New Year’s Eve!

What to Wear on New Years Eve! The Stripe.

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I’ve gotten a few questions about what to wear on New Years Eve. I typically stick to a recipe of all black plus sparkly accessories. Today I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite outfit ideas.

My original plan for New Years Eve was to spend it with my sister + sister in law and their respective husband and fiancé in the Catskill Mountains. I was feeling uneasy and in need of an adventure, so I actually ended up booking a last minute trip to London! I’m only going for three nights and have a fun dinner party the night of New Years Eve, but I’m so excited for this spontaneous little trip! I found a cute hotel in Notting Hill and can’t wait to do some exploring. (This Self-Portrait dress will be in my suitcase.)

My sister and I are heading home to Cape Cod this morning and I’m signing off from the blog until this coming Monday. I hope you enjoy the break… and if you celebrate, that you have a lovely Christmas! I’m really looking forward to some downtime and spending time with loved ones.

If you’re looking for more NYE inspiration, a few more ideas from the good old blog archives:

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  1. Christina says 12.23.15

    A last minute London trip sounds amazing, so jealous!! Have a blast!

    Christina :: Simple and Delish

  2. LoveCompassionateLee says 12.23.15

    The Ivah Midi gown is stunning! It pairs beautifully with the Kate Spade Isa heels.

    Enjoy your time in London & Happy Holidays Grace!

  3. Thuy says 12.23.15

    I have 3 staple black dresses for 3 different feels – flirty, work sophisticated, and classy night out. But they’re pretty simple in terms of texture and style.

    Trying to find ones with interesting details like the ones you’ve provided. GRR. Taking note of Self-Portrait and Shop Bop.

  4. Cy says 12.23.15

    London how fun! My sister lived there for a few years, I flew in to visit her one Christmas and went to her company party. It was so fun. It was an elegant dinner cruise on the Thames. Hurray for spontaneous ! You should wear number twelve.

  5. ashley e says 12.23.15

    That sounds so fun! Enjoy London! Thanks for all of the fun holiday posts recently – I’m sure it takes extra effort to put together gift ideas & more style posts than normal – it’s been fun to read each day!

    • graceatwood says 12.23.15

      aw, thanks for noticing! it’s a busy time of year! xx

  6. Theodora says 12.23.15

    So wise to get out of the city! Some friends and I were thinking of going out to MTK but it fell through. The city on NYE is basically hell.

    • graceatwood says 12.23.15

      it’s the absolute worst!!! hope you find something fun to do 🙂 I’ve had a few really amazing new years eves in the city… but always when someone else is having a party!

  7. Heather says 12.24.15

    Love everything about this look