Fall Pants/Denim Edit.

Besides pants and denim we also have skirts and shorts but “Fall Bottoms Edit” just didn’t sit right with me for a headline. It may just be me but I think that this fall’s denim and trousers are the thing I am a) investing most in this season and b) are dictating what else I buy.

This seasons pants have a higher rise than before (at least the pants I’m buying!) meaning that I’m buying a lot more short/boxy tops and cropped cardigans… or things that can easily be tucked in. But we’ll get to tops a little bit later this week!

In case you missed it, here is my Fall dress edit, and here is my Fall accessory edit! I have gotten feedback that these have been helpful which makes me happy… I put a lot of work into them! And as always, I have tried to source items at a range of price points… but if I’ve missed something or you have a question please let me know in the comments section.

Fall Pants/Denim Edit

Trousers + Pants

Everlane Barrel Chinos


I’m keeping my mom jeans from last year (my newest fav pair is these from Everlane), I have one pair of skinny jeans I still wear (reminder: wear what makes you happy – if you feel your best in skinny jeans, keep wearing them!!), but the thing I have added to my closet this year are barrel jeans (or balloon jeans as some retailers call them).

I really, really love this trend. I’m kind of shocked how much I love it to be honest, you know I’m not really a trends person? I like that they have an architectural look and that they highlight your ankles. The perfect opportunity to wear a fun shoe!


This is just a little hodge podge. It is still very warm here in Charleston and both pairs of Everlane shorts are getting a lot of play. I like them with birks or sneakers during the day but at night you can dress them up with a fun top and heels. And the J.Crew slip skirt is so fun!


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  1. m:

    I am trying so hard with the wider leg jeans and pants. I’ve bought half a dozen pairs, but I can’t seem to get the proportions right with my particular body shape. I am a short, apple body and tucking things in to high-waisted full-leg jeans just adds so much visual weight. I feel like it’s okayish with heels, but with any kind of flat or sneaker I feel dumpy. I’ve tried darker washes and a slimmer (but not skinny) leg and that only helps so much. I hate negative self-talk. I want to look fashion-forward, but I also want to wear things that make me feel good about my body. Anyone else have this problem or a solution?

    9.20.22 Reply
    • Jess:

      The edit is great but, ugh, same! Also about a half a dozen pairs in and nothing looks right. Agree with heels it’s okay, and sandals, but anything else just looks frumpy. I am beginning to think the new fits aren’t going to work well for those on the shorter side. The chunkier shoes certainly don’t help either. Will have to keep trying.

      9.20.22 Reply
      • grace at the stripe:

        It is tricky. I am 5’8 so a little height probably helps here but I have found that the trick (for me) is to keep the rest of the look streamlined and minimal. No billowy blouses up top… only cropped cardigans or fitted tees and sweaters… and heels, always. I am lucky that I am in the south and don’t have to worry about cold ankles but if I am wearing a pair of pants or jeans like this, I’m going to be in a heel or a sandal.I can’t do flats or sneakers with these type of pants!

        I think it’s important to remember that you don’t have to try every single trend! For example, the chunkier shoes are a trend I’ve deemed “not for me.” You won’t see me wearing them.

        9.20.22 Reply
  2. Caroline:

    Appreciate this round up, but I am also really struggling with the super high-rise. I just don’t understand how to avoid the unfortunate “pooch” that occurs with a 11+ inch rise. I just don’t feel my best in them. Thank you for including the anthro pair. I’d love any other suggestions you have for on-trend but mid-rise pants. I feel like they are impossible to find these days.

    9.20.22 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      I will do my best and keep my eye out. You might also like the Everlane pair, they’re not too too high, same with the Gap!
      The high rise is definitely an adjustment.

      9.20.22 Reply
  3. Tiffany:

    I just can’t get on board with some of the latest pant trends. I think unless you are a size 4 or smaller, all the barrel pants do is fulfill their promise – and make you start to look like a barrel. I can get on board with wider legs but not rises that come up to my navel. I guess the thing I’ve learned over the years is to know and honor your body and what works for it. For me that means some sort of mid rise, ankle to long length, and anywhere from skinny fit to girlfriend to a modified wide leg. And if I can’t find a “new” look in the stores I will keep wearing what’s in my closet because I know they work.

    9.21.22 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      Hi – I know you didn’t mean any harm by it but let’s try not to make statements like “unless you are a size 4 you shouldn’t wear XX.” I am proudly wearing a size 8 in these pants (and the ones on Instagram) and it doesn’t feel good to get comments like this!

      That being said, all for honoring your body (and what makes you feel your best!)

      9.21.22 Reply
  4. Laura:

    I am super short waisted and I swear the rises keep just going up, which is awful for me.
    I suffered through high school in actually 90s jeans where they would hit my bra when I sat down. Now we’re back!
    Even “mid” rise lately are 9 or more inches. Help!
    Where are short waisted ladies shopping?

    9.23.22 Reply
  5. Catie:

    I bought the Madewell Cargo pants per your rec and I love them! But I bought two sizes and am not sure which to go with. Do they stretch out at all? Do they stretch out in the waist? Thank you!!!

    10.20.22 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      I don’t think they stretch out too much! The legs, a bit… the waist, not so much.

      10.20.22 Reply