Fall’s Best Accessories.

Falls Best Accessories

Earlier this week I highlighted my favorite dresses for fall; today we’re doing accessories. This is another big one. Shoes! Bags! Jewelry! And other stuff like sunglasses. I tried to select pieces that represent a wide array of price points, while staying true to my own style. Only things I would personally want to wear, have bought, or plan on buying!

Fall’s Best Accessories


The “it shoe” this season is definitely the clog. I bought one pair and they are easily my most worn shoe right now; perfect with denim and longer dresses. But loafers are big too. For me personally, I did not need to do a lot of shoe shopping for fall as I had a lot of what I need. I perennially live in my Loeffler Randall Goldy Boots (the best ever), and a pair of Veronica Beard croc boots (see below!) that I desperately wish they would reissue. My Gucci loafers (bought several years ago) will also be getting a lot of use. This year I bought the one pair of clogs (the Loeffler Pair) which I absolutely LOVE, and a couple pairs of ballet flats.

Veronica Beard boots

I got these Veronica Beard boots back in January 2020 (I remember as I wore them to their fashion show!) and still hope they bring them back. They’re the best boots, they’ve held up so well and are really comfortable!


On the jewelry front, there are a few things I have really been gravitating toward in particular. The first thing is a tennis necklace. I’d say that this is the number one thing this season. If you are able to go the fine jewelry route, I love this one from my curation with Dana Rebecca.

Dorsey is my latest jewelry obesssion. They offer a great bridge point with fine jewelry made with lab grown sapphires. The quality is incredible – I cannot get over how much they sparkle. I have a few of their tennis necklaces (!!!) that I plan to layer together, but this page has all of my Dorsey favorites. And if you want to go for something less expensive, I’ve had this BaubleBar one for a while and it is very good.

The other two things I am really loving are cabochons and colored resin. J.Crew is back to having amazing jewelry again (these earrings!) and I am pretty smitten with pretty much everything COMPLETEDWORKS is doing.

Handbags, Etc.

It’s funny how as you pull together things you really like, you see a pattern in what you like. I realized that I definitely want to invest in something suede and/or something woven. Lots of woven leather bags in this roundup and I don’t actually own any! (Update: I found this bag after making the post and really love it. It’s similar to the Khaite Lotus but a more manageable price!) The other big trend besides suede and woven leather is straw. Etsy has some great options – I’m a big fan of this one. The move here is to wear them with wintery pieces (think fuzzy sweaters and jackets).

Lastly, we can’t forget a classic LL Bean Boat & Tote, currently backordered thanks to the Ironic Boat & Tote account. For mine, I went with white on white (and a white monogram). A larger tote that simply says “trash,” and a smaller one that says “bad ideas.” On brand.

Falls Best Accessories - clogs shoes outfit
Bag + Clogs
Loewe bag
This Loewe Bag was my big splurge.


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  1. KV:

    Excellent round up! πŸ™‚

    9.14.22 Reply
  2. Shana:

    Loving the Claire V green woven bag and I’ve been eyeing it as a good Nordstrom notes use! Also appreciate the clogs styling πŸ™‚ They have definitely been a fun pre-Fall purchase!

    9.14.22 Reply
  3. Erica:

    This is one of the best fall roundups I’ve seen! I really like the extra effort to detail different price points and add the brands or styles you’re interested in for fall.

    9.14.22 Reply
    • Thank you – I spent a longgggggg time on these little guides (two more dropping next week!) so really appreciate the kind words!

      9.14.22 Reply
  4. mary:

    Excellent bag selection. I want them all!

    9.14.22 Reply
    • Haha you and me both!

      9.14.22 Reply
      • mary:

        I went ahead and preordered the beautiful green bag from Moda Operandi that I never would have found on my own. I also want to commend you for including varied price points with REAL LEATHER. I get so frustrated with bloggers that only suggest the $2500 bag or a $50 pleather option. Some of us want real quality at price points somewhere in between and I thank you for taking that into account.

        9.15.22 Reply
  5. Jen:

    I can pouch for the Preppy Pouch! I saw it on the Loeffler Randall site and purchased immediately. Big enough for your phone and essentials, and comes w a gorg texture gold chain that you can even remove and swap for something else. It’s way more versatile and less overtly preppy than you’d think! I’ve worn it to dinner w black and for day w a loose mint dress.

    9.14.22 Reply
  6. Laura:

    What a lovely collection of accessories! You did a fabulous job
    I ordered the Target clogs and am excited to pair them with cream pants and an off white (snow colored) slouchy sweater. I think an extra chunky gold bangle would go great with the outfit, too!

    9.14.22 Reply
  7. Sasha:

    I totally agree with the commenter above- your fall guides have been SO helpful for breaking down various trends (for this old millennial who wants to look trendy but also doesn’t need to try to dress like a 24 year old/is overwhelmed by some of what’s in style.) I also appreciate the range of price points. Really loving your content on here lately!

    9.14.22 Reply
  8. Ellen:

    LOVE that tennis necklace. What length do you have and like?

    9.14.22 Reply
    • I got the 16″. I have a big neck though. I’d recommend measuring out how each length will lie on you!

      9.14.22 Reply
      • Holly:

        Hi Grace, did you get gold coated brass or gold coated silver? Which would you recommend? I can’t find anything from the brand itself on what to expect from the different materials. Thanks!!

        11.7.22 Reply
        • Hi Holly,
          I got the silver in the kate. I would recommend that, though I haven’t tried the rhodium coated brass. Just felt like better quality to me? For the James I got the gold coated silver, though that was the only option.

          Quality is fantastic for both necklaces!

          11.7.22 Reply
  9. Tara Gordon:

    Love this roundup, and I SO appreciate the mix of price points!

    9.14.22 Reply
  10. H:

    Your site is so good. I know you worked on a redesign this past year and it’s just SO GOOD. Mobile, desktop, resizing windows, captions, shopping, the library…it’s like a breath of fresh air after so many sites that are stuck in the past or put the reader experience last.

    9.14.22 Reply
  11. Melanie:

    Grace ! I now want to buy everything on here. I love this roundup, its a really great collection of on trend pieces, but that will actually last for years to come. I might cave and join the clog gang now.

    9.15.22 Reply
  12. Sofia:

    This is the best round up, it was so hard not to buy everything!! I wanted to give a special shout out to the Target clogs. I have been wanting to try the trend, but I live in Chicago so realistically it didn’t make sense to invest in a more expensive pair when pretty soon I will be living in boots (mostly by necessity). These Target clogs are awesome!! Not only are they cute and affordable, but they are incredibly comfortable! Thanks for the awesome rec πŸ™‚

    9.19.22 Reply
  13. Kylie:

    I love how clogs are coming back! I just got a pair and I adore them. How do you like resin jewelry, does it feel or look cheap on? I know its been quite popular lately and I’ve been thinking about purchasing a pair of earrings or even a ring I’m just unsure!

    9.19.22 Reply
    • I love it!!! I think it’s such a trend. (Also so happy clogs are back. Finally some trends I can get behind!)

      9.19.22 Reply
  14. Echoing everyone else that your site is SO GOOD now (not that it wasn’t before!!!) It is very editorial in the best way while still being personal. Question on that cute little straw crossbody: do you have it? I’m just wondering if it looks as good in person as it does online.

    Also agreed that Clare V can do no wrong. I went to the sample sale last week and it was amazing. (She was also there which was super cool!)

    9.21.22 Reply
    • Oh my gosh thank you!
      No, I do not own the little straw bag but it’s so cute. I want it!

      9.21.22 Reply