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Undergarments - My Favorite Bras

Let’s Talk Undergarments

Undergarments! I have been getting requests for a post like this for a while now and am just getting to it (sorry!) but today I am sharing my absolute favorite holy grail bras, shapewear, etc. that will have you looking and feeling your best under whatever it is you are wearing!

My Favorite T-Shirt Bra

T-Shirt bras are tricky because you want something supportive and seamless but, like, you also want them to be pretty! So many t-shirt bras are really, really ugly. I LOVE my Thirdlove bras. I did a sponsored post with them a few years ago and stand behind everything I said about their bras… since working with them, I’ve ordered at least four more of their bras with my own money. My favorite is the 24/7 T-Shirt Bra but I also love the lace balconette bra for something a little sexier. I will say that I’m not a huge fan of their underwear (which stinks because I like to match… it isn’t bad, it’s just not very comfortable in my opinion) but their bras are amazing. I also absolutely love their commitment to being more inclusive with both sizing and skin tones – there is a “nude” t-shirt bra for every skin type.

My other favorite t-shirt bra is the Natori feathers bra but I think these are so much prettier and I like how the strap comes down a bit lower on the Thirdlove one.

The Best Strapless Bra, Ever.

The Best Strapless Bra, Ever.

There is no better strapless bra than the Wacoal red carpet strapless bra. I don’t know what sort of trickery they use but it’s AMAZING. It stays up all day, it’s super supportive and seamless… it’s an absolute wardrobe MVP and must have.

I also really like this lace strapless bra from them. It also stays up and is great when you want something unlined.

I have both of these bras in nude and black and refuse to wear any other strapless bras.

My Favorite Bralette

When I’m wearing a big sweater or a little summer dress I love Anine Bing’s bralettes. They are expensive so pretty – and comfy. I’ve found that the quality is really good… I hand wash and hang dry and mine are all in great shape. I had been nervous bc I didn’t think they’d work – my chest is what I’d say average sized? Not huge, not small? I buy a medium in her bralettes and they are perfect.

Shapewear, etc.

I am general anti-shapewear simply because I don’t like being uncomfortable and stuffing myself into ultra tight sausage casing is just not for me – I’d rather just buy a looser dress than stuff myself into something. But I do love a half slip. My best friend Nicolette got me into ’em when we lived together. I also have this tank from Yummie (great under clingy sweaters) and this high-waisted thong from Spanx (with very light if I want a little extra shaping but honestly I hate this stuff so much – even tights bother me, which brings me to…

My Favorite Tights

Express tights are life. Better than Wolford, better than anything, and they’re cheap! Mine usually last a couple seasons, but just in case, I buy 2 new pairs every year. They hold up just fine even when I send them out with my laundry for wash and fold.

What are your fav secret weapon undergarments!?

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  1. I haven’t bought any new undergarments for the longest time… like, years… I doubt they’re good for my body posture etc right now since they’re so old! I do love the brand Wacoal though, affordable and their quality is fairly good! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    3.14.19 Reply
  2. When I want underwear I always go to a department store because I can try different brands and see what works best but if I’m just getting something cute like a bralette or just overall something simple I go for Tezenis because they’re cheap and cute.

    3.14.19 Reply
  3. Great recommendations! I will be keeping my eye out for all of them!
    Bras…Natori are great! Also…Calvin Klein, but I think their quality as gone down in the last few years.
    Strapless…Spanx…pretty good.
    Tights…Hue…I buy a few pairs each year, too, and they last a long while.

    3.14.19 Reply
  4. MarciaMarciaMarcia:

    I’m going to chime in with thoughts for the well-endowed (32DDD here), because a lot of lingerie and shapewear companies don’t even bother to design most of their inventory for anyone above a D cup (and often even a C equivalent is as high as they go). I find Chantelle and Natori by FAR the best selection of bras out there. They both a lot of different styles available in sizes from at least 30C-40G.
    I only have a couple bralettes, but Cosabella is a brand that again makes options for women who need cup sizes up to G.
    I don’t do a lot of shapewear, and I know this wasn’t part of the topic, but I will say that I rarely dress my lower half in anything but Commando Girlshorts. They’re not cheap, but I’ve tried knockoff alternatives and the quality is definitely an issue, enough so that now I only go for the Commando brand.
    My favorite tight is whatever is on sale at Nordstrom Rack ๐Ÿ™‚ (often Hue and I have pairs that have literally lasted me for years).

    3.14.19 Reply
    • Thank you so much for chiming in Marcia!!!!! That is so crazy :-/ I will say I know that Wacoal and Thirdlove go quite high with their sizing!
      Am going to have to check out Commando Girlshorts; thank you for the rec! xo

      3.14.19 Reply
    • cy:

      I love Coasbella too! I have several of their bralettes,that fit and support well and Iโ€™m a G! Sometimes I just canโ€™t face an underwire. My other favorite bra is Chantelle.

      3.15.19 Reply
  5. dana mannarino:

    If you love bralettes, you need to check out our Free People Adella – it’s AMAZING. I own pretty much every color. I wear every single day!

    The Champagne Edit

    3.14.19 Reply
  6. Lisa Autumn:

    I really want to go underwear shopping now!

    x Lisa | lisaautumn.com

    3.14.19 Reply
  7. Thank you for this post! I’m not sure why but every.single. bra I fall in love with eventually gets discontinued. Because of this I have not had a strapless bra for over 5 years!!!! Very excited to learn about the Wacoal strapless bra!!

    xoxo Logan

    3.14.19 Reply
    • Oh my gosh you MUST try it. I’ve had mine for a few years and love – so happy they continue to make it!

      3.14.19 Reply
  8. Betsy:

    I’m a 32DD and Natori and Wacoal are my gold standards. Calvin Klein’s quality has really devolved, unfortunately – it was great for everyday bras.

    I refuse to buy anymore strapless bras after decades of disappointment but I am so intrigued by your endorsement of this magical strapless bra that I am going to try it just to satisfy my curiosity. Can it REALLY be true?

    Signed, Someone Whose Strapless Bra Slipped Down the Front of My Dress and Landed on the Floor. While Serving as a Bridesmaid. In Front of a Church Filled With People.

    3.14.19 Reply
    • Honestly, it’s the absolute BEST strapless bra I’ve ever tried – seriously stays up all day and it’s comfortable (at least – as comfortable as a strapless bra could be!!)

      3.14.19 Reply
  9. cy:

    Hi Grace,

    Just FYI, if there are any larger sized bra wearing ladies out there. My sister and I are a 34G and 38G and we also want pretty supportive bras, not harnesses. We both hate the bras with the formed cups( when you are larger you don’t need to add more padding, should be obvious to bra makers, but isn’t). Nordstrom is always great, they are super professional. They will measure you for a perfect fit. We also love ( online shopping) CUUP. I like the plunge style.They have a wide range of sizes and are fairly reasonable. All the bras are $68. Check them out, I think you will be impressed too! Hopefully the brands you are featuring will expand their size range some day. Even though this has been happening, it is still really hard to find, affordable bras in larger sizes. Thirdlove is supposed to have larger sizes, but they didn’t work for us.

    3.14.19 Reply
  10. The ThirdLove t-shirt bra is one of my favorites! It’s so comfy. I need to try the Wacoal strapless bra ASAP! I’ve heard so many good things.


    3.14.19 Reply
  11. Laura:

    Ok, I know this is more personal, but what about bottoms?
    It seems like everything is super low rise, skimpy in the rear, or pretty frumpy. I miss a classic bikini that does not fall apart in a moth (ahem, VS).
    Any suggestions?

    3.14.19 Reply
  12. AB:

    Hi Grace.. I’m desperately hoping cute flippy dress season comes soon and I want to be prepared this year. What can I wear underneath so in case there’s a bit of a breeze I’m not flashing the world my knickers? Or does everyone just wear their regular underwear? Help!

    3.15.19 Reply
    • Haha I just wear my regular underwear but would definitely say wear boy shorts!!! I love Hanky Panky’s!

      3.15.19 Reply
  13. Hi Grace! I soooo needed a post like this. In desperate need of some new and sexier undergarments. LOVE UNLINED BRAS. Going shopping now. Byyyeeee!

    3.16.19 Reply
  14. Rachel:

    Yes loooove ThirdLove.

    Whatโ€™s your fave half slip? In the market!

    3.17.19 Reply