The Prettiest T-Shirt Bras I’ve Found.

Bra shopping is sort of the worst. If it’s functional, it isn’t always pretty, and vice versa. Especially when it comes to a good t-shirt bra. Sadly, the functional, everyday bras that look the best under a t-shirt often end up leaving you feeling a bit frumpy.

Enter Thirdlove. When they reached out to partner on a post I did a scan of their website and was immediately impressed by how pretty everything was, especially their t-shirt bras! I took their fit survey and then chose two bras – their 24/7™ Classic T-Shirt Bra and their 24/7™ Lace T-Shirt Bra. I will get into fit but what really drew me in is that I loved the pretty details. The classic t-shirt bra has gold hardware and the most gorgeous pleated straps and the nude that I chose (naked-2) isn’t your typical boring beige… it’s a little bit richer in hue.  As for the lace t-shirt bra, I loved the quality of the lace and the pretty little cut-out at the center.

Pretty details aside, Thirdlove believes fit should come first. The fit finder survey is really helpful (and a great way to determine if you’re wearing the proper size) and they offer half-cup sizes to provide a more precise fit. Finally, their Try Before You Buy program allows you to try the bra for free, for 30 days and return it if you aren’t happy with the fit.

Created in partnership with Thirdlove + Shopstyle // Photography by Carter Fish.


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  1. They’re definitely right in that fit should come first! Looks comfy!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    10.20.17 Reply
  2. Absolutely love the details and I’m always looking for a good t-shirt bra!

    Pink Champagne Problems

    10.20.17 Reply
  3. Always looking for a good t-shirt bra! Thank you for sharing!

    Have a great weekend, Grace!

    10.20.17 Reply
  4. Cy:

    So pretty! As a large breasted gal, we hate any padding, but still pretty. Sadly I ordered two of their braletts and had to return them. Even though I fell into the size range, they run small. I had a nice email exchange and I suggested they get on trend with the larger sizes. They said they are working on it. A good bra is hard to find for most women, but so much worse when you don’t fall into the average bra range( usually nothing larger than a 38 D) what if you are a 34 E? . Still holding out hope. 🙂 The quality is really nice

    10.20.17 Reply
  5. Beautiful pieces…so pretty!

    10.20.17 Reply
  6. But were they comfortable. Comfort > style for me when it comes to bras.

    10.22.17 Reply