Away Luggage Review.

Away Luggage Review | The Stripe
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Remember this post, where I lamented my luggage situation and asked you guys for recommendations? Nearly every suggestion in the post comments recommended AWAY. (Seriously – scroll through ’em – it’s kind of amazing how many of you raved and raved about their luggage).

I reached out to the brand to see if they would be open to sending me a couple pieces to review and have to say – I am so impressed with my new luggage. I really, really love it. It’s thoughtfully designed (I’ll tell you more about that), streamlined, chic, relatively affordable given the quality, and easy to travel with. Also as an aside, their luggage now comes in light pink! I am so sad I missed out on this, though the sand color is probably more practical in the long run!

Outfit Details: Burberry Kensington Trench Coat (less expensive options here, here, and here) // LOFT Dress // Stuart Weitzman Midland Boots (less expensive option here) // AWAY Medium Suitcase (c/o) // AWAY International Carry-on (c/o) // Estemporanea Satchel (c/o) // Preston & Olivia Hat // Celine Sunglasses

Away Luggage Review | The Stripe

First of all, what I chose. I went with the Medium Suitcase (for the times when I want to check a bag – like this week’s trip to Charleston – as I’m shooting several looks for the blog there, I need more space!) and the International Carry-On. I’m generally a pretty light packer (I can squeeze a lot into a tiny suitcase, and absolutely hate checking a bag. If it’s a blog trip and I’m shooting a lot and need more room, I’ll check and use the Medium Suitcase but if I’m traveling for personal purposes, I can generally get away with the little guy.

This part might not seem important, but it is – the little guy nests inside of the bigger one, making storage a breeze. I don’t have a lot of closet space, so it’s important to me that one piece fit inside of the other.

Away Luggage Review | The Stripe

First impressions: I was blown away by how lightweight the luggage is. Seriously – it’s light as a feather. At first I was actually a bit weirded out by the materials (a polycarbonate shell). I worried that it could break. But it won’t.. for such a lightweight material, it is incredibly sturdy. It’s also very flexible. When your luggage is all packed and zipped out, it looks very structured but when the suitcase is open it is flexible.

In traveling with it, I definitely noticed a difference. I packed my medium to the brim for Charleston and having a lighter suitcase was helpful. The 360 degree wheels on the bottom were also a big perk – easy to maneuver!

Away Luggage Review | The Stripe

One of the best parts to me is the battery (in the carry-on). This may not be as big of a deal to everyone (I am on my phone a LOT, after all) but I thought it’s pretty cool and I can never seem to find a good place to charge my phone at the airport! Simply charge the battery overnight before your trip, and then you will be able to easily charge your devices throughout the trip. The battery has two ports that can be used simultaneously (making it easy to make friends – or be a good friend to whomever you’re traveling with), a micro-USB port (where you charge the suitcase), and an LED indicator to let you know how much juice you have left. One port charges the battery at standard speed and the other charges it at a faster speed. The battery contains enough juice to charge an iPhone up to 5 times… so if you get stranded somewhere, hey – at least you can charge your phone.

One thing about the battery is that it’s still a new idea. Though it’s completely legal, the TSA might be confused. For that reason, there is a sticker on the bottom of the carry-on to explain that it’s legal. So if you have any issues, just show them that. I’ve flown with my carry-on once now and had no issues with TSA but it’s worth mentioning.

Away Luggage Review | The Stripe

Each suitcase also comes with a laundry bag (rolled up inside the zippered interior) which is very handy to have, especially on longer trips.

What I like is that the suitcases force you to be very orderly with your things. There are two large compartments in each suitcase. Each is separately sealed. One is meant for soft things (clothing), and has a compression strap to help you push it all down and allow you to fit more. The only thing I wish that was done differently about this suitcase is that the compression strap were longer to get more leverage. The second compartment is meant to stow hard items: toiletries, shoes, bags, etc. It’s such a simple thing but it makes a big difference – you really end up fitting much more.

Away Luggage Review | The Stripe

Away Luggage Review | The Stripe

Away Luggage Review | The Stripe

All of Away’s luggage is covered under a limited, lifetime warranty. So if the shell cracks or breaks; the zipper stops working, or the wheels and handles break off, you are covered. It doesn’t cover scratches and/or dents. It also does not cover the battery in the carry-on. (The battery is covered for two years… while the company hasn’t been around for two years yet, they will start selling replacement batteries at some point.)

Away Luggage Review | The Stripe

This post is not sponsored but thank you to AWAY for my new luggage – I love it so much!!!

photography by Lydia Hudgens.

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  1. Elizabeth says 3.20.17

    I have been desperately searching for new luggage for an upcoming trip – such positive reviews on these!
    Xo, Elizabeth

  2. I’ve been meaning to get a new luggage for the longest time. I love the minimalist design of the AWAY luggage!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  3. Martina says 3.20.17

    I wanted the Away International carry-on so bad for an upcoming trip to Berlin but sadly they won’t ship to Austria 🙁
    Glad it worked for you, though! Have fun in Charleston! 🙂

    • grace at the stripe says 3.21.17

      Aw, I’m sorry to hear that – what a bummer! Hopefully they will expand to international.

  4. Dana Mannarino says 3.20.17

    I was like a little kid on Christmas when I got my AWAY luggage. They are an awesome company and their luggage is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for!

    Pink Champagne Problems

  5. Caitlin says 3.20.17

    Wow I definitely want to try out that luggage. You make it look so chic!
    xo, Caitlin

  6. Emily says 3.20.17

    Thanks so much for this review, it is super helpful. I have been debating whether or not to go purchase the Away suitcase for awhile now and I think this just pushed me over the edge to do it! I love all the details, which you mentioned and make a big difference. Also, obsessed with that light pink, pop and suki color!


  7. Natali says 3.20.17

    Great quality, long lasting language is so important to have when you’re a wanderlust and love to travel as much as I do. You’re looking gorgeous in this elegant outfit and that dress is so unique!

  8. Cy says 3.20.17

    My luggage is not nearly so glamorous ( or high tech) but, I bought my brooks and Riley, soft nylon bag from a local luggage store here in San Francisco. The owner really knows his stuff. When he told that one of his clients’ dog chewed up their suitcase and brooks and Riley still fixed it for free, I was impressed. I love that it’s deep but narrow and it has a cute umbrella pocket on the back. It’s also olive with a bit of orange piping, so doesn’t get lost in a sea of black. It is a large bag and needs to be checked. I think I need the AWAY carry-on soon! I’ve always bought soft luggage thinking you could fit more that in a hard case. Does anyone know if that’s true? Fun post!

    • grace at the stripe says 3.21.17

      So I had thought that too but with the compression system I actually think it fits more!

      • Cy says 3.21.17

        Good to know! Now trying to decide what size AWAY carry-on to get. I see they monogram too

        • grace at the stripe says 3.21.17

          Yes!!! I wanted to get mine monogrammed but the artist was booked up – I loveeee the way they look.

  9. Rachel says 3.20.17

    Thanks for posting this review! I’ve been hearing good things about AWAY, and was considering getting the carry on for a trip to Amsterdam soon. I have a soft Tumi carry on that I love, but have been wanting something more structured, and of course the battery makes it sound even better!

    • grace at the stripe says 3.21.17

      Thank you Rachel, I’m glad it was helpful! I had a great soft tumi carry on but it was pretty beat up. Have been really happy with these.

  10. elizabeth ashley says 3.20.17

    also loooove your outfit 🙂

  11. Nicole says 3.20.17

    What an awesome idea to include a phone charger on the suitcase! I’ve never seen that before but it definitely makes sense. This luggage is so chic (and the pink ones online are adorable)! I will have to remember this when I upgrade. My current hard sided luggage is so heavy…

    Nicole to the Nines

    • grace at the stripe says 3.21.17

      I know, it’s truly the best idea ever!!!! I am in shock by how lightweight these are.

  12. Jenn Lake says 3.21.17

    Thank you for this! I have totally been eyeing their pieces (especially the pink!), and I was hoping to hear more about them! Have a great rest of your day!

  13. Breanna Marie says 3.21.17

    This luggage sounds so perfect! I need featherweight luggage like this!

  14. Liz says 3.24.17

    Luggage sounds great. May have to take a look at it. I hope they are sold in Canada. Also, cute dress and I love your boots! Have a great weekend.

  15. kara says 3.24.17

    Great post! I’ve been debating the Away luggage, so this has been helpful. I could’ve done with some interior photos of the luggage too 😉 Maybe for another post

  16. Shelley Ahmed says 3.24.17

    What size carry-on is in the picture? I’ve been needing luggage and this post certainly caught my eye. I want to get the medium and a carry-on. I need a weekend luggage bag for my family of four as we do a lot of travel for my kids’ sports. The medium would be great for us for 4 of us but the carry all would be perfect for just my kids and I when we go away. The size in this picture looks good especially in comparison to the medium size. These bags look amazing. I love them in the blue or sand!

    • grace at the stripe says 3.26.17

      It’s the smaller one! International regulations are tougher so I went for that one. 🙂

  17. Gail Jones says 3.26.17

    What is the brand of your hand bag, looks great for traveling too??????

  18. Lauren says 3.27.17

    Love the photos you posted – I think the photos on their site don’t do the colors justice. I’m in love with the sand option, but I wanted to know how it’s held up for you on trips. My only concern is that it would get super scuffed up and that they wouldn’t come out, even though the company says they should. Thanks in advance!

    • grace at the stripe says 3.27.17

      Mine has held up pretty well. The big one got a little scuffed when I checked it, but it doesn’t look bad!

  19. Abigail says 3.28.17

    I am so glad you reviewed this bag! I am tempted to get one. Do you find the international (smaller) carry on has enough space? I am light packer and wondering if it would last a week or so.

    Can’t decide between the two carry ons. I live abroad so should probably go for the international size. Thanks for your help!

    • grace at the stripe says 3.28.17

      Honestly, I think it would be tricky for a whole week. If you live abroad definitely get the international, but I don’t think I could pack for an entire week (and I’m also a lighter packer!!) It would be perfect for 4-5 days, but a week would be hard.

  20. Jade says 4.2.17

    Would have loved to see the inside or how exactly you packed/what you could fit in there! I pre-ordered a Raden carry-on a few months ago and waiting for it to ship now.. they’re a similar brand with the battery etc!

  21. Hannah says 4.11.17

    I bought new Away luggage for my trip to Greece in 3 weeks. Happy to hear you love them!

    xx Hannah

  22. Matt says 4.16.17

    Awesome review! I love the color of the bags you have in the picture, is that the Sand version?

  23. Melissa Zink says 5.2.17

    Do you know how well the “Bigger” Carry On fits into international overhead compartments? I can’t decide which size to get… I love the idea of the larger one, but I don’t know if it’s worth the possible plane check.

    • Hi Melissa,

      My understanding is that no, it will not, which is why they offer the smaller one too. I would have totally gone for the bigger carry on if that were the case. International flights have been really cracking down and the bigger carry on will only work for domestic flights (and not even all of them – if it’s a smaller plane they will still make you gate check some domestic sized carry-on bags). That’s why I got the smaller one, unfortunately! The good news is that I’ve now taken mine domestic and international (and on small planes) and have never been asked to check the little guy. It holds a surprising amount with the compression system.

      Hope that helps!

      • Melissa Zink says 5.5.17

        Yes, that helps a lot! Thank you, just purchased one and I can’t wait to use it!

  24. Luka says 6.1.17

    I ordered the pair and the medium kept showing up broken, I eventually gave up and returned both. If the suitcase can’t even make it through UPS without showing up broken (2x) then how good can it be in flight where it’s actually manhandled?

    • Oh no, that’s terrible!!!! I had no problems with mine and have not heard of this happening before!

  25. Barbara OConnell says 6.27.17

    Very helpful review. I am going to buy an Away suitcase and see how I like it. One for my husband too. Also I love the dress you’re wearing and just bought it from Loft. Thanks!

  26. Jennifer Fisher says 7.10.17

    Thank you so much for this review as I cannot find any details about the sand color bag. I was wondering if you think this color will get dirty or show scratches more than a darker color? What has been your experience with the sand color. It would be greatly appreciated if you would let me know. Thank you!

    • grace at the stripe says 7.11.17

      I have had a great experience with this color! It has a few scratches which I don’t mind… I think it looks cool a little weather! xx

  27. Lily Rose says 8.27.17

    I’ve been eyeing their luggage for about a year now…I think it’s finally time to purchase one! Great review!

  28. Angelika says 9.9.17

    Do you know if the bigger carry on did in JetBlue overhead compartments? Thank you!

    • grace at the stripe says 9.10.17

      It depends on the size of the plane! For some flights, yes… but for any that are on a smaller plane, no!

  29. Whitney says 9.17.17

    Thanks for reviewing this product. I LOVE the sand color but was wondering how it holds up with scratches and usage. Airports and travel can get dirty and I was wondering if you are seeing that on the sand luggage. Just trying to decide a color!

  30. Dee says 9.23.17

    Thanks for the review. Not sure if you mentioned, but what color are these? Is this the sand? Thanks!

  31. Bettina says 10.14.17

    Great review! Also, your black purse is gorgeous — where is it from?!

  32. Em says 10.23.17

    Does the white get super dirty or does it stay pretty true white?

    • grace at the stripe says 10.23.17

      I don’t have the white set! I have sand… and no it doesn’t get dirty! Can’t speak to white though.

      • Em says 10.23.17

        Thank you!!!

  33. Kat says 11.3.17

    I just bought this luggage in white and I love it! How does the lighter colour wear over time, does it clean easily? Show scratches more or less than a darker colour? Thanks!

    • grace at the stripe says 11.4.17

      Yay! It’s so good. Mine has gotten a few scratches but it isn’t very noticeable.

  34. Steph says 11.5.17

    Hi There,

    What Color was the Away suitcase pictured above? Was it Sand, White or Grey Malin.


  35. Annabelle Spoletini says 1.22.18

    Love it! Did you find the sand colour to show scrapes and dirt? I just know how rough they are with luggage at the airport so i’m tossing between sand and black? Sand is just so cute!!! <3

    • grace at the stripe says 1.22.18

      Hey Annabelle, Read my responses to the other comments! No issues! I like the sand best.

  36. Jillian says 3.13.18

    How did the medium suitcase hold up after you checked it? Thanks!

    • grace at the stripe says 3.13.18

      Really well. A few scuffs but I buff them out with a magic eraser.

      • Jillian says 3.13.18

        Okay, thanks! Another reviewer had said that it dented easily, but I haven’t seen any other reviews that mention anything other than scuff marks. I’m thinking maybe that was just a fluke.

        • grace at the stripe says 3.13.18

          That sounds like a fluke to me!!! I have the little guy and the medium and no problems with either after a year.

          Away also has a pretty good return policy/guarantee, so if it did get dented I think they’d replace.

          • Jillian says 3.14.18

            That’s good to know! I just bought the Medium – can’t wait to start using it. Thanks again for your review and candid info!

          • grace at the stripe says 3.15.18

            Yay! Happy travels!

  37. Josephine says 3.26.18

    Thank you so much for this review! I was wondering how the Away has held up for you as a checked luggage. After seeing videos of luggages getting thrown around and a lot of hard shells getting pretty banged up, I worry if Away’s outer shell can handle that!

    • grace at the stripe says 3.29.18

      So glad it was helpful. I’ve had mine for over a year and travel quite a bit – it’s still in great shape!

  38. Judi says 5.1.18

    Did you buy the white or sand color Away luggage? Just a bit hard to tell on my device.

  39. Ashlie Gauthier says 5.8.18

    What color is depicted? Is that white or sand?

  40. Robbie says 5.19.18

    I was considering buying a set but when it said warrenty does not cover dents and scratches, that was a turn off. Costing that much it should be made out of material that is dent and scratche free.

    • H Young says 12.18.19

      Hard shells all dent and scratch. That is their nature. Look closer at warranty and you will also see wheels on the 4 wheelers are not covered

  41. Carley says 9.11.18

    I LOVE my Away luggage, so glad you do too!

  42. ALLISON says 9.20.18

    It looks like you got the white, not the tan – how has it held up to travel? Are there permanent dirt/scuff marks on it? Thanks!

  43. Helen says 11.25.18

    The pictures on the website show the sand as a lot darker of a color than your pictures show. Which do you think is more accurate? I dont have a store near me and I’m trying to decide on a color. Thanks in advance!

  44. Lauren says 12.18.19

    I am researching this luggage as a gift for my Dad, thank you for the detailed review! the Lifetime warranty makes this a no-brainer. Did I see a discount code on your instagram recently for this by chance or am I imagining things? Thanks Grace!