Your Favorite Things from July…

Your Favorite Things from July
top + mask (shorts are old rag & bone!)

Today I wanted to share July’s best-selling products. Something behind the scenes that you might not know about from blogging is how analytical it can be!

I spend a lot of time every week looking at the numbers and seeing the products you are clicking on and purchasing. It’s fun and really interesting to see, and definitely informs what I write about here. It can also be surprising! Sometimes I’ll be SO excited to share something with you and no one will care, other times something I think nobody would ever possibly care about like this shower curtain liner (which really is the best for preventing mildew) and spa water jar… or the citronella candles I burn on my patio will get so many questions (and sales!).

Your Favorite Things from July

Your Favorite Things from July

Your Favorite Things from July

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This puff sleeve sweatshirt from Target was my best-selling item for the month.

I love how much people loved it. It’s fantastic. I have it in the cream color but may also grab it in black. Such a good $20 find! And this is such a great slouchy tee. I am definitely going to get it in more colors (I have it in white and grey).

I’m also really happy that you guys are loving Brightland.

I have a longer review with much more detail about why it’s special and worth the splurge but the lemon olive oil is my favorite and the new champagne vinegar is to die for. I keep getting asked for a discount code but that’s not something they do. But I will keep asking! It’s my favorite little luxury now and makes everything you put it on a little more special and delicious.

On the beauty front, I love that people are still loving the ice roller (it’s amazing for depuffing and also just feels really good in the heat — you can read my full post on ice rolling if you want to know more!) Also, this overnight peel! So happy Sephora is carrying Beautycounter as they are one of my favs. This peel is amazing. I use it 2-3x a week for brighter, smoother skin (and reduced fine lines).

Lastly, face masks!

I have a big post about the best fabric face masks, but my two favorites are also the two best-sellers. There is this tie-dye mask (a fun etsy find) and this silk mask which is the greatest… I have it in pink and green. The silk mask in particular is great for mask-ne. You can use our podcast code (BOP20) to get 20% off. Both are really comfortable and breathable.

Disclosure: If you buy something through my links, I may earn an affiliate commission, at no cost to you. I only feature things I truly love here. Thank you for your support!

Photo by Allie Provost.

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  1. Jessica Camerata:

    I am here for this list! So many of my own favorites on it. Also I think you may have finally convinced me to try that damn olive oil ha! I got a nice bottle from that italian restaurant we went to when you were in ATL and it’s lasted for SO long. When you don’t use it for cooking but instead of dressings and topping delicious things, it’s 100% worth the price!

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

    8.11.20 Reply
  2. Dana Mannarino:

    The puff sleeve sweatshirt is so cute! Perfectly comfortable but adds a trendy element! I also feel like I need a tie dye face mask now.

    Dana | It’s Casual Blog 

    8.11.20 Reply
  3. Brightland’s olive oil looks so good! Love the packaging! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    8.11.20 Reply
  4. Caitlin:

    Love this post! Can you do these posts more often?

    8.11.20 Reply
  5. Sarah:

    Hi Grace! Sorry if this is in another post and I missed it, but can you share what size did you take the Target sweatshirt in? M? I want to order and I think we’re about the same size. Thanks for finding all the best things! 🙂

    8.11.20 Reply
    • Hi Sarah! Yep, medium!
      For the record I pretty much always wear a medium. It’s a little tedious (I don’t mean this comment, I just mean constantly saying what size I’m wearing in all my posts) so if I don’t say what size, just assume Medium or 6… and then I’ll say if something runs big or small! Hope that makes sense!

      8.11.20 Reply
  6. Lisa Autumn:

    Oh you just reminded me I wanted to get an ice roller! Looks amazing x

    Lisa |

    8.12.20 Reply