This Week’s Good Things, 9.28.20.

This Weeks Good Things 9.28.20

Happy Monday! The photo above is another little teaser for my upcoming Amazon Drop Collection. It’s coming SO SOON, so make sure you’re signed up to get text message alerts for when it does drop. I love this dress so much. It mighhht be my favorite piece in the collection though I feel like I have a different favorite every day! It is so versatile and the pecan color is going to be a big part of the collection (we’ll also have a trench + wide leg pants in this color).

I mentioned this in my weekend Q&A on instagram but it will be launching in the first half of October. That’s all I’m really allowed to say at this point. But I CANNOT WAIT for launch day and think this collection is maybe even better than the first one. It’s a true collection where everything mixes and matches, and every single piece (except the two tops) has pockets. Little but important things, right?

I had such a nice little birthday weekend. I felt so loved. It’s def weird being festive given everything going on in the world, but it was nice to take a break from the weight of the world and just be happy. Last night, Becca and I watched the second Harry Potter movie (I bought the full set on iTunes and have been rewatching them) and ordered Chinese food. Perfection!

This Week’s Good Things, 9.28.20

This Weeks Good Things 9.28.20

A Natural Headache Remedy!

I was having terrible headaches last week (I think it’s the change of seasons and weird allergies?) and reached for a sample of Hilma’s Tension Relief. It worked so well that I went online and ordered a full size bottle. I posted about it on stories and the brand reached out and invited me to join their affiliate program (so if you buy through my link I will earn a small percentage of sales) AND gave me a code for 20% off their site – use GRACE20 ! They have a bunch of other products – I’m intrigued by the Upset Stomach one and will report back whenever I get around to trying it. (PS – all of my promo codes are listed on this page.)

Father of the Bride Part Three (ish)

Did you guys watch this? If you haven’t, you absolutely MUST!!!!! Nancy Meyers is a genius and a quarantine treasure. Watch the entire original cast (25 years later) gather on family Zoom for a catch up sesh. This warmed my heart. I might have cried a little. Love it so much and while it’s only about a half hour long it really warmed my heart. And if you watch it and enjoy, consider making a donation to World Central Kitchen

This Weeks Good Things 9.28.20

The Home Edit’s TV Show

A few years ago I got really obsessed with The Home Edit on Instagram. If I am being honest, the account lost its luster for me and when I heard that they were coming out with a TV show I didn’t prioritize watching it. But last week, it was exactly what I was in the mood for. I binge-watched it and I have to say – I really enjoyed it. I like the way it is set up:

There are two projects in every episode: one famous person and one regular person. So you get a nice mix of aspirational content mingled with more useful, relatable stuff. The best outcome of watching the show was the jewelry box I ended up ordering. I love these Stacker trays SO MUCH. I have my big armoires but have been looking for something smaller to keep my delicate fine jewelry and everyday pieces in. These are perfect!

Hilary Duff’s Home Tour

You might know this but Architectural Digest is my favorite magazine. While certainly not attainable, I always learn a lot and get so much inspiration from the magazine and website. I love Hilary Duff (big Younger fan!) and it was fun seeing her bright and beautiful home. It’s probably one of my favorite celebrity homes… so cheerful and happy. I love her use of color and the curves of her furniture. And, chickens! You can also just look at the photos in this feature, if that’s more your thing.

Hear Me RAW Masks

Hear Me RAW Masks

A girlfriend gave me these two masks and I really like them. The brand is fully natural (you can read more about them and the ingredients they use here), which is pretty rare. The moisture mask is good. I like it a lot, but there are so many good moisture masks out there. I wasn’t blown away but I definitely really liked it. My favorite was actually this “rub off” clarifying mask. It did make quite a mess out of my bathroom sink but left my skin deeply cleansed and sooooo smooth and glowy. As an added bonus, you can also use it as a spot treatment for blemishes.

Sydne Summer Loungewear

Sydne Summer Loungewear

I am really proud of my friend Sydne! If you are not familiar, Sydne is an OG blogger / youtube extraordinaire. COVID has made a lot of us pivot and try new things and I absolutely love what she is doing! She has launched a very cute ecommerce shop. Masks (I have a few and they are FAB) and now more recently, loungewear! She sent me this long sleeve top and these shorts and they are truly perfect… so so soft and cozy. I really love the rosewood color. (They run true to size, I took a medium!) She wrote more about the collection in this post on her blog.


photo by Carter Fish.

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  1. I love the colour of your dress! Your collection is going to be awesome ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Kassie says 9.28.20

    Hey Grace! Just commenting on this post to express my gratitude for the newsletter. Totally thought I’d missed out on the Supergoop sale until today’s email. Love a sale on products I need to buy anyways.

  3. Kelly says 9.28.20

    I love this series and appreciate your posts. Re: the Home Edit show – I struggled with it. It felt it was overly aspirational and really difficult to pull out practical tips. I really related to this write up on it…
    “A monotonous grid of plastic…”
    Just curious if you or any of your readers felt that way too? I was surprised as I expected to enjoy it more. Thanks!

    • grace at the stripe says 9.28.20

      Hahahaha I totally see that. Honestly, I didn’t love all the plastic, I didn’t love the labeling (the handwriting was a little cringey in my opinion) but I watched it as background for cropping and editing imagery last week, so it was a fun little escape. I felt the infomercial thing HARD after the fact when I tracked down the jewelry box, only to see they had a whole collection with the Container Store! Still, enjoyed it more just probably because it was so satisfying to see the before and afters! I kinda wish they did this show with someone different, but that’s not really very nice of me to say!

    • Maggie says 9.28.20

      I recently watched The Home Edit with little knowledge about the premise (I don’t follow their IG) and while it was fun to see the inside of famous people’s houses (I have a huge crush on Jordana Brewster), I was left constantly wondering where they put all of the things they removed from the space. There would usually be a very short segment where they’d implore the homeowner to get rid of some items or store things away that aren’t frequently used, but it seems like in many situations that they probably reduced the amount of items present by 50%. Without knowing where these items ACTUALLY went i was just left with the feeling that they moved a bunch of clutter from Room A to Room B so that Room A is presentable. And while I love all the pretty rainbows and the show actually did prompt me to order a storage container for my tea bags, it’s definitely something that was more for entertainment and less for practical purposes.

    • Sabrina says 9.28.20

      I haven’t finished but I feel the others here on the INfomercial and that I’m like what did you do with the stuff??

      I much preferred the real people over the celebs.

      What made me cringe tho was Clea(the brunette) can be kinda bitchy. I’m torn between being glad they left those moments in the show to show that these are real people but also, the timeline that is stressing her out is a timeline that she set.

      Her personality was a turn off for me…

      I also legit organized 2 closets by category this weekend so there is that

      • grace at the stripe says 9.28.20

        Yeah, in all honesty that’s why the instagram account lost its luster for me… Clea doesn’t seem very nice! It was still fun to watch but agree!

  4. Diane says 9.28.20

    I LOVE that dress! Just signed up to receive the text alerts, cannot wait to see what you’ve designed!

  5. Lisa Autumn says 9.28.20

    Oh I am currently watching the Home Edit and I am obsessed!

    Lisa |

  6. Maggie says 9.28.20

    I was inspired by The Home Edit show to organize one of two cupboards in the kitchen. One has all of our dishes & glasses and the other has… everything else. I was able to get rid of a few items that opened up some space and gave me the flexibility to move the things I use of a daily basis to be front & center. And I ordered a tea bag organizer that will help me eliminate the very tall tower of boxes of tea that tend to topple over every other day. So that’s exciting!

  7. mimi says 9.28.20

    I did not KNOW about Father of the Bride 3ish. Thank you so much for telling us readers!! I now have plans for tonight– gotta go get my popcorn & water & watch it!! Thank you!!!

  8. Libby says 9.29.20

    I have yet to watch Father of the Bride part 3! I need to do that haha, but want to rewatch 1 and 2 first. Also, LOVE Sydne’s loungewear collection! It looks amazing and love that it is pretty affordable, too. Have a great rest of your week, Grace 🙂

  9. Laura says 9.29.20

    Really curious about the headache product as I get a lot of sinus pressure/ allergy type headaches when the weather changes.
    Do you feel like that is what you had? The use of tension the description is a little confusing, but would love something more natural to try.

    • grace at the stripe says 9.29.20

      I honestly am not sure – lately it’s like, is this a hangover? Is it COVID? Allergies? I think it was allergies, and in the case that it was, it made a big difference! Maybe start w/the starter trio to see if you like it!