Westman Atelier Reviews.

Westman Atelier Reviews

Westman Atelier has been one of my favorite makeup brands for a while but I realized I hadn’t ever written a formal review. So today, we’re going to do that! Westman Atelier is for me, the epitome of luxurious clean beauty. Creamy, long lasting formulas. Gorgeous, weighty packaging. I am a big fan of most of the products; and wanted to write a more long form review of the brand. I will keep updating this post as I try more of the products.

PS – Another brand I really love in the same vein is Jones Road Beauty. I find these two brands to be super similar (but also very different!). Clean, luxurious, makeup-artist led.. great for dry skin.

westman atelier reviews

Westman Atelier was founded in 2018 by Gucci Westman (along with her husband, David Neville who is the co-founder of Rag & Bone). Westman is a professional makeup artist with over 20 years of experience. She has worked with all the biggest Hollywood A-listers. Think Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, etc. The brand’s first products focused on complexion – including the Vital Skin Foundation Stick. The formulas are clean, performance-first products using science-backed ingredients. The brand is now at about 35 different products across makeup, brushes, and even a few vital skincare products. I know that the brand is a mainstay in my own makeup bag, it is hard to believe they’ve only been around for six years!

My personal experience with the brand has been (mostly!) very very positive. I am a big fan of no-makeup makeup. I want whatever products to feel good on my skin. I want to look like myself, but maybe just a little bit better. Glowy, radiant, etc. And that is (for the most part!) exactly what this brand delivers. Hydration is important to me as well (I have such dry skin!) and the brand accomplishes that as their formulas are packed with nourishing ingredients like camellia seed oil and coconut oil.

The brand is truly clean.

We see that term getting thrown around a lot these days but Westman Atelier is completely transparent about their formulations. (They also meet the EU’s standards which are much more rigorous than the US). There are no silicones, no parabens, no PEGs, no talc, no phthalates, no synthetic fragrances. It is also vegan and cruelty free.  Lastly, I like that the brand is inclusive of all skin tones. The foundation stick comes in twenty shades from very very pale to very very deep and the rest of the products will work for mostly everyone.

best westman atelier products

Baby Cheeks Blush Stick

This blush stick was my gateway to Westman Atelier (my shade is petal!) and is quite possibly my favorite Westman Atelier product! It is the creamiest, loveliest blush with medium coverage. Petal is the perfect rosy nude pink – just a really natural, beautiful wash of color. It is super pigmented so you don’t need much. There’s a cute mini size too that lives in my travel bag (along with minis of the bronzer and highlighter).

Liquid Super Loaded All-Over Illuminator Drops with Vitamin C

After Baby Cheeks, this liquid highlighter is my other Westman Atelier favorite. These drops are just perfect. There are loads of ways to use them. You can mix a few drops into your foundations or moisturizer… you can also apply all over your face… you can (this is what I do most often) just dab them on where the light hits. My shade is Peau De Pêche, a warm nude peach. I love that these contain skincare grade ingredients (always love Vitamin C for brightening) but really this is just the prettiest product.

Eye Want You Lengthening + Volumizing Clean Mascara

I love this mascara. I wasn’t going to buy it (I have so many mascaras!) but my friend Jess brought me one and wow, I really really love it. What I like about it is that the formula feels very lightweight but gives you these big feathery long lashes. Never clumpy or spidery… just soft, feathery lashes. Remember those mink lash extensions? That’s what I liken this mascara too. Of course you don’t get all the length you get with extensions but it’s that same feathery soft look.

Lit Up Glow Highlighter Stick

The lit up highlight stick is another Westman Atelier holy grail. Nectar is my usual shade: a glassy golden peach that is perfect for everyday. As with baby cheeks, a little goes a long way so you’d probably be happy just buying the mini. While nectar is my preference for everyday (it’s just neutral and easy!) I have tried all of the shades and love them all. Lit is especially cool; it’s a clear iridescent formula that is a little bit ethereal… it makes me feel like a fairy princess. It’s more for a night out / specific look but super fun; I haven’t seen anything else like it.

Lip Suede Hydrating Matte Lipstick

This is one of the creamiest, most velvety matte lipsticks ever, thanks to hyaluronic acid and peptides. It’s wild how hydrating it is. My shade here is Je Rêve, a blush nude. My only complaint is that because these lipsticks are so, so pigmented (a good thing, generally!), they are all quite dark. I wish the brand would introduce a few lighter shades for everyday, maybe in the vein of say, KOSAS Rosewater (RIP) or Charlotte Tilbury Pillowtalk. I know it’s hard for a matte formula but I like this formula so much; but need something a little bit less pigmented. A strange complaint but still, a valid one.

Face Trace Cream Contour Stick

The face trace contour stick is definitely a fav. I love how long-wearing the formula is, and I love how easy it is to blend. You can use it to contour cheekbones and add definition, or apply all over to give skin a beachy glow. Biscuit is my favorite. I have the mini size! I have yet to try the coup de soleil bronzer but have heard great things. I generally prefer a cream formula!

Vital Skincare Complexion Drops Dewy Skin Tint

Truthfully, these complexion drops have been the only Westman Atelier product that’s fallen flat for me. I ordered them the day they were released and just felt… meh. They are a true tint. There is barely any coverage. And I actually felt like they didn’t leave my skin particularly dewy at all. Maybe it’s because I have very dry skin, I would just say to skip this (the U Beauty tinted hydrator is much much better in my opinion and seems to be what Westman was trying for here. I’d say that is the best of all the skin tints!).

Squeaky Clean Liquid Lip Hydrating Lip Balm

I absolutely love this lip balm. It is more like a gloss. It is juicy and hydrating and 100% not sticky. My favorite shades are Nou Nou, Chou Chou, and Ma Puce. The colors are really really pretty and I love how cushiony and good-for-you the formula is.

is westman atelier worth it?

Overall, YES, I think these products are worth it. If you are looking for luxurious clean beauty (especially if you have dry skin!), this is your brand. Some of the price points are a little high, and the skin tints were not for me but ultimately — yes. Westman Atelier is worth the money. And I’ve said this above but I will say it again, the formulas are so pigmented that for most products (the sticks in particular), a little goes such a long way that you can get away with buying the mini.

where to buy westman atelier

Westman Atelier is available at loads of different retailers.

Do you have a favorite Westman Atelier product? Something I miss and need to try? Something you’d like me to review here? Tell me in the comments! I still have yet to try the vital skin care complexion stick… writing this prompted me to order one to see how it compares to the Merit stick (my other fav!). I am curious about their brushes as well, particularly the foundation brush.

Disclosure: If you buy something through my links, I may earn an affiliate commission, at no cost to you. I only feature things I truly love here. Thanks for your support.


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  1. sarah:

    I too love Westman Atelier, the Pipsqueak color of the lip stain is fantastic…

    I followed her video (and the direction of the sales person at Bergdorf’s) and LOVE the brightness to my face this brings — https://www.westman-atelier.com/collections/face/products/baby-cheeks?variant=15141307351083

    https://www.westman-atelier.com/collections/lips/products/lip-suede-les-nudes is gorgeous product, and feels so luxe in my handbag…

    The Mascara didn’t work for me, it flaked on my under eyes — but that’s where Sephora returns come in. (The Thrive https://thrivecausemetics.com/products/liquid-lash-extensions-mascara?variant=39527625588826 blue really makes my eyes pop and doesn’t flake)

    6.7.24 Reply
  2. Rita:

    Thank you for the recommendations. I have the blush and love it. I will be purchasing the drops and mascara after reading this. Unfortunately I’m in Australia so won’t be able to purchase through your links. Thank you again.

    6.8.24 Reply
  3. Laura:

    Have you tried the skin activator serum? the reviews are amazing but it’s so much money for such a small amount…. it would be great to get your thoughts!

    6.9.24 Reply