Charleston Apartment – My Bedroom.

Charleston Apartment - My Bedroom

I really love how my bedroom turned out. I am a big believer that your bedroom should be for sleep and relaxation. And after living in so many studio apartments in New York when I was younger (where your bedroom is also your office, your dining room, and your entertaining space), it still feels like a huge luxury to have a separate space just for sleeping (and reading!). I already had my bed and my dresser. We moved my nightstands to the guest room and I purchased new ones from CB2.

I was really uncertain about what should go over the bed and Erin suggested a giant statement mirror rather than art… I love how it looks. And of course, lots of art… we’ll get into that! Also, the green lamps really make the space so special. I was hesitant about them (they’re big and expensive) but am so happy I listened to Erin as they look so good (and, they add a pop of my favorite color).

PS – Yesterday’s post had a look at the rest of my space… and the guest room/office will be on the blog a little later this week.

Charleston Apartment - My Bedroom

Charleston Apartment – My Bedroom

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*I linked to it but would not recommend ordering from this company. The mirror arrived super banged up… the box was falling apart and several of the prongs were out of place.  There were also spots where the gold paint had rubbed off. I managed to move the prongs back with some pliers and gold paint pen remedied the problem and it looks great now (and I truly do love it) but I was really disappointed. It wasn’t cheap and it’s really, really heavy so would have been hard to mail back.

Grace Atwood Charleston bedroom

The dresser I’ve had forever, it was custom made when I lived with my ex (I’ve had it for at least ten years now, I don’t remember where we got it). The chair is an old family heirloom!

Art on this wall!

  • Cherry Blossoms Painting: this is a limited edition signed print by Damien Hirst. I got targeted from an Instagram ad by Leviathan and was lucky enough to be able to snag one. I chose Courage.
  • Striped bunnies (original) by Hunt Slonem. I purchased this from Liz Lidgett.
  • Abstract cat (original) by Catherine Howe. I purchased this from Ober Gallery, it was the first original piece of art I ever bought and will always have a special place in my heart.
  • Vintage WWII print – a family antique!

room wall art

Bench is from The Inside, with a pillow from the Inside and a pillow from Paula Dhier. The box next to it is an antique; a family antique!

Art Links!

  • Michelle Armas original painting (top). This was a gift from Michelle. You can order her paintings framed, which is really nice (the quality is great and she does fun acrylic frames).
  • Catherine Howe original stretched silk monotype. I always get asked about the framing on this. I had the gallery where I bought the painting (Gold Scopophilia) handle the framing as the silk painting is super delicate… So I didn’t want to leave anything to chance. It is an acrylic frame (also covering the front, not just the sides).
  • Antique mirror, a gift from my late grandmother.

Grace Atwood bathroom

This is my bathroom! Still adjusting to all this storage space – it is dangerous. Also don’t worry (I say don’t worry because people actually do!) my guest bathroom has a bathtub.

Grace Atwood skincare Grace Atwood bedroom tour Grace Atwood Charleston bedroom tour Charleston Apartment - My Bedroom

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Photography by Margaret Wright.


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  1. Jessica Camerata:

    Love all the art and color in here! I just bought a cane bed that may never arrive but I’m excited, ha! Always have loved yours!

    xo Jessica
    an indigo day

    3.8.22 Reply
  2. Megan:

    But what about the roller skates?!

    3.8.22 Reply
    • they’re just a fun thing, I rarely use them but they add an element of fun to the room!

      3.8.22 Reply
  3. Elizabeth Ashley:

    I’ve really enjoyed the tour so far! I love the combination of neutrals and colors!

    3.8.22 Reply
  4. Shelley Vincent:

    Wow, Grace! What a lovely and happy respite from the world! This second photo is what dreams are made of and I immediately saved it to an inspiration board as I begin mg art journey (in part, thanks to you!). I love your love for color. You look so happy and I love that after all of this time you have a bedroom space that makes you smile this big!

    3.8.22 Reply
  5. Love the colour
    Was wondering why we didn’t see your bedroom in prev post
    Love your bathroom! ♥

    3.8.22 Reply
  6. GlitsyGus:

    This is really beautiful, well done! I’m looking into redoing my bedroom space so I love seeing what other folks do.

    One thing from a California girl: please, please make sure you have securely mounted that mirror over the bed! I won’t put anything heavier than a poster over my bed because I live on a fault line, which is probably not your issue, but still, you don’t want that falling on you in the night for any reason.

    3.9.22 Reply
  7. Jess:

    I’m so jealous of your cherry blossoms. I couldn’t pull the trigger when the prints were being sold and now I regret it!

    3.9.22 Reply
    • You know, I was in the middle of a move to Charleston and money was tight but I am so glad I splurged… it makes me so, so happy (and I think it was a good investment). But I hear you, I almost did not do it!

      3.9.22 Reply
  8. Tammy:

    This looks so lovely! You can find the same mirror – for less money – at Home Depot ( or Totally Furniture ( I’ve found that places like Wisteria, Pottery Barn, etc. are generally not selling original designs, but reselling other designs from brands you’ve never heard of. This has helped me to save some money when looking for decor – try google image search.

    3.10.22 Reply
  9. Love LOVE love your beautiful apt. Love the pops of color you have added. It’s fun like all your pretty, colored dresses!

    3.10.22 Reply
  10. Jenna:

    Hi! How do you like the boll and branch quilt? I ordered the signature set but am wondering if it gets a bit too wrinkled looking and a top layer (either quilt or waffle blanket) would pull it together better?


    4.4.22 Reply
    • I LOVE IT. It’s a nice weight, and finishes the bed really well… but while it is heavy, it is not hot, if that makes sense! I sleep with their sheets, the waffle blanket and duvet, + this at the foot.

      4.4.22 Reply