Peloton Tread Review.

Peloton Tread Review

This past December, I got the Peloton Tread! This was a decision I didn’t take lightly (I bought it on Black Friday and got a deal, but it was expensive). Now that I am in my own home, buying a treadmill had been on my list as I didn’t want to join a gym and love running and walking (but so often I have an excuse: it’s too hot, it’s too dark, it’s raining, etc.) I figured, having a treadmill at home would be the perfect way to avoid all of those excuses.

Peloton is probably more famous for their bikes, but I’ve never been a huge spin fan. I grew up running (running three seasons in high school and then picking up marathon running in my twenties) and have always loved it, but I am definitely a more casual runner now. 3-4 miles is about as high as I go these days.

What makes the Peloton Tread different from other treadmills is probably the screen, the community, and all the classes. Peloton is really all about the classes. Otherwise, it’s a great treadmill but I don’t think it’s any more special or fancy than the ones you would find at the gym. Like I would not go so far as to say if this is the best treadmill on the market (I have no idea actually), but the classes are so great that hopping on the treadmill never feels like a chore, which is big for me: I genuinely look forward to it every day! I have found myself obsessed with the classes and certain instructors (more on that below), and today I am going to share my honest review of the Peloton Tread and whether it’s worth it or not.

peloton tread review

The Peloton Tread is big. It never would have worked in any of my previous apartments, you need to have the space for it. The size of it is probably one of the only bad parts (and that it is expensive). There is a very small part of me that wishes I’d just bought foldable treadmill I could stash in the closet but at the end of the day it wouldn’t be the same experience and I don’t think I’d feel such loyalty to it! Between the treadmill + screen and the app, I feel like I am addicted to my Peloton Tread- in a good way.


One thing I love about the Peloton Tread is the ability to track your progress. The machine records all your metrics, from distance and pace to heart rate and calories burned. And with the Peloton app, you can track your progress over time and set new goals for yourself. I also like how the app counts your streak, it’s a bit Pavlovian but I have to earn my dot every day!

There is also a tread lock, I think this hadn’t been included in older models but there is both a physical safety key and a code that you need to enter to use it… keeping little ones and pets safe!

I also love the large (nearly 24 inches wide) touch screen. It really makes you feel like you are right there in class.


Honestly, this thing is built like a tank. It’s heavy-duty, sturdy, and feels like it can handle anything you throw at it. The running surface is spacious and comfortable with a soft landing, which is a huge plus for me as I have low back and hip issues. I have been running on the Peloton tread for a little over 3 months now and find it to be one of the more comfortable treadmills I have run on.


The real magic of the Peloton Tread is in the classes. There are so many and I truly LOVE them all! Peloton offers a wide range of on-demand and live classes, and they’re all fabulous. The instructors are motivating and knowledgeable and the variety of classes keeps things interesting. Whether you’re in the mood for a 45-minute interval run or a 20-minute recovery jog, Peloton has you covered. I also love the stretching classes, the yoga, and the core routines.

I really like the class variety. And I can’t stress this enough. If I want to challenge myself I will do a run, or a 45 minute walk/run… if I’m having an off day I will do a beginner run or even just a walk (some of the walks are HARD!).

I haven’t liked anything this much since Melissa Wood Health. Like everyone, I have favorite Peloton instructors. (I feel like I am missing out on Cody as he’s spinning only, so many friends love him!) I love Olivia for her music and to be really pushed on a run/walk (even her walks are SO HARD!). Marcel for hills and endurance. Becs for intervals. And for everyday, my two favorites are Susie Chan and Rebecca Kennedy. Susie runs in a style I really like (progressive, getting harder at the end) and Rebecca is so positive and cheerful (and hilarious/a fellow Massachusetts gal), I feel like she is my friend!

There are also strength training classes which I haven’t dipped my toe into. I still see my trainer 2-3 days a week for weights (and in person accountability!) so I stick to running, walking, yoga, and stretching on the Peloton.


The Peloton Tread currently retails for $3,495. Membership to the classes is $40/month.

Peloton specs

  • Speed and incline knobs to easily adjust controls without breaking your stride. I love the jump button on the side so that you can speed up easily when you are doing intervals.
  • 23.8″ HD touchscreen.
  • Front facing speakers. The music is always great and they strike a good balance between the instructor’s voice and the music.

Peloton Dimensions:

I will say that the Peloton tread is big! It sort of took over my third bedroom (originally had grand plans for this room to be a sexy/chic “library” of sorts, but now it’s basically my treadmill room. The bike is much more compact, this takes over a bit.

  • 5½′ x 2¾′ footprint
  • 59″ running belt
  • 23.8″ HD touchscreen

Is the peloton tread worth it?

For me, it’s been worth every penny. It’s helped me stay on track with my fitness goals, and the convenience of having a quality workout in my own home has been a game-changer. I take probably five running/walking classes a week and another 5 yoga/stretching classes and do so much better taking a class vs. just running or walking on my own. When I am in LA I will take the classes (using the app on my phone) outside or on a regular treadmill and it is not the same. I truly miss the treadmill when I am away from it.

It’s obviously a big investment but it’s something I use multiple times a week and really enjoy so in my opinion, yes… worth it!

PS – In defense of cute workout gear.

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  1. Colleen:

    Love that window on your staircase!!! Such a cute house, so happy for you.

    3.28.23 Reply
  2. Tina:

    I have the bike and am obsessed! I take a lot of bootcamp classes and strength classes too. I highly recommend the strength classes. Adrian Williams is my favorite strength teacher and I know he teaches some treadmill bootcamp classes called thunder 45 which are supposed to be amazing. If you try, let me know!

    3.28.23 Reply
  3. Katie:

    Big Peloton fan here, even though I only pay for the app (only $12.99/mo!) and use it on my iPad or TV for strength classes or on my Schwinn bike for spin classes. The metrics aren’t important to me but the library of classes is so impressive, I just don’t think any other service could match it. I am trying to run more this spring, so was wondering if I could have the phone playing a downloaded running class and just listen while I run outside? Has anyone ever done this?
    Love following your blog Grace, as always!

    3.28.23 Reply
    • Maureen:

      You can definitely stream or download a run (either outdoor, or a tread class) to do outside – I do the walks all the time when I’m walking my dog 🙂

      3.28.23 Reply
    • Yeah I think you definitely can! I regularly stream classes outside, have not tried downloading but it is an option!

      3.28.23 Reply
  4. Just curious – have you figured out how to run on it without a class. I haven’t. Just wondering if it is possible?

    3.28.23 Reply
    • Yup! On the home screen there’s an option to just run! I have done it a few times when I want to watch a TV show instead of take a class.

      3.28.23 Reply
  5. E:

    This review is SO helpful, thank you! I feel like I’d love the Peloton tread – I do a lot of sprint work on my own on a treadmill at the gym + run outside, but this setup seems amazing. One q, as it looks like your treadmill is on a second floor… do you worry about the structure of your home at all? I live in a historic home and am always too freaked out to do any heavy jumping/cardio at-home classes upstairs, but maybe this is a weird fixation? Lol. I have no reason to believe anything is at risk, it’s more of a mental thing! But curious if you have thought about that with the heavy machinery + impact of running on an upstairs level.

    3.28.23 Reply
    • No, I think it’s fine, I don’t worry… (also in a historic home!) I wouldn’t do any heavy jumping upstairs but the treadmill seems to absorb most of the impact. I also don’t run very fast. I think 8.0 or 9.0 is the fastest I’ve ogne for sprints.

      3.28.23 Reply
      • E:

        Makes sense, thanks!

        3.29.23 Reply
  6. Andrea Thatcher:

    Have you tried any of the scenic rides sans instructor?

    3.28.23 Reply
    • I have not! If I’m not taking a class I’ll do a run or walk and throw on a show or a movie! My TV is against the wall in front of the treadmill.

      3.28.23 Reply
  7. Annie:

    I LOVE my Peloton tread!! We got ours because we were really interested in doing the bootcamps, but I’ve found the runs and the walks to be SO good that that’s what I primarily do on the read. I like that no matter how I’m feeling or how much time I have, I can get in a great workout. I’m in my third trimester so running for a full class isn’t in the cards for me anymore, but it’s been great that they offer so many fantastic walking or walk/run classes that I don’t feel like I’m missing out on getting a great workout in!

    3.28.23 Reply
  8. Jaime:

    Peloton Bike, Tread, & Weights = best money I ever spent!

    3.28.23 Reply
    • When you think about how much a gym membership costs, I think you’re totally right!

      3.28.23 Reply
  9. I have the Tread, Bike and the Row, which I like each of them for different things – I’ve tried different treadmills because I wanted to make sure this was the right choice for me but this is so nicely designed. We also ordered a thing that puts a flat surface on the tread so I can put my laptop on it and work through emails while I go for a walk!

    3.28.23 Reply
    • Wow that is amazing!!!!

      If you don’t mind… do you have a link to the laptop holder? That feels like something I need!

      3.28.23 Reply
  10. Helen:

    Although I complain about the heat where I live I am so lucky to be able to run outside year round. I work inside all day so one of the main reasons I exercise is the be outside and if I can’t I’m happy to skip it. Not a treadmill or at home workout person at all!

    3.28.23 Reply
  11. Allie:

    I love my Peloton tread! I also want to point out that Peloton does offer no interest financing via Affirm, which basically makes paying for it like a monthly gym membership! The 39-month option was the only choice back when I bought my Tread+ in 2020, and I pay $127/month for it (which was less than my Orange Theory membership!) Just pointing this out for your readers who may have sticker shock.

    Becs, Kirsten, and Jess are some of my favorite instructors for the running / walking modalities and I have really enjoyed the bootcamps with Jess and the hiking bootcamps with Rebecca!

    3.29.23 Reply
    • Oh that is so smart. I haven’t taken Kirsten or Jess yet so will look into them!!!

      3.29.23 Reply
      • Annie:

        Agree – Kirsten walk/runs (and her hikes!!) are SO good! Jess is great too!

        3.29.23 Reply
  12. Lisa:

    You have the regular tread correct? Not the Tread plus? If so, any regrets not getting the tread +?

    1.30.24 Reply
    • Yup! The tread plus wasn’t an option when I purchased. But I’m really happy with this, and plus looks to be about double the price which is just too much money IMO

      1.30.24 Reply