This Week’s Good Things, 11.16.20.

This Week's Good Things 11.16.20
love this cardigan!

Happy Monday. I had such a nice weekend! Just a really perfect little mix of quiet time and fun. Yesterday I spent half the day getting ahead on life admin – I’d been letting the mail pile up and it felt SO good to get through it all and be able to see my kitchen island again! This week is a busy one – it’s my last week (!!!) before I head to Charleston and we have four (!!! again) podcast recordings, a shoot, and a bunch of other things, plus of course trying to see my friends before I say bye NYC for six weeks! Wishing you a productive and low-key Monday. XOXO

OH also just FYI… I posted this to stories yesterday but wanted to put it here too! One of my favorite pairs of Levis just got marked down to $58.

This Week’s Good Things, 11.16.20


I learned about ABLE from my friend Jess (she always finds the coolest up & coming brands, especially in the ethical / sustainable space). They are an ethical fashion brand that employs and empowers women as a solution to end poverty. They are very focused on quality (both in the items they produce and lives of their employees). And they started out employing women in Ethiopia who were exiting the commercial sex industry. Since then, they’ve grown immensely – now selling footwear, bags, clothing… all the things. I’m partial to this dress (that blue color!!!) and this tote. I love the sleek, understated silhouette and the front pockets.

This Weeks Good Things 11.16.20

Dash & Lily

Okay, in my humble opinion, Dash & Lily (Netflix!) is one of the cutest shows on TV right now. I found out about it via The Stripe Facebook group and love it so much!!!! It’s directed by Fred Savage and is equal parts Christmas movie + scavenger hunt + teen romance. It helps that it’s set in New York during the holidays which is giving me allll the nostalgia. I think you guys will really enjoy this one, it’s just such a cute show!

This Weeks Good Things 11.16.20

NESSA Special Discount!

My Nessa Designs pendant (above!) is one of my favorite pieces of fine jewelry. I love the juxtaposition of natural elements with diamonds. It’s beyond stunning (and I love the chain, too). She’s generously offered a code for my audience… GRACEHOLIDAY20 gets 20% off sitewide!

Roller Rabbit x Etsy

Roller Rabbit x Etsy

Roller Rabbit has been a favorite brand of mine for a long time now (just love their block prints!) and I was so excited to see their collab with Etsy. The brand teamed up with seven standout Etsy sellers to create one-of-a-kind homewares using iconic Roller Rabbit prints in never-before-seen colorways—just in time for the holidays. These plates and this pitcher, in particular. OK and these soup bowls and these napkins, too. It’s all just so pretty and special and I love that they did this!

Upset Stomach Relief

Upset Stomach Relief

A couple months ago (in this post!) I talked about how much I like Hilma’s Tension Relieffor a headache. I’d been waiting til I got a stomach ache to try the Upset Stomach Relief and can tell you, this stuff is amazing. It’s packed with stomach-settling ingredients like ginger and chamomile and you notice a difference within 15 minutes. I am a big fan. I am an affiliate of Hilma, and if you use my code GRACE20 you can take 20% off your order!



OK so I was influenced by Kate’s post about Cuup and could not agree more with everything she wrote. These bras are the best. I have bralettes I love (Araks!) and t-shirt bras I love (ThirdLove) but hadn’t found a great everyday unlined bra until trying these. They are so pretty but also so supportive and SO comfortable. Cannot recommend them enough. The Plunge is my favorite – I purchased it in taupe, black, and moss and just LOVE.


photography by Carter Fish.

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  1. Great picks, Grace! 🙂 The Cuup bralettes are soooo cute, I love them! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Heidi says 11.16.20

    I could’ve watched all of Dash & Lily in one sitting but I held the final two episodes for last night and IT WAS SO GOOD. The perfect (slightly cheesy) Christmas rom-com we all need right now. LOLed while reading this, so accurate.

    • grace at the stripe says 11.16.20

      Haha that’s great – I did the same, saved the final two eps for yesterday! Just loved it!

  3. Leah says 11.16.20

    thanks so much for sharing Dash & Lily with your followers and community!!! I’m so proud of have worked on it ❤️

  4. KG says 11.16.20

    Hi Grace, do you mind telling us where your green purse in the first photo is from? Thank you!

  5. Courtnei says 11.20.20

    Hi Grace! Any chance you could get a code for Cuup?

    • grace at the stripe says 11.20.20

      I don’t have any sort of relationship with them, not even an affiliate link for me to earn commissions! Sorry!