Dagne Dover Review.

Dagne Dover Review
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If you have read or followed long, you know what a huge fan of Dagne Dover I am. This is one of those brands you really have to try to understand what the hype is about. I don’t think I really “got” what was so great about them until I got my bag (the Large Landon) a little over a year ago. From the first time I traveled with it, I’ve been a super fan. They put so much care and attention into each of their designs. Thoughtful construction, loads of compartments… you can tell that the designers are frequent travelers as they have truly thought of everything.

Dagne dover review

As I said before, I wanted to get a longer post up with my review of these bags to answer all of your questions!!!!

what is dagne dover?

Dagne Dover has been around for ten years now. The brand was founded in 2013 by three women: Jessy Dover, Deepa Gandhi, and Melissa Mash. They began as a work bag brand and expanded into travel, which I think is the brand’s real sweet spot. Personally, I am a HUGE fan of their neoprene. These pieces are super sleek and versatile, and probably most importantly: easy to clean! The exterior is lined with water-resistant polyester. Oversized (but light!) zippers ensure safe keeping. I have built up a little collection of their bags and each one is so thoughtfully designed. No detail is overlooked. Special compartments, zippered pockets, exterior and interior pockets, I could go on.

Dagne Dover Bags Review

dagne dover bags

Here is a review of all the Dagne Dover bags I own and love. I will add that I am not a backpack person but I’ve heard amazing things from friends and the Facebook group about the Dagne Dover Dakota Backpack. People love it! So if you are looking for a great backpack, take a peek at the Dakota backpack. I have also heard outstanding things about their diaper bag if that is something you are looking for.

Large Landon Carryall

The Dagne Dover Landon Carryall is my personal favorite. It was my introduction to the brand and I just love it so much. It’s truly the perfect personal item when you are traveling. I use mine at least twice a month and it’s held up perfectly. It fits easily under an airline seat, it’s easy to clean (if it gets dirty but I find the material really repels dirt and stains). It makes a great weekender bag as well. Sometimes I will go to LA but we’ll take an overnight somewhere else for a night or two and this holds all my essentials. Speaking of LA: my bf liked mine so much that I bought him one (I got him the medium size as he also uses it for work) in black!

More practical details: It has a laptop sleeve + a few other pockets and compartments, including a small exterior pocket for your phone. If you choose to use it as a gym bag, there’s a shoe bag (I use this for snacks). It also has the little sleeve thingy that goes over the handle of your rollerbag, keeping everything nice and orderly as you are running through the airport (a common theme for me).

Arlo Neoprene Tech Organizer

Arlo Neoprene Tech Organizer

This is another one I’m never without. It lives inside of my Landon and keeps all of my cords (usually: laptop, phone, Apple Watch!) nice and organized. Before I had this, I was always losing my cords, leaving them places, or rummaging through a pile of tangled cords. Not anymore, thanks to this. It’s a great gift for guys, too… my bf is a big fan! For extra credit, buy an extra of all of your chargers and just keep them in here. Makes life so much easier!

Mara Phone Sling

I really love this sling bag when I am traveling as I will put just the essentials in it (phone, credit cards, passport) and strap it to my person (I wear this over a shirt/sweater, layered under a coat. The small size is nice and lightweight but it gives me peace of mind to know that my most important things are safe and close to me. All of my most important items, literally on my person!

Ace Fanny Pack

This fanny pack is really fantastic for travel too, especially if you are skipping a second bag and want to hold all of your essentials. I like to wear mine as a cross body bag. It easily fits a phone, a few makeup items, a wallet, etc.

Hunter Neoprene Toiletry Bag

This is a fantastic toiletry bag and one of the things I love most about it is the compartments and separate pouches! And here is the time where the (easy to clean) neoprene really makes a difference. You can just wipe it clean.

Pacific Tote

We have just one non-neoprene bag, The Pacific Tote! And it’s on sale — unsure if this means it is being discontinued, I sure hope not! This one I use more in Spring or Summer as it is the best little bag for either the beach or running errands or heading to the park to read. I love that it has so many pockets and compartments (especially the exterior pockets!), and I love the interior water bottle stand… genius!

are dagne dover bags worth it?

If you couldn’t tell, my answer here is a resounding YES! Dagne Dover bags are the greatest. Thoughtfully constructed, great quality, durable (trust me, I am so hard on my Landon and it’s in perfect shape), and a great price point. I cannot say enough good things about this brand!

where to buy dagne dover

dagne dover landon carryall review

I took this photo while on a trip. It really is the perfect carry on bag / personal item.

dagne dover carryall bag

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  1. Julie:

    I love my Dagne Landon, but I will say I think the large may be overwhelming for more petite folks. This is kind of niche and maybe personal, but I’m 5’1” and when I’ve tried some larger bags it just looks absolutely ridiculous carrying them on my small frame. I have a medium and it’s a great size but still on the larger size for me! I usually bring as my personal item when traveling and it’s been more than enough room for laptop, charging cable organizer, snacks, kindle, water bottle, etc.

    10.24.23 Reply
  2. Ali:

    Hi Grace! Love your review of Dagne Dover bags. I was curious if you could share what the smaller rust-colored organizer is that you’re using inside the Dagne Dover pictured above (on the right side, with the wallet sticking out of it). Thanks so much!

    3.13.24 Reply
    • Hi Ali,
      Thanks for the note!
      That isn’t an organizer, it’s my purse! Since I was traveling and you only get two items, everything was consolidated. It’s the Loro Piana Sesia tote size medium! It is a great bag 🙂

      3.14.24 Reply