My U Beauty Review.

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U Beauty Review

One skin care brand I have really fallen in love with this year is U Beauty. I have tried the whole line and if I had to pick two favorites they would be the Resurfacing Compound and the Lip Plasma. But truly? It is all GREAT. There are a few skincare brands I love, but only love certain products… not the whole line! That is just not the case with U Beauty. Truly: it is all terrific. Founded in 2019 by Tina Craig, this is a science-backed skincare brand. They put an incredible amount of research into their beauty products and are always super transparent about ingredients and efficacy. The brand is clean, scientifically proven, cruelty-free, sustainable, and green!

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U Beauty Review

U Beauty Products

Let’s get into my favorite products! As I mentioned above, the Resurfacing Compound and Lip Plasma are probably my two favorites. But again… everything I have tried from the brand is fabulous. One thing that separates U Beauty from other companies is their proprietary patent pending SIREN Capsule Technology, which safely packs active ingredients into small molecules that neutralize free radicals.

U Beauty Resurfacing Compound

U Beauty Resurfacing Compound

This is a wonderful product with so many complexion boosting ingredients. It’s one of those rare products that makes a pretty immediate difference. If you use it at night, your skin will feel noticeably smoother and softer, and during the day you will see a pretty immediate glow. It kind of just does everything. It brightens and tightens, smooths out texture issues, resurfaces, and leaves skin glowing. And with time it helps to fade dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. Pores look smaller too.

It does everything because it also contains everything! This formula contains antioxidants, stabilized Vitamin C, stabilized Vitamin E, stable retinol, and multi-hydroxy acids. I really like that this simplifies my skincare routine – you don’t need a separate Vitamin C, retinol, alpha hydroxy acids, or other serums… you can just use this. Truly, a skincare superhero!

I apply two pumps and let it dry (usually while I brush my teeth) and follow with moisturizer.

The Super Hydrator

This is an incredible moisturizer. It is GREAT for dry skin types. There is another moisturizer I talk about quite a bit, and this is what I have been recommending as a more affordable price point (with that same level of 24 hour hydration and glowy, dewy skin). If you have dry skin like I do, you will love this. I love that I can apply it before bed and wake up with dewy, super hydrated skin. (Oftentimes with other moisturizers, by the time I wake up my skin already feels tight and dry!).

The Plasma Lip Compound

I could not love U Beauty’s The Plasma Lip Compound more. It started with the original. Nothing is better. When I was in Venice, mine fell out of my bag and I felt despondent. Silly, I know. And I have other lip balms but this one is just the best? It’s soft and cushiony, and deeply hydrating. It also plumps the lips– just enough. The hydrating benefits are what I love most, though. I can’t explain it but my lips always get so chapped and this fixed them! And I have not had chapped lips since starting to use this regularly.

I was elated when they launched it in a slew of tinted colors. Same hydrating, plumping, anti-aging benefits… just with a hint of color. Instant cult favorite status. I have tried on my favorites below!

Flush is your perfect juicy pink/berry. The brand refers to it as “a bitten, tango pink;” I love this description!

Lady is a great everyday color; just the perfect warm nude/mauve.

I wound up being really obsessed with Sunset; a shimmery toasted caramel. I had thought it would be too brown or warm for me but it’s perfect!

Fawn is a pretty nude with warm brown undertones.

The Mantle Skin Conditioning Wash

The Mantle Skin Conditioning Wash

I was not prepared to love a face wash this much; this is heaven on the skin. It’s super creamy and thick, kind of if lip plasma was turned into a cleanser (I know that sounds weird but it’s just as LUSH). This will take all of your makeup off while also hydrating the skin. I find it really soothing; meaning it would also be great for sensitive skin types.

U Beauty Review The Return Eye Concentrate

The Return Eye Concentrate

This eye cream is divine. And I will say that the bottle lasts forever because you really only need about a half of a pump. The brand advises using 1-2 pumps but that would be a lot of product. So I have just been using a little, with great results. There is a pretty immediate lifting, contouring action that takes place within a few minutes of application. So my undereye bags and fine lines of course love that. It also plumps and brightens (and plays very well with my concealer I might add – no pilling!).

U Beauty Body Products

U Beauty Body Products

I feel a bit guilty and indulgent about how much I love these products but they are amazing. I save mine for special occasions or when I am going to be showing some skin. Just like with the face products, you apply the Resurfacing Body Compound first. This does all the same things as the face product — tightening, smoothing, etc. I let it completely dry and then apply the Super Body Hydrator. The result? Gorgeous, glowy, dewy, radiant skin… all over.

U Beauty Standard

I wanted to get into U Beauty’s standards. This is a brand where the more you learn about their practices, the more you fall in love with the brand. Truly. I tried the products first and learned their values later. I am really impressed with both things.

Clean ingredients

U Beauty uses only clean ingredients. I really love (and frequently refer back to and link to) this piece on their blog breaking down their standards for ingredients as the word “clean” is thrown around so much, it sometimes feels impossible to understand what it actually means!

Clinically Tested

The brand’s products are all clinically tested, in labs, on human skin.

Leaping Bunny Certified

U Beauty’s products are all leaping bunny certified. You can learn more about the leaping bunny program here, but this is a fancy way of saying that. the products are cruelty-free. To be certified, companies must end (or never begin) animal testing at all stages of product development in addition to recommitting to the program annually and being open to third party audits.


U Beauty has a zero-waste goal and is constantly working to improve their sustainability practices and conserve resources. All ingredients are ethically harvested and fully traceable. All raw materials and packaging pass the Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety toxicological analysis and are quality checked and tested for safety. They are working on a refill program to further expand environmental efforts. So far, they’ve launched a refill option to The Sculpt Arm Compound.

All packaging is made using FSC-certified paper, the “gold standard” designation for responsibly managed wood materials. Their packaging supplier meets the certified Global Recycled Standard. U Beauty’s outer packaging is 100% recyclable and their bottles and jars are made from 92.5% post-consumer recycled plastic.

Furthermore, their manufacturing facilities use 100% green energy and they have a partnership with One Tree Planted, a non-profit dedicated to reforestation. For every U Beauty product you buy, they plant one tree.

The Butterfly Mark

U Beauty is certified with The Butterfly Mark, an industry-leading certification that highlights luxury businesses dedicated to making a positive impact on both nature and society. Brands are vetted comprehensively for their social and environmental accountability as well as their community investment and innovation. This is a huge honor.

U Beauty Subscription

You can buy the product outright, but the company also offers a beauty subscription so that you never run out. This is a great way to save money and ensure you’re always stocked up on your favorites. Subscribers receive 20% off and free shipping. Note: my code can not be stacked with subcription orders!

Do I Recommend U Beauty?

Yes. I absolutely recommend U Beauty! Like I mentioned above, my favorite products are definitely the resurfacing compound and the lip plasma but they are all excellent. As their products are all so focused around anti-aging and hydration, they are especially great for dryer skin types. I always caveat that I can really only speak to my own skin type and what works for me but I have become a devoted fan.

U Beauty Product Review

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