What to Buy at the Bluemercury Sale.

What to Buy at the Bluemercury Sale | Augustinus Bader

There are only a few days left to shop Bluemercury’s Anniversary Sale (it ends the 21st!). Use code HAPPY20. Worth noting: You must be Bluerewards member (it takes 2 minutes and then you just have to be signed in), and it’s only valid on purchases of $200 or more! Also: There is a great gift with purchase. This list could be a LOT longer but I tried to keep it as streamlined as possible.

What to Buy at the Bluemercury Sale

First of all, Augustinus Bader.

OFC. This is always my first stop when there is a big sale as it is the best, but it’s $$$. I only purchase it when it’s 20% off. I did not think Bluemercury would be doing a sale until the holidays so this was a happy surprise. I love The Rich Cream. I think the eye patches are nice but for that price would expect a miracle. My other favorite is the Soothing Cream. The Rich Cream gives a really dewy, luminous finish while the Soothing Cream is more matte. I like it on shoot days for that reason, but I also like it after a facial, if my skin is feeling red or chapped, etc!

The Dyson Airwrap.

A huge investment but 20% makes it more palatable. This is all I use to dry my hair, I don’t even own a blowdryer anymore!

U Beauty is a newer favorite.

The tinted lip plasmas are everything. This post has more of my favorites (and I swatched a few favorite colors of the lip plasma!). The Resurfacing Compound is my other favorite. I use it before The Rich Cream but I will tell you, the Super Hydrator is very good and a hundred dollars less than The Rich Cream. It’s got that same 24 hour hydration and glow. This set contains both products! I also love this extremely luxurious cleanser. If you have dry skin you are going to just love this.

Ten over Ten

Ten over Ten’s ultra luxe, fancy nail polish remover. I love the wipes for travel, too!

I have been really loving this new to me candle brand.

I am currently burning The Gardener which feels like a burst of freshness (tomatoes, basil, cucumbers, ETC!) but I also purchased The Architect which feels like my favorite sexy fireplace sort of scent. Also on the candles note (but a bit less sophisticated, ha): this pumpkin spice candle from Nest. A fall favorite!

One of my absolute favorite moisture masks.

I think the reformulation is even better. This mask is my favorite thing to do after a long flight. It puts the moisture back into your skin. Slather on The Rich Cream after and you will feel brand new.


I love this (very very luxe) french brand and they’re not carried at Sephora. My two favorites are this mascara (it’s the best mascara I’ve ever used; it’s very pricy so I only buy it on sale) and these beautiful sheer metallic eyeshadows (they’re buildable so you can do just a wash of color or a full on molten look. Cheetah and Lion are my personal favs).

Disclosure: If you buy something through my links, I may earn an affiliate commission, at no cost to you. I only feature things I truly love here. Thanks for your support.


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