This Week’s Good Things, 11.9.20.

This Weeks Good Things 11.9.20
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This Week’s Good Things 11.9.20

What. A. Weekend. I am so happy. So nervous. And proud. And so relieved. Basically just feeling all the feels. I feel like I was on and off crying happy tears all weekend long. Truthfully, it was hard for me to transition from feeling anxious and nervous (it was a really hard week!) to celebration mode. I felt weird being unable to sing and dance and jump around about it… I appreciated seeing others that way but my way of celebrating was more of a deep, deep exhale. So I had a really quiet weekend. I was glued to the news. I went back and read my blog post from when Trump won, which brought back a lot of old emotions. (Also wow, that post got a lot of criticism at the time but in hindsight I was so polite!)

Right now, I am feeling so thankful. There is a lot of work to do, we need to come together and unite, but in this moment, I am proud of our country and excited to see how we move forward. As Biden said in his speech on Saturday night, it’s time to heal.

On a work note, this week is gift guide week. There will be one new gift guide every day. I am REALLY excited about these guides. I think over the years (my own included) blogger gift guides have gotten pretty homogeneous, featuring all the same stuff. And I am only doing four main guides this year (under $25, under $50, under $100, over $100/luxury) and have worked really hard to find fun cool stuff that is hopefully a little less expected. There will be items from the big box retailers but also a lot of very cool small businesses and Black-owned businesses too.

Also! A word about this coat.

I love it so much but it runs very big. It was a bit of a shacket situation. I started out with a size 38 (which is a US 6). It was way too big so I exchanged it for a 36. Still too big. The 34 is perfect. This is a long way of saying that if you want this coat, order two sizes down from your usual size! It’s still big but you want your teddy coat to be oversized!

This Weeks Good Things 11.9.20

Chrome Texas

I recently learned about Chrome (they are a cute Texas boutique so it’s random), from my best friend who is friends with their buyer (Karen Meena, who was the was the buyer for Ron Robinson Fred Segal for decades) and they have so. much. great. stuff!

We are working on a potential holiday partnership (fingers crossed) but either way, the site is packed with an overwhelmingly good assortment of cool stuff that I haven’t seen other places. A few things I am loving are this Cat Suits tee and this Champagne Problems puzzle (just be forewarned: it’s HARD!!!). Oh and this book about Girls and Their Cats.

This Weeks Good Things 11.9.20

Madewell Sale

Madewell is doing their Cyber Monday deal EARLY, for just a couple days (this ends 11/11!) Take 30% off sitewide with code EARLYBIRD. I love these Chelsea boots, I want these super soft joggers, this is one of my all time favorite blouses, I live in this cozy flannel… I could go on and on, Madewell is one of my most favorite clothing brands.

Jess Ackerman

Jess Ackerman

I learned about Jess Ackerman (a Portland, OR based painter) via The Daily Good (one of my favorite daily newsletters) and love her work! Her paintings are bright and colorful and HAPPY… I love the bold, colorful botanical prints and abstract flowers in particular. She does pottery too, which is beautiful! Follow her on instagram for more.

Lovard Snake Mask Chain
lovard mask and chain

Lovard Snake Mask Chain

Howwwww good is this gold snake mask chain? I am obsessed and just think it’s so chic. Lovard is founded by a mother daughter duo (Kate Falchi and Lee Gunn Falchi). They make beautiful bags and jewelry and I really love all of their jewelry (I have this necklace and it’s amazing) but their new satin masks (and SNAKE CHAINS) are fabulous. They also have a code; use SAFETYFIRST for 10% off.

The Undoing on HBO Max

The Undoing on HBO Max

I needed a break from the election stuff last week (I was basically glued to CNN for 3 days straight) and my aunt suggested watching The Undoing. Oh my gosh. New favorite show and just sad there aren’t more episodes to binge. It stars Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant who play a wealthy married couple in Manhattan. Their world begins to unravel when a mother at the school their son attends is brutally murdered (and Hugh Grant’s character is a suspect). This is the murdery thriller we all need right now to distract ourselves.

The Notorious Necklace

The Notorious Necklace

I love this! Back in 2012, Ruth Bader Ginsberg wore Banana Republic’s statement necklace as her famous “dissent collar.” To pay homage to her legacy, BR is re-releasing the iconic re-issued collar and donating 100% of the proceeds to the International Center For Research on Women (ICRW). Available in limited quantities, the donation affirms Justice Ginsburg’s life devoted to support equality worldwide. She was a public servant and an ally whom the ICRW awarded the Champions for Change award for vision. You can channel RBG, support a great cause, and preorder the collar here.


photography by Carter Fish.

How to Use Weleda Skin Food.

How to Use Weleda Skin Food. as seen by its green product

Whenever I get asked for suggestions for more affordable skin care options, Weleda is at the top of my list. I LOVE this brand. Everything they make is amazing, but especially Weleda Skin Food! This product is absolutely divine – it’s decadent, rich, creamy… and under $20!

Their products are clean, they smell amazing and feel incredible on the skin, and you can even get them at Target!

It can be really hard to find luxurious products (Into the Gloss called Skin Food a natural La Mer and I really agree with this sentiment) that are a) clean and b) affordable – for me, Weleda is IT. I think a lot of people save it for the hands, feet, elbows but the truth is that Skin Food can absolutely be used on your face. It’s so hydrating, especially this time of year. Even Victoria Beckham is a fan; she uses it to protect her tan!

Skin Food is a holy grail beauty product in my skin care lineup and I wanted to give it it’s own post today as there are tons of different ways to use it! Think of it kind of like a high-tech, more emollient rich coconut oil.. there are a million different ways to use it.. literally from head to toe!

How To Use Weleda Skin Food

One of the reasons that Weleda Skin Food is so good for skin is that it’s packed with rich, good for you ingredients. One of those is sunflower seed oil. Sunflower seed oil is packed with essential fatty acids to soften skin and keep it moisturized all day/night. Sunflower seed oil is also high in Vitamin E! It also contains hydrolyzed beeswax. When something is hydrolyzed, water is used to change it and simplify it. So in layman’s terms, hydrolyzed beeswax is beeswax without the texture issues. It’s also packed with sweet almond oil (gentle and smells amazing) and pansy extract (to soothe irritation). Plus extracts of gentle viola tricolorcalendula and chamomile. Chamomile extract is ultra soothing and makes skin feel regenerated.

weleda skin food original ultra rich cream review

It’s a wonder product. The only thing I don’t use it for is as an eye cream. You probably could, but I have sensitive eyes and find it to be irritating there.

Use it like you’d use La Mer.

I have dry skin so this is how I use it ESPECIALLY after a lot of travel, in the winter, or when I am hungover and my skin is really dehydrated. Warm up a few drops in your hands – it’s really rich so similar to La Mer goes on easier when you warm it up first! It makes a great night cream especially during the winter. If you warm it up between your fingers, it absorbs quickly into the skin.

Use it For Travel.

Similar to how I use Summer Fridays’ Jet Lag Mask (another holy grail) I love this on a long flight. Do not wear makeup if you do this. Once we’re in the air I’ll usually pat down my face with toner or a face mist and then add a nice thick layer of skin food. Not so thick that it’s opaque, just thick enough to make you pretty shiny. Your skin will be glowing and hydrated upon landing. (For bonus points, also apply to your cuticles, elbows, and hands.

Dilute it if it’s too rich!

If Skin Food is too rich for your liking, dilute it by adding a drop to your favorite day/night cream. Note: another good option is to use the light version,  Skin Food Light which is one of my fav products and definitely absorbs quickly – it’s a less rich version (I’d use light during the day and the original at night but if your skin isn’t dry, you could even use day AND night!)

Use it for those really dry spots!

This is how the brand intended it to be used (for those really bad dry spots… elbows, hands, feet. Apply before bedtime to smooth rough skin overnight.

Apply wherever you want to add a little sheen!

This is a fun makeup artist trick… apply just a little bit over makeup to leave a sheen just where you want it. For me, that’s my brow bone and the tops of my cheekbones. Skin food lip is also fabulous for this, and of course as an emollient packed alternative to lip gloss.

How to Use Weleda Skin Food with their products all out on a patterened background

PS – There’s a full product range now. In addition to the original and light formulas, there is also an amazing body butter and a lip balm!


photography by Lydia Hudgens.

Weekend Reading, 11.7.20.

Weekend Reading 11.7.20

OK… How are you? No but really… HOW ARE YOU? This week was just… a lot… for all of us and I know I felt really overwhelmed and on edge and just cranky and awful. I was not sleeping very well and had to really slow down with work stuff and be calm. So if you are feeling those things, please know that you aren’t alone. I loved this piece in Vogue so so much and wanted to echo it: please take care of yourself, get enough rest, limit your media intake, all those things. I’m talking to myself here, too! (And for more on that, I also really loved these seven free ways to practice self-care from Essence.)

I’m planning to be mostly off my phone this weekend and the only TV I will be watching will be Netflix! I started watching The Queen’s Gambit last night and am really enjoying it so far… have you watched it???

Weekend Reading 11.7.20

Love these simple, elegant DIY pearl daisy chain necklaces. Erica is so creative.

One of my fav Tanya Taylor dresses… on sale!

This Ulla Johnson look-alike blouse just got marked down even more and I think I need it? Yay or nay?

Are you stress-baking? Here are some yum sounding recipes with 5 ingredients or less.

8 posture correctors to help you stop slouching.

This bath tray has been getting a lot of use this week. Truly the best way to upgrade your tub to a spa-like experience!!!

Wonderful journal prompts!

The BEST gold eye masks, now in a big multi-pack. I am obsessed with these.

Chipotle tomato soup with smoked cheddar pull-apart bread – wow, now thaaaaat’s what I want to eat right now!

On alcohol and anxiety.

This cable turtleneck is classic and so pretty and a great price!

Oh I can already tell I’m going to love this new TV show.

My fav cozy henley.

Found via Claire & Erica, oh how I love this light switch project! Feels very Dusen Dusen.

On bringing novelty back into our lives.

I got a GloPRO!

I bought mine during the Sephora sale and it’s GLITTERY. Will be doing a full review soonish, but first impressions are very positive… it really helps my serums and creams to better absorb.

Creative gift wrap ideas.

A facial massage to ease tension.

Oh I love this space dyed pullover!!!

Need to calm down? Check out these videos… cute animals, landscapes, and nature.

This simple puff sleeve dress is so pretty. I love the holiday red. Also, this leopard blouse!

OMG we all need this: 10 soothing things to ease anxiety.

The ancient and healing ritual of baths.

Remember my hunt for great everyday (not workout) leggings? These are AMAZING. New favs!

Why sleeping on your stomach is the worst. Ugh.

This inexpensive fleece tunic (you know I LOVE a tunic) looks so cozy.

This colorful Harlem apartment is THE DREAM… definitely sparks joy.

The case AGAINST multi-tasking.

This coconut milk bath is just everything… leaves skin soft, silky, and feeling so good. I bought two more jars during the Sephora sale.

So many celebrity memoirs are coming out this month.

Love the look of this cozy zip-up fleece pullover, and it’s under $100.

Bookmarked this one: 51 ways to de-stress, calm down, and feel less lonely.


photography by Carter Fish.

Chappywrap Blanket Review.

Chappywrap Blanket Review

I have wanted to write this post for months now, but cozy season is here and this week of self-care posts felt like the time to do it. Also, the ChappyWrap is such a perfect gift!

I have to admit, I had reservations about this blanket at first. I thought the styles were too preppy. And also can be a little bit of a snob when it comes to things in my home. I like high quality blankets. Fleece? Really? I turned up my nose. And despite the blankets being SUCH a blogger favorite, I didn’t trust the reviews? Why was everyone so worked up about a fleece blanket!? I will be the first person to admit when I am wrong, and in this case, I was wrong.. very wrong. I regret my earlier judgments on fleece, and I realized this the minute I touched the blanket. YOU GUYS. THE BLANKET IS MAGIC.

So why is it so special? First of all, it’s just this perfect combination of thick and almost heavy, while also being incredibly soft and cozy. I’ve said this before but the only fault I can find with it is that it’s hard to read with it as I always fall asleep.

Chappywrap Blanket Review

ChappyWrap is named for Chappaquiddick, aka “Chappy” to locals – it’s a little island off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard and such a special place. I went years ago back when I was living in Boston right after college, and still think back to the time I spent there.. so peaceful. The owners are a mother daughter team – they actually started the company because they missed an old family blanket and could not find one like it anywhere they look. I love that story!

Chappywrap Blanket Review


The ChappyWrap is made from a natural cotton blend: it’s 58% cotton, 35% acrylic, and 7% polyester. They are fully machine washable and dryable (huge if you take it outside, or have kids!). Just wash on cold and then tumble dry on low heat.

There’s no shrinking, pilling, or fuzz – the quality is incredible. Lastly, they come in three different sizes: Original (60″ x 80″), Midi (40″ x 60″) and Mini (30″ x 40″). My preference is the original (I have 3!) but I got my niece Zoe this kids blanket and it’s so cute.

Chappywrap Blanket Review

What I Like About The Chappywrap Blanket

It’s so soft

Like so soft. And it’s hard to describe it because this is not the fleece blanket you had in college. It’s soft like fleece but really thick and luxurious.

It’s easy to care for.

I love that you can just throw it in the wash if it gets dirty. This makes them great for pets or kids, but also if you want to take it to the park or the beach, you’re fine. It’s luxurious but in a very liveable way.

The patterns.

I love the designs, especially the STRIPES! My favorites are the yellow stripe, the navy stripe (which I actually ended up giving to my best friend who lives upstairs; she was always stealing it, yes I am the best friend ever), the green plaid, and of course the Cape and Islands one which will always be sentimental for me! I’m also eyeing the buffalo check and the holiday stripe is fab.

The Final Verdict

This is my favorite blanket. The quality is amazing, it’s soft and cozy and luxurious but still practical, and there’s really nothing better than curling up with it at the end of a long day. Chappy wrap blankets are going to be your new favorite blankets. The price is not cheap (the classic style is $135) but you will have it forever. And if for some reason it’s not for you, you can return it within 30 days.

best fleece blankets


photo by Allie Provost.

A Few Good Sales, 11.5.20.

A Few Good Sales 11.5.20

It’s Thursday afternoon so you know what that means… a few good sales! 

A Few Good Sales 11.5.20

Of course the biggest news of the week is still the Sephora Sale! It opened up to Insiders today, so now everyone can shop. Get all the details in this blog post.

I love these delicate chain link hoops and they just got marked down today. Simple and chic!

Higherdose Blanket. The ultimate self-care item… especially now that it’s cold out, it’s so nice to put on a show or a movie, curl up, and SWEAT. Take $75 off with my code GRACE75 (and also, read my full in depth review of the blanket!).

I have and love this boucle coat (in dark camel) so much and it’s on sale for a great price. It runs TTS / slightly small. I take a 6 and it’s slightly tight if I wear it over big sweaters or hoodies.

Loeffler Randall is having a VIP Flash Sale (they only do this once a year!). So many great things, all 40% off.

Anthropologie: Take an extra 25% off sale items for a limited time. I love this pretty midi dress.

Rebecca Taylor is doing an archive sale and the prices are really amazing. So many gorgeous dresses and blouses.

J Crew: Take 50% off dressy-ish styles plus 25% off your purchase with code DRESSYISH, through 11/8. This lace/fringe top is so fun… perfect zoom top?? Also, this classic blazer coat (love it in a happy, fun color like the yellow or electric red).


photo by Allie Provost.