Winter Wellness Challenge #2!

Okay first things first. Can I just tell you how AMAZING all of your comments were on Friday’s check-in? You guys did so well with week one…. I was majorly inspired. We are kicking butt and I am so, so proud of us!

Keeping things brief… 

This Week’s Challenge!

  1. Get to the gym four times between now and Friday’s check-in.
  2. Try something new (this is going to be an ongoing thing!) It can be a new class, a new wellness treatment, a new face mask… even a new recipe! Don’t stress. I love the conversation going on in the community page, you guys have had some great suggestions there.
  3. Try a new (filling, protein-packed) healthy breakfast, every day. I did greek yogurt last week, this week I am doing gluten-free toast with two eggs scrambled. YUM.
  4. Meditate every day. I want to say a full week, but today is Sunday and the check-in is on Friday so… the math doesn’t really work on that.

A little more about meditating. I know I mentioned it in my 2018 goals, but this is a big focus for me this year. I started meditating a few months ago and when I do it consistently, it’s life changing. It really helps me to look at my thoughts as just passing emotions, it relieves anxiety and stress, it helps me to be more focused the rest of the day… it just helps. I never, ever regret meditating. But I can (very easily) forget to do it… and once I forget, it’s harder to get back on track. So this week, my big focus is going to be trying to meditate consistently. Every day. No excuses.

They say it’s best to do it first thing in the morning. I have both Calm and Headspace. (And both offer free trials, so you can do your first week for free.) I like them both for different reasons. Calm has all this great music and bedtime stories, but for meditating alone, I prefer Andy’s voice on Headspace. I know it may be a little intimidating, but I promise you, it’s a game changer. And I think staying accountable to you guys is going to really help me stay on track for a full week. I hope you will give it a try with me!!!

 * And if you need a refresher on how this all works, just refer to the first challenge! Basically, I give you a challenge every Sunday and every Friday we all report back for with how we did. This challenge isn’t about being a certain size or number on the scale. It’s about feeling our best, having more energy, and making little changes… TOGETHER! You can start at any time… each challenge builds upon the last but they aren’t so intense that you will miss out if you start late.

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Leave a Comment


  1. Definitely up for trying something new this week! Goodness knows I need it! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    1.7.18 Reply
  2. Elizabeth:

    Yay for week #2! I took a barre3 class this morning and now I’m off to do some cardio in the form of shopping 🙂

    Have a great week, Grace!

    1.7.18 Reply
  3. I really want to try a new breakfast recipe!


    1.7.18 Reply
  4. Sholeh:

    Grace, for a good dose of protein in the mornings put a serving of vital proteins collagen powder in your coffee. It’s tasteless and dissolves right away plus it’s 18 grams of protein! Also incredible for Hair, skin and nails.

    1.7.18 Reply
    • I am so intrigued by this! Do you notice a difference in taste?

      1.8.18 Reply
      • Sholeh:

        Not at all. Not even a little bit. I will say though that I tried other powders that either didn’t dissolve properly or did make it taste a little off but vital proteins does neither! Dissolves instantly (no clumps) and zero taste. Like, zero. It’s truly amazing and I feel soooooo great getting almost 20 grams of protein just in my coffee (for me, protein is super important but it’s tough to get my allotted amount in), plus the skin benefits have been tremendous. Highly recommend!

        1.8.18 Reply
      • Grace:

        Seconded! Collagen is amazing! I’ve been using it for about a year now and have noticed such a difference in my hair and nails. It also helps keep me full from breakfast till lunch. No real difference in taste, I’ve noticed it makes my coffee “frothier” but I haven’t had any issues with it.

        1.8.18 Reply
  5. Anita Carol Gambrell:

    Awesome ! I can use the meditate. The gym is gonna be easy / tough I am extreme rural. So the gyms in my house! I’d be driving 45 minutes one way to a paid gym. Just not doable. Although we also exercise daily at work mornings and can start an after lunch walk !

    1.7.18 Reply
    • I shouldn’t call it going to the gym! It can be taking a class, working out at home… anything!!!! Sounds like you are doing fantastic! x

      1.8.18 Reply
    • Katie:

      Hey Anita, have you used the BBG app? It’s $50 for three months (wayyy less than a gym) and it’s completely transformed my body and relationship to fitness. It’s called “Sweat”, I definitely recommend it!

      1.8.18 Reply
  6. I didn’t check in last week but I got to the gym 4 times and did BBG as my new thing. This week I think I’m going to dust off the dry body brush I’ve never used and give that a whirl! Really enjoying this Grace, and what a way to keep building your community

    1.8.18 Reply
    • That is awesome!!! Great job!

      I LOVE dry brushing – I did a big post of it a while ago but am definitely going to make it a future challenge. xx

      1.8.18 Reply
  7. Emily B.:

    One workout down and 3 more to go for me! I also tried a new face scrub from Acure. Trying to elevate the self-care around here! Love the challenge to meditate. Going to give it a whirl. Thanks for facilitating this challenge!

    1.8.18 Reply
  8. Becky Ward:

    I love this wellness challenge because your posts help keep me accountable, but also provide realistic goals! I have been working on practicing self care, and just started meditating. I use headspace instead of calm, because I enjoy the relaxed way Andy guides me through a session. Thank you for all of your posts, they are a part of making my day a bit better!

    1.8.18 Reply
  9. Katie:

    My alarm clock came in today, so I’m a little behind on these challenges, but I’m so excited about that one! No more phone first thing in the AM!

    1.8.18 Reply
  10. This is such a good one! I’ve started using Headspace (and doing it every work day is a resolution for 2018). Really helps me stay focused on my clients at work, I am a career and leadership coach so focus and listening are key for me.

    1.8.18 Reply
    • YES… goals for 2018!!! I feel so much more focused when I do it. It also REALLY helps me with falling asleep!

      1.9.18 Reply
  11. Adelle Davis:

    I’m excited about this!!!

    1.9.18 Reply
  12. Courtney Mullins:

    You’ve talked a lot about meditation prior to the new year, so I decided I wanted to try it in the new year. I already see the benefits of breathing during yoga, so I was interested to see how I would like meditation. I downloaded the Headspace app and have been trying it since the 1st. I cannot swing a subscription at the moment (grad school woes), so I have found some guided meditation podcast options. I am awful and find my mind wandering often, but I know I will get better with practice. Thank you for all you have posted about mediation and for doing this wellness challenge/accountability thing. I love that these challenges are about your overall well-being as opposed to the “let’s get skinny for our bathing suits” mentality. My body will never look like it did when I was in high school/college/20’s. I’m not too upset about it. I look forward to the rest of the weeks ahead!

    1.11.18 Reply
    • YAY! This makes me so happy. It really helps.

      If you want another free service, my friend loves Insight Timer!

      1.12.18 Reply