Rhode Pocket Blush Review.

Rhode Pocket Blush Review
left to right: piggy, spicy marg, juice box!

I have talked about this before, but Rhode was a real sleeper brand for me. As a 42 year old elder millennial, their marketing read very Gen Z and screamed “hehe, you are too old for me.” And that is fine: not every product is going to be for everyone! The brand hadn’t really even been on my radar until last year when their PR team sent over their three skincare products. Ever the guinea pig, I tried the products and was so impressed with them! I wrote this review of Rhode skincare last year and stand behind everything I said. While they are not heavy on active ingredients (a la Bader) they will leave even the driest skin feeling plumped up, fresh, and dewy. (And the line is well priced: $82 for all three products!).

I don’t think I ever wrote a review of the Pineapple Refresh Cleanser but I love that too. It’s a cleansing balm, with fruit acids to gently exfoliate. Love. I also really love the peptide lip treatment (and the lip tints). Truly: everything this brand does is GOOD.

Rhode pocket blush review

I had been extremely eager to try out the new pocket blushes. Like many of you, I saw the teasers and was very intrigued. When a launch date was confirmed, I set a calendar reminder. Rhode does not mess around; things frequently sell out. On launch day, I ordered 3 shades (plus two lip tints which are great but you already know that). Shipping was a little bit slow. I placed my order on June 20th and the products did not arrive until July 2nd. But that is my only complaint. I have spent the past week+ testing these bad boys and I love them.

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Rhode Pocket Blush Review

The packaging is very cute! I like to apply these with the Jones Road Skin Brush. This is one of my favorite brushes; I love using it to blend in anything creamy: blush, bronzer, highlighter!

I ordered three shades: piggy, juice box, and spicy marg. (Extra credit for fun shade names!). I am at a point where I have a pretty good idea of what looks good on me and the other 3 colors looked a little too murky/brown for me. (Though I do kind of wish I ordered “toasted teddy” to try as a bronzer!)

There are a lot of things I like about these blushes.

  • SIZE & PORTABILITY: I really like that these are little and don’t take up much space in my makeup bag. I have said this about other favorite blushes (Westman Atelier Baby Cheeks, Rare Beauty): these blushes are pigmented and pack a punch. I buy the travel size of other formulas as you only need a little bit.
  • COLOR PAYOFF: These are super super mega pigmented. So to the above point, you won’t need much product!
  • FORMULA: This is really creamy and hydrating (but not greasy!).
  • WEAR: This is probably the biggest point of differentiation vs. other blushes I love. They are some of the best wearing (maybe THE best wearing) blushes I’ve tried. One night, I slept in it just to see (sorry to my skin) and it was still on when I woke up. Another time I wore it all day long while hanging outside with my family at the pool. It was still on when I eventually came indoors. If you live in the south you know this is a BFD, it’s hot outside! I take these reviews seriously!

I am trying the three shades I bought for you below, it is worth noting that I did not make a single edit to these photos (not even brightening them) as I wanted the photos to be as true to color as possible!

Rhode Pocket Blush in Piggy

Piggy was the most in my comfort zone. It’s a cool rose “baby pink,” and it looks the most like my beloved Westman Atelier Petal. It’s soft and super pretty, the gateway drug into blushes (universally flattering and easy to wear — not bright at all).

Rhode Pocket Blush Piggy swatch

I included this shot for a couple reasons. First of all, I wanted you to see the product on the skin before blending. It’s really pigmented! Second, I wanted to show where I apply it to my cheeks. Top of the apples, and then I blend in upward strokes.

Rhode Pocket Blush in Spicy Marg
Rhode Pocket Blush in Spicy Marg

I think this one is my favorite! I have been seeing a lot about the sunburn makeup look and while I hate the idea of trying to look like we fried our skin, it is really pretty. Spicy Marg is a vibrant coral that just screams vacation to me. I have a slight tan at the moment and felt like this gave me a really pretty glow.

Rhode Pocket Blush in Juice Box
Rhode Pocket Blush in Juice Box

This one I will probably wear the least but it’s still really pretty and super feminine. Juice Box is a hot pink that gives you a true FLUSH. You absolutely look like you have makeup on. I am generally more of a less is more, no-makeup-makeup kind of gal so this blush felt a little too dramatic for me but I do like it. It will be more of a special occasion blush I think!

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  1. Sarah:

    Love your review! Giggled because I actually bought the other three colors (Freckle, Sleepy Girl, Toasted Teddy). Mine haven’t arrived yet though.

    7.8.24 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      That is so funny! Everyone’s skin tones are so different!

      7.8.24 Reply
  2. Whitney:

    Thanks for the thoughtful review. I too, love the brand’s pineapple cleanser and glazing milk, excited to try the blush! I attempted to visit their NYC popup store and the line was 2 blocks long, so I guess I’ll stick to ordering online.

    7.10.24 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      Oh man! They really are the new Glossier!

      7.11.24 Reply
  3. A:

    Terrible products and terrible long wear experiences.

    7.12.24 Reply