Rhode Skincare Mini Review.

When it comes to skincare, I can be a little bit judgy. I initially wrote Rhode off as not for me, “for the kids!” In my head it was Gen Z’s version of the Clinique 3-step system I used as a teen. Basic, certainly good for others, but not meant for me and my 41-year old skin. And don’t get me started on celebrity products. Besides Haus Labs and a few others, I generally loop those in the “not for me” category as well. I spent years working in beauty marketing and know what those licensing fees look like. The general rule is that those products are high on splashiness and marketing dollars, low on efficacy.

Rhode’s PR team reached out a couple months ago to see if they could send me the line to try, and curiosity got the best of me. Again, I was judgy! But I was wrong. I tried the products for myself and have to tell you, I LOVE them! They are affordably priced and amazing for dry skin. And yes, I can’t help it, I want Hailey Bieber’s glazed donut effect. I will say that I still save the big guns (Bader, retinol, P50, etc) for night. But for daytime? I love these and will 100% repurchase.

Rhode Skincare Mini Review

This is a 3 step system, here is what you want to know.

Glazing Milk: This is an essence/hydrating toner. It preps the skin for the other products and is also super soothing. It feels amazing on the skin; I think it is actually my favorite product. I especially love using this after a peel pad.

Peptide Glazing Fluid: A gel serum that plumps and hydrates. This is the brand’s signature product and is what contributes to that illuminated glazed look.

Barrier Restore Cream: A really fantastic, ultra rich moisturizer. This is great for dry skin. I love that it locks in all the other products. It’s on par with Bader and Sobel Skin in terms of hydration. Also it is just $29.

Honestly, the peptide lip treatment is awesome – I liken this to a dupe for U Beauty’s Lip Plasma (my fav!). Get a few. They are just $16. I especially love the salted caramel one.

You can also get the five piece kit, though it doesn’t include the Glazing Milk (which is a real highlight in my opinion).


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  1. Cait:

    Oooh thanks Grace! Celeb skincare lines have been a hard sell for me because I’m like “isn’t the answer just be rich to afford $$$ treatments, doctors, and products whenever and whatever you need?” lol. I have always wondered about Rhode because I liked price point, Hailey seemed to take skincare seriously, and products looked good. But like you, I assumed it was meant for younger skin, ha.

    8.10.23 Reply
    • It’s def worth trying!!!! I still use my more active products at night but for day, huge fan.

      8.10.23 Reply