Sephora’s Spring Savings Event is Here!

Sephoras Spring Savings Event 2022

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, my own personal Superbowl, my favorite time to shop, and most importantly… the best best best time to stock up on all of your beauty favorites… Sephora’s Spring Savings Event! Today I am sharing what I am buying, a comprehensive  master list of all my Sephora favorites, and more! In my experience, the good stuff seems to sell out quickly (cough, cough, Dr. Bader) and isn’t always replenished by the end of the sale so I recommend shopping today if you are able!




Save these dates:

    • If you have Rouge status, you can shop TODAY, saving 20%.
    • ALL tiers can shop a special offer for Sephora Collection products now through 4/11 – take 30% off
    • If you have VIB status, you can shop beginning 4/5, taking 15% off.
    • And if you have Beauty Insider status, beginning 4/7 you can shop 10% during the sale.


Here is what I am personally buying:

The large size of Dr. Bader The Rich Cream – this sale is always when I do my stockup. The Clarins Depuffing Mask (more on that below). My favorite Maison Louis Marie candles… I always order 3 or 4 during this sale, they smell incredible (pretty much just like Le Labo’s Santal 26, but at a fraction of the price). Necessaire Body Lotion, Deodorant, and Body Wash (Eucalyptus). Lord Jones Lavender CBD bath salts.

I am proud to have Rouge status and am so excited to take advantage of the 20% off. You are probably well aware of this but beauty rarely goes on sale and Sephora only runs this sale 2x a year, so now is the time to stock up on all your favorites!

PS – If you shop the sale, tag me in your stories! I want to see what you get!

Sephoras Spring Savings Event 2022 details

A few new additions to my Sephora Master List…

This Necessaire Deodorant

This is Necessaire’s newest deodorant and I love it so much. I like it a lot more than their other deodorant (which was creamier, but messier). This glides right on, feels like nothing (makes no mess – it’s totally clear) and WORKS… all day. It’s currently my favorite deodorant. Acid deodorants are no joke (I will say this is fine for sensitive skin, despite being an acid – besides the acids it has ingredients that soothe and moisturize).

Rose Inc’s Tinted Skin Serum

This is probably the best new makeup product I’ve tried this year. It is kind of like a pre-mixed version of what I was trying to make, mixing face oil, a few drops of foundation, a drop of highlighter in the palm of my hand. This has it all. I do two pumps on the back of my hand, (mix it up with a foundation brush), and brush all over my skin for glowy, radiant, minimal (yet effective) coverage. Shade 5 seems to be my perfect shade.

The Clarins Depuffing Mask

Holy cow, this is amazing. I have seen a lot of other influencers rave and rave about it and they were not kidding. This really, really works. If you laid into the sodium the night before, if you have a big event, or if you are just feeling like your face is looking puffy, this mask will really help. I have been doing it before my photo shoots and notice a big difference.

Strivectin Eye Cream and Neck Cream

Strivectin is one of those brands that just really, really works. Science-based formulas with products designed for specific concerns. I have some deep lines in my neck and have been using their neck cream – I like the way that it firms and lifts the skin… though it’s temporary, it’s noticeable! I also love the eye cream… I’ve talked about it a lot here but it’s one of the best I have tried!

The Dyson Airwrap

This is the absolute best ever. It’s made blowing out my hair so much easier. I have tutorials in my reels for both longer and shorter hair. A true game changer. I like it so much that I gave my blow dryer to my cousin.



Sephora Collection products are 30% off, no matter what tier you are. I have talked about this $20 Vitamin C serum and it’s one of the best affordable products I’ve tried. A few other Sephora collection favorites are this eyeliner (it does not budge), this lip gloss (really pretty and leaves lips so so shiny), and this liquid lipstick (also does not budge!).

Sephoras Spring Savings Event 2022


I have been getting a lot of eyelash questions in my DMs. It’s because I have been using Grande Lash every day since August and my lashes have gotten so, so much longer. (I also keep the mini in my travel bag so I never forget it – you really do need to use it every day or at least every other day). I have been using that plus the Hourglass Mascara which I am really liking!


This facial steamer is everything when it comes to creating an at home “spa experience.” It also ALWAYS sells out during this sale. I bought it for myself at the beginning of quarantine and it’s been such a treat. I like to wash my face and then use this before a deep cleansing mask to really let the treatment penetrate.

If I could only pick one favorite face mask it would be this one from Tata Harper. It’s truly the best and leaves your skin SO glowy.

Dry brushing is one of the best things you can do for your skin and circulation (for a nice how-to, refer to this post!) This brush is amazing!

The Wander Beauty gold eye gels are my favorite when I’m getting ready.

For a nice take on a microcurrent facial at home (my personal favorite when getting a facial), the NuFace is king! You need to do it every day to see a difference but for a lifted look, nothing is better. I also always stock up on the priming gel during this sale.

Grace Atwood holy grail skincare
still just so happy that Sephora carries The Rich Cream!


The new(ish) Kiehl’s Retinol is so good. It’s my favorite retinol right now.

As mentioned above, Strivectin Eye Cream and Neck Cream

My holy grail favorite face mask from Tata Harper. It’s a powerful exfoliant and gets the skin super smooth but also leaves it noticeably brighter, glowy, and firm!

I always forget about this “line-reducing” concentrate from Kiehl’s but it’s one of my FAVORITE products. It really makes a difference in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, especially on your forehead.

Dr. Bader. The rich cream is the holy grail. Nothing is better but it’s expensive. I always stock up during this sale!

Sephora Collection’s Vitamin C Serum, mentioned above: This product is an incredible price (only $20) and makes your skin so bright and glowy.

This face cream from Sobel Skin is what I always recommend to someone who wants a Bader-ish cream without the Bader-ish price. WOW. It’s so good. If you have very dry skin and need a really rich moisturizer, it’s excellent. I love that it also lifts and firms the skin. It’s a new favorite. I really love this brand: their 30% glycolic acid peel is UNREAL (you will have no lines the next day – it’s temporary but amazing) and their retinol is great too (right now I prefer the Kiehl’s, but this was my favorite until I tried that.)


I feel like I beat you over the head with this brand but I can’t help it… their products are phenomenal. I absolutely love their lactic acid treatment. It’s become a holy grail for me as it makes SUCH a difference in your skin in just a night. I also really love their phytoretinol (the best retinol alternative I have tried). Also, this Vitamin C Serum – leaves skin so bright and GLOWY and has really helped to even out my skin tone. Lastly, their newish plumping serum and their toner (my favorite toner). Everything this brand makes is amazing (well in full honesty I don’t love the eye gel but the eye cream is insanely good – thick and hydrating!). Oh and the body cream! SO GOOD and only $28… before the sale!

Farmacy is my other fav for clean beauty favorite. Their Green Clean cleansing balm is one of my absolute favorite cleansers. I’ve tried so many cleansers (many of them being so much more expensive!!) but always come back to this – it takes off all my makeup while leaving the skin so soft. I am also a big fan of  this ultra gentle (honey scented) gel cleanser.


As mentioned above, the Rose Inc Skin Tint is just everything. Glowy radiance and just a little bit of coverage.

Saie Beauty makes so many of my absolute favorites. The Glowy Super Gel is one of my absolute favorite products – I like to apply it all over my face for that no makeup makeup GLOW. I’ve also gotten VERY into the new-ish cream bronzer (get the brush too!!).

Bobbi Brown shadow sticks forever and ever (I did a tutorial in my reels). My favorite colors are golden pink and golden bronze.

I try a lot of mascaras but right now my pick from this sale would be the Hourglass one. It’s a tubing mascara and stays on all day without budging.

Glowscreen! Is it makeup? Is it skincare? It’s kind of both but I love it so much and wear it nearly every day.

Ilia is definitely another big favorite brand. A few standouts are this eyeshadow palette (in warm – I apply with a wet brush and the finish is perfection), their mascara, this lip balm, and their eyeliner. 

The BeautyBlender. I’d be lost without mine. I use it for everything from blending my foundation and highlighter to fixing eye makeup mistakes. I really like this color changing one.

The KOSAS lipstick in Rosewater. This is one of my absolute favorite everyday products. It is the color of my lips but just a little better.

Necessaire deodorant gel
this deodorant, just trust me!


I am pretty much all Briogeo these days. The scalp scrub is heavenly. I have talked about it at length but it’s just the best. Smells so good, feels so good, and gets your scalp ultra clean. I love the new anti-dandruff shampoo. My everyday shampoo and conditioner are from the Don’t Despair Repair line… they leave my hair soft and silky and frizz free. And this treatment, when my hair is feeling dry and needs a little extra hydrating love.

The Dyson Airwrap, of course!


You know how much I love Necessaire. They’re pretty much my go-to body brand. The eucalyptus shower gel, the body scrub, the new acid deodorant, and the unscented body cream are my favs.

My absolute favorite body lotion (if forced to pick) is this one from Sol de Janeiro. It smells like salted caramel, and it does a great job firming and toning the skin.

Also on the body creams front, this one from Biossance is very very good! (What can I say, I have a lot of body creams!)

rose inc tinted serum Sephoras Spring Savings Event 2022 Sephora makeup sale 2022 Grace Atwood Sephora favorites Sephoras Spring Savings Event 2022

Thank you to Sephora for partnering on this post. Photography by Laura Saur.

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  1. MJ B:

    The Clarins Depuffing mask is amazing – recently purchased after seeing your recommendation, it really lives up to the hype. Thank you!

    4.1.22 Reply
    • I am so happy to hear that. I LOVE it and ordered two during the sale! I use it any time I have an event or shoot (or had too much salt the night before!) Crazy what a difference it makes.

      4.1.22 Reply
  2. Cy:

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s going to be a little boring for me this year, I have this weird kind of acne( never in my life, so annoying!) and I can currently only use completely oil-free products. It’s hard there aren’t that many. I have to read the labels very carefully. FYI, the internet has been blowing up about how dirty the beauty blenders ( or any sponge) can get and harbor bacteria, which can make you break out. I ended up buying the ECOTOOLS Bioblender which is the only completely compostable beauty sponge. They cost @ $5 ( Ulta or Target). Since you can only keep them 3-6 months its makes sense. Sephora carries a partly plant based one for @ $20, compostable. I’m sure they will follow up with one soon. Thanks for all the great recommendations!

    4.1.22 Reply
  3. April Gaskell:

    So many of my staple hair, skin and makeup favourites have come from your recommendations, Grace! Thank you for trying new things and transparently sharing your feedback. Like you, I’m a proud Rouge member and appreciate being able to purchase most of my favourites through Sephora Canada!

    4.1.22 Reply
  4. Cat Rose:

    My skin is going to thank you but ahhh my wallet is not!!! I stocked up on Biossance last week, but now I think I could use some Necessaire deodorant and the Clarin’s mask. And maybe the Kiels retinol? And some more Wander beauty eye masks? Treat yourself right?!

    4.1.22 Reply
  5. There are so many items that I want to pick up!

    Danielle |

    4.2.22 Reply
  6. Kathleen:

    How long does one Bader Rich Cream last for you? Thanks!

    4.2.22 Reply
  7. Marisa:

    Where is your bedside table from? I love it!

    4.4.22 Reply
  8. Kassie:

    I had to log on & comment this morning that after being so resistant for so long, I picked up a mini Supergoop Glowscreen at the sale. I’ve been wearing it for a little bit now and I’m converted!! I thought it wouldn’t work for me —I have oily skin and do not need assistance in the shine department— but this is something else all together! My skin but better. Or my skin, but fresher. Thanks for the flawless recs as always.

    4.15.22 Reply