My Favorite {Non-Medical} Face Masks.

night mask + article one sunglasses

This post is originally from April but I wanted to update it as I’ve gotten some new favorite face masks! I want to shout out the NIGHT silk mask in particular. It is definitely more expensive than my other non-medical face masks but it’s the best one. As it’s 100% silk, it’s more breathable (and easier on your skin – no more chin breakouts). I have it in blush and now emerald green (above) and love it so much. You can use our podcast code BOP20 for 20% off. There are a bunch more favs linked at the bottom of this post…

I definitely have built up a little wardrobe of face masks… what a time to be alive! 😉

My Favorite { Non-Medical } Face Masks

My Favorite Non-Medical Face Masks

If I had to pick a favorite Etsy shop to buy face masks, it would be this one. The masks are big, breathable, and CUUUTE. They’re also pretty affordable, all things considered. ($15 is pretty good, compared to a lot of the other masks I’ve seen?) I will say their shipping is a bit slow. But that’s to be expected right now. I ordered this tie-dye one a while back and liked it so much that I went back for this rainbow one. And I absolutely love it. It’s much more breathable than a lot of other masks. Also how fun is this leopard one?

My Favorite Non-Medical Face Masks

This lips mask is another popular one. FWIW I do have it linked on my finds page (a good resource to bookmark, I put all my most asked-about items there!), but this mask is really the reason why I wanted to write the post as I probably get at least three DM’s a day about it. And for good reason! It’s a great mask, and so, so cute.

I’m thrilled that you love it as much as I do as it’s really fun, and Cece Dupraz is a great company and a small business that I love supporting. (They are based in MA and it was started by a high school friend of mine!) They’ve since added a few more styles (including kids versions, too!) to their website. CUTE!

Another good resource is Taylor Tillman. Her masks are beautiful and she’s donating 100% of the proceeds to COVID-19 relief efforts.

Other Favs!

I like this Etsy shop a lot. The masks ship VERY quickly, and they’re well made. I ordered two of these masks and they came within a week. (I got the leopard and the stripes).

And I will admit that I (somewhat embarrassingly, somewhat awesomely) also ordered one of these sequined face masks. Because we need to be fabulous in quarantine, too. Right? They are MAGICAL and put me in a good mood whenever I wear them. You can see the rose gold one in action here.

This set of batik masks from Echo is super cute. I’m wearing the pink one in this instagram.

My Hunt Slonem bunny masks make me so happy. Literal wearable art! Use code GRACEHOP for 10% off!

The Flip’n’Sip mask! Such a great idea (and love the magnetic flap) making it perfect for iced coffee or a to-go cocktail. I have the navy blue one.

Have you found any cute options? Please share!

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  1. I love the lips mask, so cute! Stay safe Grace! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Jenn says 4.28.20

    Love the tie dye mask! I definitely bought two masks from MDBdesigns by Brittany after you posted them. They came so quickly, and they’re great for my early morning runs. I love Rifle Paper company prints, so bought this one last week (which also came quickly!). They’re sold out right now, but I think she’s making more:

    • grace at the stripe says 4.28.20

      Oh that one is so cute! LOve Rifle!

      • Jen says 4.29.20

        I also ordered from MDB designs too. It was a great recommendation. The shipping was so fast and the quality was top notice. Great selection of patterns for everyone in the family too. Thank you!

        • grace at the stripe says 4.29.20

          Oh good I’m so glad to hear that! I felt the same way and was impressed by how fast they came too!

        • Sarah B says 5.10.20

          Are the ones from MDB machine washable ?

    • Sarah B says 5.10.20

      Are the ones from MDB designs machine washable ? Thanks !

    • Sarah B says 5.10.20

      Are the ones from MDB designs machine washable ? Thanks !

  3. Chelsea says 4.28.20

    Thank you so much for sharing! These are so cute, I love the lips one!

    xx Chelsea

  4. Shibani says 4.28.20

    Thank you so much for this post! I’ve been looking for cute masks but I’m too lazy to dive into Etsy! So these narrowed down recommendations were really helpful!

  5. Caroline says 4.28.20

    My tie dye mask arrived yesterday after a brief disappearance within the USPS network! I’ve noticed it’s a lot thinner than the others I’d bought. What are you putting in the filter pocket?

    • grace at the stripe says 4.28.20

      I don’t put anything in there!
      But like I said I wear mine for walking and not anything too serious, so I think it’s fine. I actually like that it’s thinner… more breathable!

  6. Theodora says 4.28.20

    What a weird world, indeed. I just got the tie-dye mask too! Peak pandemic style, mask AND tie dye.

  7. Marilyn says 4.28.20

    Very cute! Rat Boi (funny name, I know!) had some cute ones.

  8. Carol says 4.28.20

    Have you by chance seen face masks with quotes?

  9. shaunda says 4.29.20

    LOVE all the links to these masks !!! Great ones!!!! I LOVE etsy!!

  10. Cassie says 4.29.20

    Just purchased 6 from Dolan. You can donate between $10 and $300 per mask and for every mask sold they donate one to emergency workers. You don’t get to pick the design but the sample colors/fabrics look great and there’s a pocket for inserting a filter.

  11. Lisa Autumn says 4.30.20

    My mum sewed me one and I find it so cute! Love your options x

    Lisa |

  12. Aston says 7.14.20

    The masks from Lele Sadoughi are so good! They are my favorite by far. Well fitting, comfortable, and cute patterns/embellishments.

  13. Tara says 7.14.20

    I ordered the Night one, and am curious — how often are you changing out the filter things it comes with? It’s the first mask I’ve seen with something like that.

    • grace at the stripe says 7.14.20

      To be totally honest with you I don’t use the filter. But I am really just going for walks, etc. It’s really up to you whatever you’re most comfortable with.

  14. Sarah says 7.14.20

    FWIW I ordered from greatlakessewing a week or two ago and they shipped super fast.

  15. Grace says 7.14.20

    I bought some from smokonow which are super cute but currently pre-order. On Etsy, iamkhatu has made high quality masks with beautiful prints including Rifle ones (she keeps selling out so you know they are good), and Huckleberrycorner also has really well-made ones for $5.50 including filter pockets and nose wires that shipped the day I ordered them and arrived 2 days later.

  16. Elizabeth says 7.15.20

    I love the sequined mask! Check out the Bomchel Factory for masks with fun prints & tie-dye.