Winter Date Ideas: NYC.

Winter Date Night Ideas: NYC

I recently received a few reader emails asking me for date night ideas in New York! So here we go!! I spent a long time thinking about my favorite date ideas… I hope you enjoy them and feel free to comment below with your favorite date ideas! Also I have two modes with restaurants. Fancy, or burgers. Sorry if that’s weird? I basically like everything in my life to be either realllllly casual or reallllly fancy and that is definitely reflected in this list!

Also, I realize a lot of these date ideas involve drinking – here are some sober date ideas!

Winter Date Night Ideas: NYC

Grab a burger + beer(s).

  • J.G. Melon on the Upper East Side makes my favorite turkey burger ever. I’m not really a beer girl but always have beer when I’m there. I like to sit at the bar.
  • Corner Bistro in the West Village is really fun and chill too – great burgers!

Go Ice Skating.

  • Just pick a favorite spot – my favorite is Bryant Park but you can also skate at Central Park and Rockefeller Center.

My favorite spots for drinks.

  • On the Upper East Side, I love Lexington Bar & Books. It’s a really special spot and like being in an old book store, which I find to be really romantic.
  • Bemelman’s Bar at The Carlyle is probably my favorite spot for drinks in the whole city. It’s like being in another era.
  • Go to The Campbell in Grand Central for old fashioned cocktails and food.
  • The Marlton in Union Square is so romantic – I love having cozy warm drinks by the fire!
  • In Williamsburg, Hotel Delmano is really nice for drinks. It’s moody and gorgeous.
  • The Wren in the East Village is great this time of year – they always have really good hot cocktails.

My favorite romantic restaurants.

  • Claudette is one of my favorite spots; it feels like you’re at a cafe in Paris. I like to grab a drink at The Marlton and then walk over to Claudette.
  • The Polo Bar is my all time favorite restaurant in the city but you definitely need a reservation. I recommend booking a month out.
  • Have dinner at The Osprey in The 1 Hotel in DUMBO. When it snows, it’s like being inside of a snow globe!
  • Have lunch or dinner at the rooftop restaurant in Restoration Hardware. It’s absolutely beautiful.. actually, the whole store is very beautiful! They don’t take reservations!
  • Have a fancy dinner at Le Coucou. The bar there is SO CHIC. This is another one that requires advance planning – make a reservation a couple

Get frozen hot chocolate.

  • If you’ve never been to Serendipity 3, you’re missing out! It’s especially great after ice skating I might say.

Go Museum-ing!

I am a big fan of the museum date, especially in the early stages. You can walk, talk, and really get to know someone as you see beautiful art.

  • On the Upper East Side, I love The Met, The Cooper-Hewitt, and the Guggenheim. In Midtown, there’s the MoMA, and downtown there’s (my personal favorite) The Whitney and see the Warhol exhibit (it’s AMAZING and up through 3/31/19!)
  • If you feel like venturing out of the city, The Brooklyn Museum is another one of my favorites. I’m so excited for the Frida Kahlo exhibit (it opens 2/8!0

Do something active / Play a Game!

  • Shuffleboard at The Royal Palms in Brooklyn is the most fun and I loooove their decor.
  • It’s actually really nice going to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden this time of year.
  • Take a walk in Central Park.
  • Walk the Brooklyn Bridge (only if it isn’t windy!!!)
  • Go bowling. There are so many good spots in the city. I like Gutter Bar in Williamsburg.
  • Play Skeeball. I love Ace Bar, Barcade, and Full Circle.

Outfit Details: Vince Coat (old but love this or this!) // Zara Sparkly Velvet Bodysuit (sold out but love this) // Paige Jeans // Gucci Belt // Chanel Purse // Manolo Blahnik Pumps // Celine Sunglasses (exact) // BaubleBar Hoop Earrings

Outfit Details: Vince Coat // Zara Sparkly Velvet Bodysuit // Paige Jeans // Gucci Belt // Chanel Purse // Manolo Blahnik Pumps // Celine Sunglasses (exact) // BaubleBar Hoop Earrings Grace Atwood is wearing a black outfit Camel Coat & Chanel bag Outfit Details: Vince Coat // Zara Sparkly Velvet Bodysuit // Paige Jeans // Gucci Belt // Chanel Purse // Manolo Blahnik Pumps // Celine Sunglasses (exact) // BaubleBar Hoop Earrings Camel Coat - Black outfit & gucci belt and chanel bag Black outfit & gucci belt and chanel bag

photography by Carter Fish.

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  1. Your posts about New York makes me want to visit so much! I still can’t believe I’ve never been!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Allie says 1.31.19

    I really love the Central Park boathouse for a date, and I have had a great time at brunch at Balthazar’s – just make sure it’s not a first date, the seats and tables are close together!
    I’ll have to go to Serendipity next time I’m in NY! xAllie

  3. Tracy says 1.31.19

    Such fun ideas! I would add walk the high line and do a food tour through Chelsea Market!

  4. Shibani says 1.31.19

    I followed you on Instagram for a while but I really enjoy your content so much more now that I’ve found your blog and podcast! Your insta is great but the blog and podcast are where it’s really at!

    Keep up the great work!!

  5. Maura says 1.31.19

    Love this, Grace! One of my favorite NYC date ideas (for partners OR for girlfriends) is spending a couple hours at the Aire Baths in TriBeCa followed by lunch at Thai Son, a hole-in-the-wall restaurant on Baxter street—just a few blocks away—that serves the best Vietnamese food ever.

  6. Melissa says 1.31.19

    Thank you for sharing this! I have never been a drinker and have been sober all my 20s… it makes dating hard . Some guys are great about it! Many are not… they usually don’t know what to plan for a first date other than a drink and I feel like I have to do the heavy lifting of planning the date (I know, not a great sign!). This is so helpful and hearing other people’s stories gives me hooope!

    • grace at the stripe says 1.31.19

      Oh good I am so glad! For first dates I really like to avoid drinks if at all possible… a walk or coffee or museum is so much less pressure and you get a better sense of the person.

  7. Theodora says 1.31.19

    1. First date in a while tomorrow so this is v. timely!
    2. I live down the street from the Flatiron RH and was about to be like WHAT, but it’s meatpacking!
    3. I went to high school with the guy who started all the skeeball in the city!

  8. Jae says 1.31.19

    Always in search for good restaurants and bars. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Lisa Autumn says 2.1.19

    A bit off-topic: but this outfit is EVERYTHING!

    x Lisa |

  10. Xat says 2.3.19

    I went bowling on a first date once and realized it wasn’t ideal, not as much time as expected to talk because one of us was always supposed to roll. I recommend it for group outings or double dates so there’s more time chatting while turns cycle through multiple people, or for later on when you already know each other better.