5 Benefits of Wearing Compression Socks.

5 Benefits of Wearing Compression Socks

This is so nerdy but I have been absolutely LOVING compression socks. It started during lockdown (I had been sent a pair and put them on and marveled over how secure they made me feel… kind of like a hug for your lower legs?) I really like the feeling of a more snug, secure sock.

They are just the best. They are comfortable, can help prevent athletic injuries, and they are GREAT for long flights. I’ve been asked if they hurt… NO… they feel really good!  Compression socks apply gentle pressure on the ankle and leg. They’re worn commonly by professional athletes, pregnant women, people who stand all day, and those who are dealing with or are at risk for blood circulation problems. They can help to keep your legs from getting that restless feeling while you’re traveling. They are great for pregnant women, runners, or anyone who has a job where they are standing on their feet all day (I wish I knew about these back when I was waitressing). And they also just feel really good on!

5 Benefits of Wearing Compression Socks

They reduce leg and feet swelling

I remember a few years ago I flew to Europe. I had worn cute ankle boots and took my shoes off to sleep on the plane. And I kid you not, we landed and I could not zip my boots back up. I went through immigration with unzipped boots.

On my trip to Vienna, I wore compression socks and my legs/feet did not swell at all. I was also fine to wander around the city all day in (low) heels. Reduced swelling on a long flight is a MAJOR benefit here. Probably the main reason I wear them.

They boost circulation

Compression socks or compression stockings are actually great at improving blood circulation, so if you have poor circulation you’ll love these. Besides that, they can also lower your chances of getting deep vein thrombosis (DVT), a kind of blood clot, and other circulation problems.

They will keep your legs from getting tired and achy

For this reason, they are great to wear for long walks or even long runs. They’re also great for pregnant women.

They help prevent varicose veins / spider veins

Wearing compression socks can help to prevent spider veins! They won’t get rid of existing ones but can help with the prevention of new ones.

They help with muscle recovery

An added benefit of that boosted circulation – compression socks (and compression gear like tights and tees) can help your body to avoid lactic acid buildup. This article has more information and technical details about that!

My favorite compression socks

Bombas makes great compression socks. They have two different types: a lighter compression (15-20mmHg) that just feels good for lounging or shorter flights OR a more technical “serious” compression (20-30mmHg) for longer flights, muscle recovery, or increased circulation.

My other favorites are DFND. These are my more serious compression socks (I wear them on the airplane – these were the ones I wore on my longer flight to Vienna). Truly the best for a long flight – it was amazing that my feet didn’t swell.

You might also want to look into graduated compression socks (that are tighter at the bottom and looser at the top). I’ve heard good things about this brand (they also offer a wider calf option!).

How to Use Compression Socks

It’s pretty simple. They are knee high socks. I bunch them up and put my feet in, and then slowly slide them up. The one important thing is that you want to make sure they’re evenly covering your leg so that they don’t bunch in one area or that one part of the leg doesn’t get more compression than the other.

Be sure to choose the right compression level.

You can also ask your doctor which level of compression would be best. I personally really like that Bombas offers two levels of compression – they have a more everyday sock for light compression and then a more moderate amount of compression for improved circulation.

Don’t overuse them…

I save my heavy duty compression socks (DFND) for long flights but regularly wear my lower compression socks (Bombas) around the house when I’m lounging and just want to feel comfortable. I probably wouldn’t sleep in them either but they’re great for wearing for a few hours at a time or on the airplane.

How to Use Compression Socks

photography by Clay Austin.

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  1. Grace:

    Yes! Thank you for spreading the word about this little joy! I started wearing compression socks to watch tv before bed while pregnant and haven’t stopped. I always get kind of fidgety before bed and they really help with that.

    10.19.21 Reply
  2. Laura:

    Just a note on language — “pregnant people” is a more inclusive term to be using rather than pregnant women. Transgender and non-binary people who do not identify as women can also get pregnant. Would love to see you change this in your post to welcome a broader community.

    10.19.21 Reply
  3. Bridget:

    I love compression socks!!! I am a nurse and love the knee high Comrad options. Have never thought of them for a long walk though, thanks Grace 🙂

    10.19.21 Reply
  4. Mary:

    That’s it. I’m getting these for my husband for Christmas. We both get restless legs towards the end of the night when we are watching TV and I never considered special socks to help. Thanks!

    10.19.21 Reply
  5. Gail:

    I really hope your readers view this as an important preventative health measure. As an older woman with bad varicose veins I cannot tell you how much I wish I had this information at a younger age. I wish more doctors would highlight this!

    10.19.21 Reply
  6. Swetha:

    Yes! I love a gentle compression sock after a run (I’ve noticed it really helps with recovery) and while standing and cooking long meals haha!

    10.19.21 Reply
  7. Erika:

    Great post! My husband had a dvt and now compression socks are a must for him and I also enjoy using them after indoor cycling classes

    10.19.21 Reply
  8. MarciaMarciaMarcia:

    Love compression socks on or after long runs, and when I walk the golf course, among other times. I love ProCompression socks for both the fit and the number of color and pattern options! But I will check out Bombas since I love their ankle socks!

    10.19.21 Reply
  9. Cynthia:

    I wear compression socks when I know I’ll be operating all day. Game changer.

    10.23.21 Reply
  10. Lisa Autumn:

    Okay I really want to try them!

    Lisa | lisaautumn.com

    10.24.21 Reply
  11. Deena Duarte:

    My doctor recommended compression socks while I’m working/teaching on my feet all day. Take them off while I sleep with my feet elevated on a wedge pillow at night. It’s amazing how much better I feel after a long work day and after a good night’s sleep. I found a wide calf option on Amazon and they work beautifully! Thank you for highlighting this health gem!

    11.13.21 Reply