KOSAS Tinted Face Oil Foundation Review.

KOSAS Tinted Face Oil Foundation

A few months ago I was at Sephora event with my friend Sarah and she introduced me to KOSAS Tinted Face Oil Foundation. Sarah is more knowledgeable/better at makeup than I am so when she told me about it, she referred to it as her “vacation makeup.” Meaning that for me, it would be a great everyday makeup, ha ha. I bought it immediately.

Kosas Tinted Face Oil Foundation Review

This stuff is the real deal! I absolutely love it. It’s perfect for when you want to look dewy and radiant but not overdone. It’s your perfect “no-makeup makeup.” (I wear shade 04). I apply it over my full skincare routine (serum + moisturizer). I wanted to note that because I think it could be confusing since it’s called a tinted face oil I was tempted to skip moisturizer (you probably could) but have the best results when I just use it like I’d use any other foundation.

What I really love is that it has just a little bit of coverage so it hides any dullness or red spots; all while hydrating the skin and leaving it GLOWY. For everyday, it’s my fav! I still definitely love my Ilia foundation for a shoot/event/time when I want to be a bit more “done,” but for my everyday life nothing is better than this!

It’s also verrrry nourishing, making it great for dry skin. (It’s packed with jojoba seed oil, avocado oil, and raspberry seed oil. It glides on and gives your skin that imperceptibly better “maybe she’s wearing makeup?” kind of look.

Just be sure to shake it up really well before applying. Don’t apply it over any serums/moisturizer that contain silicones or there may be some piling!!

And if you want to try more from this brand, I absolutely love and highly recommend their lipstick in “rosewater.” It’s a really pretty natural pinky nude.

Photography by Allie Provost.

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  1. I love how natural and nourishing the product sounds! I have clear skin and don’t need much coverage, so actually this product would be great for me. 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Alex Pappas says 10.24.19

    I bought this after you shared it in your clean beauty post and am obsessed! Perfect amount of light coverage.

  3. Chesa says 10.24.19

    Hi Grace! do you apply with fingers, blender, bruth, other? I have it and love it but I feel like I could improve my application style

    • Sarah M says 10.24.19

      I am curious what you use to apply this. I have it and use a beauty blender but I’m it sure that is the right tool? do you just use your fingers or a foundation brush?

      • Alex Pappas says 10.25.19

        I tried a beauty blender and found it just absorbed all the product- I use my fingers and then blend with a beauty blender if needed.

        • grace at the stripe says 10.25.19

          I think a beautyblender could work well. Just make sure you dampen it before using. I learned recently that it’s the key – that way it doesn’t absorb all the product!

    • grace at the stripe says 10.25.19

      I just use my fingers! But if you’ve watched any of my “tutorials” you know I’m not exactly the most professional at this stuff 😉

  4. Dana Mannarino says 10.24.19

    Ooooh I want to try this now! I love a good, no make up make up product!

    Dana | The Champagne Edit 

  5. cy says 10.24.19

    I’ve been wanting to try this and the lipstick looks gorgeous too! Thanks for doing all the hard work for us Grace 🙂

  6. Danielle says 10.24.19

    I read this post this morning and went out and bought it after my son’s swim lesson. I love it! My mom now wants to try it. Is there a way to give you credit in the stores? I hate buying color specific make-up products blindly online.

    • grace at the stripe says 10.25.19

      Aw no there isn’t but that’s so sweet of you to even ask!!! Just happy that you bought it and love it. (And I agree, I bought this in the store too!)

  7. Sarah M says 10.24.19

    I am curious what you use to apply this. I have it and use a beauty blender but I’m it sure that is the right tool? do you just use your fingers or a foundation brush?

    • grace at the stripe says 10.25.19

      I just use my fingers!

    • Darby says 11.3.19

      Sephora lady told me not to use a blender as it will soak a ton of it up. Either a brush or your fingers

  8. Carissa says 10.24.19

    I love all the work you’re doing around clean beauty. Thanks for giving such great recommendations!

  9. Katie says 10.25.19

    Hi Grace! This product sounds amazing and I want to buy through your link. Do you have any tips on how to determine whether your undertones are cool, neutral, or golden?
    Thanks in advance!

  10. Darby says 11.3.19

    Just got this from Sephora because of your post. VERY excites to put it on today. I think it is exactly what I need!

  11. Sarah B says 11.3.19

    Any recommendations for using blush over the product ? Thanks ! Loving it so far

  12. Holly says 11.3.19

    I couldn’t get this foundation to work for me. Even though I exfoliate regularly and apply moisturizer, it catches on every patch of my dry skin. Instead of glowing, I looked matte and scaley. It was not good. I might try again in the summer when I am less prone to dry skin.

    • grace at the stripe says 11.4.19

      Oh no!!! Sorry to hear that!
      I’m super curious if you’ve found a foundation that doesn’t do this on patches of dry skin! I have found that if I have dry patches I have to skip foundation because it happens with everything.

  13. Rosa Brussel says 11.24.19

    Hi there I m Rosa I just perches one of your baby.love love it.its very light natural look.i wonder if you have a loose powder to finish with.something very light coverage for the evening time to look more coverage.

  14. Abby says 3.9.20

    Hey Grace! How does this compare to the Beauty Counter dew skin tinted moisturizer?

    • They’re pretty different!

      Beautycounter also contains a mineral SPF. So it’s much creamier; and also has the SPF. It’s a true tinted moisturizer.

      This has a very thin, more viscous texture (you need to shake it up, and it has a texture more like an oil… it’s runny, almost!)

      I love them both. I like this for a more dewy finish (and over SPF) whereas the Beautycounter is more of an all in one stop SPF/tinted moisturizer product.

      Hope that helps!