My Travel Essentials!

my Travel Essentials

Today’s post is fitting because a) we’re on the road again, and b) today’s episode of Bad on Paper is ALL ABOUT TRAVEL. Becca and I are both very different travelers but can absolutely  laugh about it. It’s a funny episode… and I fully admit that I’m a bit of an uptight traveler. But whatever. I’ve been BURNED by missed flights and travel snafus in the past. It’s been a long time since I’ve missed a flight, and my rituals make things more comfortable.  So I stand behind my way of doing things. The episode is fun and there is a lot to share, + tons of product recs!!!

My Travel Essentials

Today though, we’re specifically chatting about travel style. Right now I am VERY into a pair of wide leg sweatpants as they are sweatpants (duh) but still chic. The outfit above is exactly what I wore for our flight to San Francisco a couple weeks ago. I was comfortable but also felt polished and unembarrassed/confident with my look (bc let’s be honest, there have been plenty of trips where I just put my head down and hope I don’t have to talk to anyone because I look like a slob!) Not pictured is my MM La Fleur cashmere shawl. This lives in my carry-on when I’m traveling a lot as it is the SOFTEST and makes flights/train rides so much cozier (it can even double as a blanket!) but is also appropriate to wear to meetings too! The ultimate multi-tasker.

For more travel essentials and travel posts, check out these packing hacks and what’s in my carry-on! Oh and tips for surviving a red-eye which is just the worst.

Outfit details: Veronica Beard x Sold Out Pants // Unfortunate Portrait Win-Win Tee // MM LaFleur Trench (can’t recommend this trench enough!) // AWAY Suitcase // AWAY Leather Everywhere Bag

outfit details - travel products

clockwise from top left // The White Company Socks (so luxurious, I try to always have a pair for the plane!) // Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask (the best) // Amazon Travel Power Strip (this will change your life!) // MM LaFleur Shawl // AWAY Everywhere Bag // MM LaFleur Trench // Vince Sneakers // Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask // Veronica Beard Culottes // NIGHT Memory Foam Travel Pillow (use code BOP20 for 20% off!) // Slip Sleep Mask // Hudson and Bleecker Clear Case

suitcase and leather bag Travel Essentials - outfit airport fashion

photography by Carter Fish.

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  1. You look so stylish even when travelling, Grace! I always get on the plane or the train looking like a total slob, haha! Love your outfit! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. I 100% need those green pants in my life! Pretty sure I’d live in them!
    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

  3. Jenn Lake says 10.16.19

    Those pants look SO cozy! Have a blast in D.C.!

  4. Sharon says 10.16.19

    Hi Grace! Have you guys considered having Dr. Shereen Idriss of Pillow Talk Derm on the podcast?! I know you are still a botox/filler virgin, BUT when you do decide to dip your toe in, you should connect with her! She’s so likable and approachable and beautiful (in a non wax person way!) and for your older-ish listeners like muah (37), we are dying for this info. How to age gracefully. Skincare is amazing, but it can only do so much. I’m assuming you have to know who she is, but I just wanted to make sure. Xoxo

  5. cy says 10.16.19

    I have been coveting the Away carry on, probably will buy one for my next trip ( I have the medium suitcase and love). I just purchased the travel power strip. Genius!

  6. Jenna Tang says 10.16.19

    Hi Grace! New reader here 🙂 I love the look of the Vince shoes – are they comfortable? I live in NYC too and walk a ton. Thanks!!

    • grace at the stripe says 10.17.19

      Yes they are SO comfortable! I bought the grey ones maybe 4 years ago, then the navy ones… and now just bought the white pair!

  7. Chelsea says 10.18.19

    I think I need those green sweatpants for an upcoming flight to Europe! They look perfect!

  8. Megan says 10.19.19

    Grace, I loved your BOP episode about travel, and this post is great. In your experience, do airports allow you to use the Hudson and Bleecker Away Clear Case as a replacement for the standard quart-size bag for carry-on liquids?

    • grace at the stripe says 10.19.19

      Hi Megan! Thanks! I don’t use it when I travel internationally (I just use a clear zip lock). For domestic flights they don’t seem to regulate the amount of liquids so long as they’re all under 3 oz!

  9. julesinstxreads says 10.19.19

    Hi there! I will be coming to your Dallas live show and I can’t wait! I just wanted to recommend a sorta secret restaurant that is very, very cool. It is called Lounge Here. The outside looks like nothing, and reminds me of a speakeasy, but the inside is super unique and unlike any restaurant I have seen in Dallas. It’s quiet and very chill. I just wanted to tell you about it. I’m not related to or affiliated with them, I just love it there.

    • grace at the stripe says 10.20.19

      Ah! Thank you so much for the suggestion!!!

      • Julesintxreads says 10.20.19

        You’re welcome. I’m not sure if we have Glam Squad in Dallas, but if you like the make up artist you use here (if you do), will you share the contact with us (or me? – ha!) I’m looking for someone. IG: julesintxreads

  10. julesinstxreads says 10.21.19

    I’m not sure of the best place to comment on the podcast b/c I know you said not to DM you… but I just wanted to say THANK you for sharing you traveling idiosyncrasies. It makes me feel SO much better to know that I’m not the only one with certain travel likes and dislikes. Here is one of mine – I will only stay in Airbnb’s that have white linens on the bed in the pictures.

    I was wondering…do you every have weird irrational worries about germs or bedbugs when you stay in hotels b/c sometimes I do, and I feel so embarrassed about it and caught up in it. We stay in nice places, not always fancy, but Marriott’s and sometimes nicer. I just want to get over my little hotel phobias. I really feel like you don’t have any. Please make me feel better. xo

    • grace at the stripe says 10.21.19

      Hi! I don’t have any fears about germs and bedbugs etc…I only stay at nice hotels so it isn’t something I ever worry about. I would maybe try talking to a therapist about it? I’m sorry, wish I had better advice but for a true phobia that your’e trying to work through that would be my best suggestion!

      • Julesintxreads says 10.21.19

        I think you are right…staying in nice hotels is the KEY!

        • grace at the stripe says 10.21.19

          Yes, definitely. If I were worried a place I were staying wouldn’t be clean I’d reconsider the trip altogether.