My Current Travel Favorites.

My Current Travel Favorites

My Current Travel Favorites

I am on the go a lot and like to think my travel routine is by now, somewhat down to a science. I am almost always in some sort of neutral cashmere or matching sweaterish ensemble (we can’t forget my fav Amazon set) and the best (inexpensive) white tee. My thought on the neutral color palette/theme is that I like something that is just dark enough that it won’t look dirty or show stains but not too dark to show lint, blonde hair, etc. Sometimes the sweater is tied around my shoulders, other times I’m cozied up in it. On my feet? Loafers or sneakers. But also, compression socks, always. They are a must have for any flight longer than four hours. I wrote a blog post about the benefits of wearing compression socks and highly recommend investing in a pair. I also like to have a cashmere wrap of some sort. I’m always cold on the plane, even in the summer!

As far as my luggage goes, I am never without my Dagne Dover large Landon bag — it is the best personal item! I wrote a longer review of Dagne Dover but I LOVE their products. The large bag fits perfectly under the seat in front of me and has compartments for everything. My Rimowa cabin suitcase was a big splurge a few years back but in my opinion, worth every penny. It’s lighter than any other aluminum suitcases I’ve carried, it’s deceptively spacious, and I love how it looks. I feel polished, streamlined, and pulled together carrying it. I’ve had mine a while now and it’s a little banged up but I think it looks cooler that way.

PS – Shopbop kicked off their big spring sale today! My picks are over on Substack!


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  1. Breeding Tonya:

    I really love the look of the linked Amazon two piece set by AOHITE
    Iā€™m 5ā€™10ā€. Any advice for similar outfits for tall ladies?

    3.15.24 Reply
    • Maybe try sizing up! I am not that much shorter than you (5’8) and feel like going up a size would be a good fix.

      3.16.24 Reply