tint and then use this on any trouble spots (under my eyes, around my nose, and any breakouts or red spots), blending everything with a BeautyBlender. The coverage is really nice and the formula has staying power. I still do love the Ilia concealer (mostly because it is so weightless) but this is definitely more effective – when I need to break out the concealer big guns (for a pimple or really dark circles), this is my new fav.

As an aside: you already know about my (DEEP) love of Kosas’ Tinted Face Oil. If you are already a fan of that, KOSAS makes finding your shade a breeze as it’s the 16 shades are the same as the tinted face oil

Clean Color Cosmetics from Sephora

Next up is the RMS Living Glow Face and Body Powder.

I will be honest – this is the product I was least excited to test. Only because I generally avoid loose powders as they can be messy, and I didn’t realize that it was an illuminating powder. (Had I known it was a highlighter I would have changed my tune!) Once I opened the product up and played with it, I changed my mind. (I took this to Miami and it is SO pretty on tan skin and shoulders, BTW!)

What it is: A loose powder with a warm rose gold shimmer – meant to be used on face and body.

Why I Love it: Okay this may be my new desert island vacation beauty product as I LIVE TO GLOW! This is so pretty on. You can see how pretty it is in the photo above. I love using it as a highlighter but I also use it to strobe my shins, collarbone, and shoulders! It has a really good color pay off (a little bit goes a long way) and leaves you looking like a radiant Victoria’s Secret model.

RMS Living Glow Face and Body Powder Tarte SEA-Surfer Curl Mascara

Next up is Tarte SEA-Surfer Curl Mascara.  

What it is: A totally sweat-proof mascara that provides lasting volume and curl.

Why I love it: Why do I forget about Tarte SEA when it comes to clean mascara options! The formula is the BEST and I love that it didn’t flake off at ALL. It’s really long lasting and packed with good for you ingredients (plant waxes, vitamin E, and algae all lift and condition). I have a few other clean mascaras that I like but this one is the best when it comes to long wear… it refuses to budge (but comes off easily when I wash my face!!)

BITE Power Move Creamy Matte Lip Crayon

And then we have the BITE Power Move Creamy Matte Lip Crayon

What it is: Highly pigmented, matte bold color in a precise crayon format.

Why I love it: I have been a big fan of BITE’s lipsticks for a while now. These crayons are the best as they are super easy to apply (perfect if you’re not the greatest at makeup – ME) but also incredibly pigmented and long wearing with a great selection of shades!!! There are a lot of great neutrals but my favorite is the coral – it’s the best, most perfect red-orange.

Tower 28 Lip Jelly

Tower 28 Lip Jelly

What it is: A sheer, hydrating, (not sticky at all) lip gloss.

Why I love it: First of all, for my everyday, I love love love lip gloss. Nothing is prettier than a slick of sheer color. This gloss provides the perfect sheer wash of color (I love the red one!) like you’ve just bitten into a cherry popsicle. It feels more like a lip balm, while providing that super shiny slick of color we all want. But the best part is the formula – it feels amazing on your lips and isn’t at all sticky.

Tower 28 Lip Jellysephora clean makeup sephora clean makeup

Thank you to Sephora for sponsoring this post! // Photography by Carter Fish.

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  1. Lisa Autumn:

    Oh I wish I had a Sephora near me!

    Lisa |

    3.17.20 Reply
  2. Products with good packaging get me always! Thanks for the reviews! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    3.17.20 Reply
  3. I was juuuuust searching “tinted serum” the other day so I can’t wait to try the Ilia one. Thanks so much for sharing! The clean at Sephora section is my ultimate fav <3 x

    3.17.20 Reply
  4. Kris:

    Thank you for the Ilia review – I’m going to order it! Sounds like the perfect combo product for everyday.

    3.17.20 Reply
  5. raq:

    just saw that they closed all of their stores today but free shipping on all orders with code FREESHIP. Might have to get the serum!

    3.17.20 Reply
  6. Shana:

    I’m a big Kosas fan so adding that product to my list to try instead of my regular under eye concealer! and I’m not sure if this is their official tag line”makeup for skincare freaks” but I like it 🙂

    3.17.20 Reply
  7. Lillyphunq:

    This is so great, Grace! I want to change all of my products and it’s so expensive to buy thing to test without knowing. It’s so nice that you’ve narrowed it down for me! I am staying away from stores but wish I could test the concealer to determine my color. I use Laura Mercier’s Flawless Fusion Ultra longwear Concealer in 3N. Do you know if the coverage is similar? Do you think if I call Sephora someone would check and send color match so I can order? Thanks!

    3.17.20 Reply
    • I haven’t tried that concealer yet so I am not really sure! I would say this is definitely very full coverage especially when compared to other clean concealers (like Ilia, which I love, but is more sheer). I bet someone at Sephora could color match you!

      3.17.20 Reply
    • You can try too if Sephora can’t color match you!

      3.17.20 Reply
  8. Caroline:

    I’m running dangerously low on concealer, and with all the craziness going on right now I’ll be working remote for the next month or two with DAILY video calls. I won’t be doing that with (genetic) dark circles if I can help it. Looooove clean beauty swaps. Definitely about to put in a Sephora order. Thanks for sharing. So glad you kept Sephora as a partner for 2020!!!!!! Sending love your way during these trying times.

    3.17.20 Reply
    • Thank you so much Caroline! I def recommend this concealer for dark circles; the coverage is fantastic!!

      3.17.20 Reply
      • Caroline:

        I’m just reporting back that my Sephora order arrived today, and the concealer truly is fantastic. It stayed on through a couple hours of birdwatching (my binoculars normally wind up covered in concealer) AND a 30 minute Yoga with Adriene video. Thanks for sharing!

        3.21.20 Reply
  9. Lily:

    These all look great! What color do you wear in the Ilia tinted serum?

    3.17.20 Reply
  10. Belinda:

    As always, thanks for testing ALL the things & giving us your very honest reviews!

    3.17.20 Reply
  11. Jana:

    Keep doing posts like this! Love them. I legit googled one of your posts while in Sephora in NYC two weeks ago. Can’t wait to try some of them. I got a pink Lawless lipstick that night and love it!!

    3.17.20 Reply
  12. Kate:

    Started using the ILIA skin tint a few weeks ago on your rec via instagram. I had originally chosen the Milk tint but had an issue with the applicator and didn’t want to deal with it. When I brought it to return to Sephora I saw the ILIA you’d mentioned at the same time and have been obsessed since. I have finicky combination skin and this stuff is as much of a dream when it’s on as after I wash it off.

    3.17.20 Reply
  13. Elicia:

    Oh, I want to try the Ilia face tint! I got a sample of the Kosas concealer in the mail and I’m loving how it goes on and the coverage it provides.

    3.17.20 Reply
  14. Love Bite Beauty and those crayons are so wearable with so many great shades to choose from!

    3.18.20 Reply
  15. Katie:

    I’m obsessed with everything from Bite Beauty!!!

    3.19.20 Reply
  16. Katie:

    You do such a great job of describing all of these products–I want to try them all!

    4.10.20 Reply