What I Wore: 11.2 – 11.8.

What I Wore: 11.2 - 11.8

It’s 11/11… make a wish! This was one of those weekends where I didn’t look at my phone very much and that was pretty great. I had a housewarming party and a baby shower and in between those things I watched a LOT (maybe too much!) of Netflix. Every cheesy romance movie? I watched it. Christmas in the Wild! Falling Inn Love! Let it Snow! Yup, I watched them all. I have been feeling like I’m coming down with a cold so it was good to hunker down a little bit and REST.

This week will be a little busy. I have a few dinners (Merritt is in town!), a movie screening, and I’m speaking at this, but really – I’m just happy to be home til Thanksgiving. I’m a homebody at heart and happiest when I’m in my routine. Working out, getting enough sleep, reading at home, drinking my ginger tea… that’s when I really feel as though I’m living my best life!

PS – Sorry that some of these photos are blurry! I feel like my phone is malfunctioning bc Apple wants me to buy the new phone. Probably going to do that this week. (Anyone else have that problem? Every time a new model comes out, the older one stops working quite as well…)

PPS – It’s tights season! How did that happen already? I say this every year but the best black tights actually come from Express! I buy a couple pairs every season. They’re super opaque, super soft… better than Wolford IMO.

What I Wore: 11.2 – 11.8


The occasion: a baby shower on the upper East Side.

What I wore: Scotch & Soda Dress (via Rent the Runway) // Express Tights // Eileen Fisher Coat // Sarah Flint Boots (get $50 off your first pair with code GRACE5o)


The occasion: an advance screening of Last Christmas!

What I wore: Eileen Fisher Sweater (on sale + so soft – highly recommend) // Veronica Beard x Sold Out Sweatpants // Vince Sneakers // Warby Parker Glasses 


The occasion: drinks at The Baccarat Hotel (highly recommend – it’s like hanging out inside a jewelry box!)

What I wore: Equipment Dress // Express Tights // Sarah Flint Boots (get $50 off with code GRACE50)

What I Wore: 11.2 - 11.8

Tuesday Day: 

The occasion: Travel Day – flying to Dallas

What I wore: ASOS Sweater // Vintage Chanel Necklace

Tuesday Night: 

The occasion: dinner with Merritt + Becca at Tulum in Dallas.

What I wore: Wayf Top (have it in navy too!) // Paige Jeans // Sarah Flint Heels (get $50 off with code GRACE50) // Vintage Chanel Necklace


The occasion: podcast live show at House of Blues Dallas!

What I wore: gifted Figue Dress // Sarah Flint Heels (get $50 off with code GRACE50)// Vintage Chanel Necklace


The occasion: Kat’s housewarming party and then dinner at Il Mulino.

What I wore: Cami NY top // Gucci Belt // Paige Jeans // Sarah Flint Heels (get $50 off with code GRACE50)

That’s it for What I Wore: 11.2 – 11.8!

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  1. Great outfits, Grace! I love your Friday outfit so much – sparkles are perfect for the festive season! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Nicole says 11.11.19

    Hi Grace,
    If you have a moment, I was just wondering what size you took in the WAYF white lace top? The reviews seem to suggest it runs big, and we are the same size. Thank you!

    • grace at the stripe says 11.11.19

      Hey Nicole!
      Of course! Wearing a medium. It does run a little big but I think it’s best to order your regular size! It would be a little tight (the lining in particular) otherwise.

  3. Angela says 11.11.19

    Really love your style and your weekly recap of outfits – the fact that you take the photos yourself makes me love your blog/recap even more 🙂

  4. Chelsea says 11.11.19

    Love all of these looks! That leopard print dress is amazing!

    xx Chelsea

  5. Keren says 11.12.19

    I’ve been having issues with my iphone too,just got a new one today.

  6. Lori Jastremski says 11.15.19

    Thanks Grace,
    Just ordered the tights.