What to Wear on New Year’s Eve:  9 New Year’s Eve Outfit Ideas.

New Years Eve Outfit Ideas

I have always loved New Year’s Eve. It is always a bit of a balancing act. Getting excited, planning a fun and festive outfit, picking out champagne and snacks, but also not getting TOO excited (whenever I get too excited I wound up getting let down?). I find that my favorite New Year’s celebrations have been house parties. Casual and fun with my closest pals. Last year’s NYE ended up being not so great. My brother-in-law slipped and fell (in the most innocent way — slipping on one of my niece’s puzzles) and ended up in the ER. So things can only get better. This year I will be in LA with my guy. We haven’t made any special plans yet, but I’m looking forward to it. Just being together is enough for me!

Anyway: personal anecdotes aside, let’s talk about outfits! Here is a fun little round-up of what I’d wear on New Year’s Eve… depending on the situation and locale, of course! It’s the most festive night of the year… what are you planning on doing/wearing?!

What To Wear On New Years Eve: 9 New Year’s Eve Outfit Ideas

New Years Eve Outfit Ideas

If You’re Staying Home…

I have to be honest, I kinda love the idea of staying home on New Year’s Eve. Good champagne, takeout, a cozy fire? Yes please. For a New Year’s Eve at home I would recommend fancy pajamas like these from Sleeper. I have them in pale green and just love them. I have to be honest; I’ve never actually slept in them (I feel like they’re too fancy/worry about wrecking the feathers) but they are PJ party perfection.

Romantic Dinner New Years Eve Outfit Ideas

Heading to a fancy dinner

I will always love getting dressed up and going to a fancy dinner. That would probably be my ideal. Fancy dinner with my boyfriend and maybe a few other friends, home and in pajamas and ready to watch the ball drop. I love this Zimmermann wrap dress but a velvet dress could also be gorgeous.

Snowy New Year's Eve Outfit Ideas


I love the idea of a snowy New Year’s Eve! Mostly for the warm boozy beverages after skiing. I would wear a thick, warm pant, a fun sweater, chic boots, and silver accessories. This ‘fit makes me crave cold weather and a big cup of mulled wine!

Casual New Years Eve Outfit Ideas

Casual-ish in Denim

I also like the idea of wearing denim! A great pair of jeans plus a fun top is another winning combo. This Ulla Johnson gold top is one of my favorite special tops, and it looks great with jeans. Add some fun accessories and a sky high heel and you are ready to go!

Beach New Year's Eve Outfit Ideas

At the beach!

I have never had a beachy New Year’s eve but would love that someday. If I were on the beach, it would be a really special kaftan, fun earrings, flat sandals, and easy accessories.

Let’s review a few older New Year’s Eve Outfit Ideas just for fun!

Rixo sequin dress

From 2018! A Rixo sequin dress (I still have and love this and have seen them pop up on The RealReal with a vintage fur stoll, Manolo Blahnik Pumps, and Kendra Scott Earrings.

sequin new year dress

From 2017: A sequin dress. This one is from Vince Camuto. Pumps are Anna Sui x INC!

jumpsuit and lace-up heels

From 2016! A jumpsuit and lace-up heels; both from LOFT.

feather trim pajamas
New Years Eve Outfit Ideas


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  1. E:

    love these ideas – we just made NYE plans and am clicking on a bunch of these links. it’s so helpful when you put it together in outfit form, thank you!!

    12.21.22 Reply
  2. ms:

    I’m headed to the beach (local, not tropical) and it’s going to be so cold there that I might have to wear the mountain suggestions. All fun ideas. Cheers to a happy New Year!

    12.21.22 Reply
  3. OK I’ve been wondering how everyone with these feather pj’s are laundering them??! It makes since that you say you don’t actually sleep in them. Because honestly, what would one do?
    Also, you have an insane talent for finding the BEST earrings!

    12.22.22 Reply
    • So the feather trim is removable and you can wash them on the gentle cycle. But yeah, too impractical for actual sleep!

      12.22.22 Reply