My Favorite Brand for Natural Remedies.

My Favorite Brand for Natural Remedies

I still remember the first time I tried Hilma last year. I bought it with my own money and was intrigued (growing up, my mom was a big believer in herbs and natural medicines… as kids we went to our regular PCP but also went to a homeopath and an herbalist and I still am a big fan of herbs and natural remedies). First I tried their tension relief and then I tried the upset stomach relief. I was really, really impressed with both products and featured them here and here.

So now it’s a huge honor to work with the brand. I’m really excited to tell you more about them as a company as well as their products! The founders (three women) created Hilma when they realized they’d switched to clean and natural products for food and beauty products but many of the OTC products they’d grown up taking were full of sugars, dyes, and fillers. Before launching the brand they spent two years researching (and assembling a world-class team of doctors, PHDs, and herbalists) to bring us effective natural remedies… meant to serve as alternatives to traditional OTC products you find at the pharmacy.


My Favorite Brand for Natural Remedies

Hilma Upset Stomach Relief

Hilma’s Upset Stomach Relief is probably my favorite of all their products.

I’ve talked about it quite a bit in the past but it’s a pretty amazing product. I love how quickly it works. (In a study of 100 participants, 94% felt relief from a stomach ache in just 30 minutes). I take this any time I have a rich meal, or the minute I feel a stomach ache creeping in. I also take it before and after flying to settle my stomach and de-bloat. It feels weird to be so excited about a stomach remedy but it’s the BEST. You can feel it start to work within minutes.

It’s a blend of Marshmallow Root, Chamomile, DGL Licorice, Ginger, and Artichoke Leaf Extract. Chamomile is the “hero ingredient,” known for promoting digestion. But mostly, it just WORKS.

My Favorite Brand for Natural Remedies

There are two other products I want to touch on!

Stomach Reset is a hydrating goji berry drink.

It’s a powder you can add to regular old water to rebalance and hydrate your gut. It’s a blend of clinically proven gastroprotective herbs, prebiotics, and electrolytes. Great if you have a stomach hangover, or feeling a little under the weather from too much travel (ME lately).

Tension Relief is great for head tension.

Any time I have one, I will pop two capsules and feel relief within minutes. This is formulated with White Willow Bark, Magnesium, Feverfew, Skullcap, and Boswellia. Kind of fun/interesting: White Willow Bark is famous as being a natural source of salicylates, from which salicylic acid and Aspirin was discovered.

Hilma natural products

Hilma review Hilma natural remedies

Created in partnership with Hilma. All photography by Clay Austin.

More info on Hilma’s clinical research can be found here.

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