Wellness Friday: Rest Days, A Retailer to Support, + A New Goal.

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Happy Friday! How did everyone do this week? I’m going to change the format up a little this week based on feedback in the community page and on Instagram. I’ve noticed a drop in comments on the weekly challenges, and I’d grown to feel they were getting a little bit stale myself. I basically give you guys the same challenge every week (5 workouts, try something new, etc etc.) It’s hard to come up with creative challenges every week, especially as a lot of the stuff I do is specific to NY and I want the challenges to be easy for everyone to do! I still really want you to share your progress (and selfishly I love sharing my progress here as it keeps me accountable) BUT I’m moving the stuff that’s always the same (my workouts, trying something new, healthy links) to the bottom of the post in favor of writing a bit more. I hope you like the new format, let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to see! xo

Okay first of all, who bought an acupressure mat this week, and are you LOVING IT? It definitely takes a bit of getting used to (and you have to work your way up with the duration) but I am obsessed now. I’m going to do a full review of mine in next week’s Friday wellness column but in the meantime I want know your thoughts so far and how you’re using it.

Rest Days. The thing I want to talk about this week is the importance of rest. On Wednesday I did a treadmill workout and just felt just… destroyed afterwards. My hips and my back… everything ached!!! Despite only having run for 25 minutes I spent a full half hour stretching and foam rolling afterward. I got home and was just SO. SORE. After laying on my acupressure mat for a while I looked at my little workout calendar (I have a paper calendar where I write down every work out), only to realize that I’d worked out twelve straight days with no rest. Oops. Now keep in mind that I alternate yoga and running so rest didn’t seem thaaat important but it definitely is. I had originally booked an afternoon yoga class for the same day and cancelled it in favor of working from le couch and swapping that yoga class for a massage. I’m taking yesterday and today off to really get a good rest in. So this week, my challenge to you is to do something good and restorative for yourself. It could be a restorative yoga class (my favorite), it could be treating yourself to a massage, it could just be spending a full half hour foam rolling… but anyway yeah. Rest and recovery is important. So give yourself a day off, and do something good for YOU this week!!!

Dick’s Sporting Goods! A reader (thanks Rachel T!!) brought this article to my attention and I wanted to share it here. (You can also read the brand’s statement here.) They are probably going to suffer quite a bit of backlash for their decision (which I personally think is really awesome). I don’t usually shop at Dick’s (full disclosure, they aren’t a part of any of the affiliate networks I belong to, so it’s better for me to shop at Nordstrom, etc.) but I am going to start shopping there now. I am in the market for a new pair of running sneakers they will most definitely be coming from Dick’s!

A new goal! I think it’s important to set goals that aren’t totally tied to looks and weight loss. Things about getting stronger, running a certain distance, etc. My new goal is to be able to do a headstand at yoga by the end of May. Inversions scare the shit out of me (I’m clumsy and have so little upper body/core strength) but I really want to challenge myself.

This sweatshirt is one of the softest things I’ve ever put on my body. It’s amazing. It runs big (I’m wearing a small and it’s loose, though it’s definitely on the shorter side).

Rainbow New Balance sneakers for the WIN. I wear these to yoga (they’re more of an athleisure thing) and they make me the happiest.

This week’s something new: I treated myself to a deep tissue massage at Massage Williamsburg. It was pretty amazing. I honestly don’t remember the last time I needed a massage this badly. I had been dying to find a good massage spot in Williamsburg and a reader (thanks Leah!) recommended it over on the community page. It’s stupid but I feel like getting on the subway after a massage undoes all the relaxation benefits of the massage… being able to walk home afterward was nice and relaxing.


Friday – 25 minute run + LOTS of stretching and foam rolling. I was so sore! I might have stretched for longer than I ran. #old

Saturday – 75 Minute Get Up and Flow Yoga Class at Equinox.

Sunday – Hot, sweaty Y7 Yoga Class

Monday – 25 minute treadmill run (Aaptiv Just Push It!), 20 minutes of stretching.

Tuesday – Sky Ting Yoga Class. This class was like magic. I woke up so tired and with a little bit of a hangover feeling like I needed a massage REALLY BADLY. An hour later, I felt like a brand new person. I like Sky Ting because of how deep we go with the stretches… I really needed it!

Wednesday – 25 minute treadmill run

Thursday – REST.

This Week’s Healthy Links:

  • This cauliflower tabbouleh sounds SO good! You really can swap out cauliflower for just about anything.
  • While I have NOT tried them, these leggings look just like Outdoor Voices! If I hadn’t just basically upgraded my entire workout wardrobe with OV, I would be all over them.. at least just to see how they measure up (in general I am a BIG fan of Old Navy’s workout stuff – it doesn’t last quite as long as my pricier stuff but it holds up surprisingly well!)
  • Good advice for getting motivated.

Don’t forget to share your progress this week in the comments! And if you have a big goal you want to share, do that too! Putting these things out into the universe always helps. xo

photography by Trent Bailey.

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  1. I agree, Grace! Goals shouldn’t all be weight loss related. It can be for so many different areas. For me, right now, it’s my career! 🙂

    Hope you have a great weekend! 😀

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    3.2.18 Reply
  2. Loving the new format! Great job also listening to your body and taking a break when needed. I changed things up a bit this week with a barre class in addition to my normal Aaptiv workouts. That cauliflower recipe looks so good – definitely going to try this week!

    3.2.18 Reply
  3. KM:

    I like the new format too! I was actually wondering the other day…when you were living in Manhattan, you used to work out with a trainer and do a lot of free weights on your IG stories. Just curious – why you don’t you seem to be incorporating that now? Did you find it not as effective? Do you think running and yoga give you better results? I’m wondering because I’ve been doing a lot with dumbbells lately but would be interested to hear what your take is on it and if I should switch. Also, since we’re two months in now, I would love to hear if anyone has lost weight, inches, etc. I love a good “before and after”, ha. For me, I never took measurements, but I lost 5 lbs pretty much immediately after all the holiday food and booze.

    3.2.18 Reply
    • Honestly, it was a financial decision! When I moved to Brooklyn I literally quadrupled my living space (not sure how long you’ve been reading or if you ever saw my tiny NYC studio) but my rent increased dramatically. The difference in rent was about the same as what I paid my trainer every month so it was easiest to just cut that out. Also, my trainer was in the city and I HATED commuting in half an hour just to work out. Felt like such a time suck, but I felt loyal to her and didn’t want to go to someone else.

      That being said, she has since moved so I wouldn’t feel disloyal. If I can swing it financially I may start working with a trainer once a week to get stronger for yoga.

      3.2.18 Reply
  4. Neely Moldovan:

    Tried a new yoga class that I LOOOOVED! Treated myself to a cute new workout outfit for hitting a big goal, continued daily meditation and made some awesome healthy breakfast muffins for the entire fam

    3.2.18 Reply
  5. Those New Balance sneakers are so cute!! A deep tissue massage sounds amazing but I’m so ticklish, I don’t know if I could handle it!


    3.2.18 Reply
  6. Molly:

    I like the new format! Thanks for bringing attention to Dick’s – its so important to support businesses that stand up for what is right.

    This week was not super great, but thanks to the fact that I went skiing, I got in 5 workouts anyway! 3 ski days and 2 days of 1 mile walks (recovering from a cold). I am very excited for a weekend with no plans except to fully recover and start getting back into running and trying some new classes from classpass. Also going to be outside trying to conquer our backyard which will definitely be a workout! Thanks for seeking out and using the feedback from the community page!

    3.2.18 Reply
    • Good job! Skiing is such a great (and FUN) workout. I am sad because I don’t think I’m going to get out there this year!

      3.2.18 Reply
  7. Brianna:

    Loved today’s post!! I kicked butt in my workouts this week, this morning at spin I don’t know what it was but I just felt alive (coupled with a good nights rest and killer playlist) it was one of my favorite classes. BUT I am really looking forward to a rest day tomorrow. I got these little Burts Bees under eye masks that just looked lovely at Target so they’re certainly on the list.

    4 of my best friends and I all have March birthdays so we’re doing mani/ pedis with a place that serves wine & chocolate – heaven!

    As for Dick’s, so glad they were included! I was so happy when I heard the news since I recently bought snow boots (couldn’t find anywhere else with Sorel’s in person to try on) and cute sneakers. I immediately texted my boyfriend to say even though some of the employees we’re clueless high schoolers on snapchat, we will definitely be going back or purchasing online.

    I have seen the Old Navy knock offs in the store and they look great (also a little thinner which I may like since sometimes I find the OV pants very hot). I really love Old Navy’s work out gear too and for what you pay, they do the job,

    Have a great weekend, Grace!

    3.2.18 Reply
    • That’s good to know that they are thinner! I actually like OV’s thickness – I feel like the thicker fabric is more flattering!

      3.2.18 Reply
  8. Erika:

    Love the new format & the integration of a little athleisure fashion! Great job on all your workouts. I myself have totally fallen off the bandwagon of working out. I’ve been eating super healthy lately, though and have gotten a few compliments from my co-workers about looking like I’ve lost weight. In reality, I don’t think I’ve dropped a pound. I just feel much more toned and healthy, even without the working out aspect, I’m pushing myself with my food goals.

    Goal for the week: get back on the fitness bandwagon.

    Have fun in Cartagena! I’ll be in TX next week touring a law school (that I was recently accepted to) and taking a much needed vacation, while eating all of the tacos & queso!

    3.2.18 Reply
  9. Catherine:

    I love the accupressure mat! It is definitely making a difference in my always tight right trap/shoulder/neck. This week was OK – I got everything I wanted to done workout wise, but I feel like I’ve been in a rut lately. Maybe I should try something new, just hard to figure out when you are on a budget and have a pretty tight schedule. I was thinking of taking a day off next week, maybe that is the day to get out of this rut!

    I like the new format! It was feeling like the posts were similar week to week, but still loving the challenge because I like how it makes me feel accountable too. Have a good weekend!

    3.2.18 Reply
    • Thank you so much Catherine! I am so so happy to hear that the acupressure mat is working well for you! xo

      3.2.18 Reply
  10. Janet:

    You can add REI to the list of good companies. They don’t sell guns but they have decided to drop all brands that are owned by a gun conglomerate (including some that are probably big sellers for them).


    3.2.18 Reply
  11. MarciaMarciaMarcia:

    I’m with the others who like this new format! I had a good week. Got in 6 workouts, including my first ballet practice in at least three years. I felt more like an elephant than a gazelle, but I had so much fun. I’m so lucky that one of the few perks of my job include free drop-in classes (all kinds of dance, pilates, etc) at our city ballet company, and I want to take more advantage of them. I also tried the acupressure mat! I like it, and I’ve been able to lay on it for up to 10 minutes so far. I wasn’t sure if it was making a big difference (sleeping well is my superpower so I never notice a difference there), but today at the chiropractor she said my neck was more relaxed than she’d ever seen it, and I tend to have bad neck issues, so this is nothing short of amazing. I’m giving much of the credit to the mat! When I read the statement from Dick’s earlier this week, I sent a message to a bunch of my friends echoing your exact sentiments. While I’ve never avoided shopping there, I now want to make sure they get my business wherever possible. I am very much about supporting local businesses, but also businesses who follow policies that demonstrate integrity rather than a pure profit motive. And while this comment is already long enough, I really want to applaud your emphasis on rest. Any successful athlete will tell you that recovery is as important as your workouts, sometimes more so! As a long distance runner, I can tell you that that has always proven true for me. So glad you listened to your body and gave yourself a break when you needed it!

    3.2.18 Reply
  12. Cory:

    I LOVE my acupressure mat. It is so relaxing to find a meditation to listen to right after a workout and just lay on the mat for a while. I just bought one for my parents too, so hopefully they love it as well!

    3.2.18 Reply
  13. Sarah:

    Love the new format .. loved it before too 🙂 Do you have any suggestions for protein packed breakfast without involving eggs?

    3.2.18 Reply
  14. Elyssa:

    If you haven’t already, can you talk more about how you foam roll (what ‘routine’ you do) and how you got into it? I just bought a foam roller and I keep repeating 2 out of the 5 recommended exercises (which I enjoy!) they put on a piece of paper when I got it LOL. Just looking for tips on the best way to ‘use’ the foam roller!

    3.2.18 Reply
    • Hi Elyssa,
      I don’t really feel comfortable giving my routine as I’m not a fitness pro or expert – I would be worried that my advice would be bad and someone would get hurt! I’m sure a fitness blog would have better tips than I can provide.

      I generally start with my glutes, then move onto my hamstrings. Then I flip over and do my quads + IT band. After that, I’ll do my calves, and then I do my whole back. I roll for a few minutes in each spot, pausing and holding when I find a spot that really hurts.

      I polked around the interwebs and there are so many (professionally written) foam rolling tutorials. This one loooks pretty good!! https://camillestyles.com/wellness/fitness-tutorials/how-to-use-a-foam-roller/

      3.2.18 Reply
      • Elyssa:

        Totally understand — this is perfect though thank you!

        3.6.18 Reply
  15. Katie:

    Thank you for supporting Dicks! I love that you’re bringing attention to something so important. Would love more posts on topics like this!

    3.2.18 Reply
  16. Erin Tenneson:

    Love your goal of being able to do a headstand!! I have always wanted to be able to do a headstand, but I have never even attempted or tried lol. This week was a really great mental week for me, but not the best in terms of physical movement. I was super busy but remained calmed and collected thanks in part to my new bullet journal I started this week. I did not have much time to workout so I really slacked in that regard. Need to prepare and plan better for next week!!

    3.2.18 Reply
    • Thank you! I think that a good mental week is better than a good physical week. 🙂 Next week will be better!

      3.2.18 Reply
  17. I got in a 7 mile run (I’m training for a half marathon in early April!) along the lake one morning and it was SO refreshing! I also got in three HIIT classes, and took yesterday completely off. My left hip flexor has been killing me, ugh. I’ve been foam rolling and using my lacrosse balls, but I think I need something else…I just don’t know what. I’m excited to take a few hot yoga classes this weekend! I put together a list of 101 in 1001 for my blog and one of those things is to get abs (lol) – BIG GOAL. I’ve really been focusing on the moves I do in classes and actually thinking about what I want my muscles to do and I swear it’s starting to work (one of the trainers gave me this tip). Just need to step away from the cheese…and sweets. Have a great weekend!

    3.2.18 Reply
  18. Kelly:

    This is not to say that there was anything wrong with the “before” — you’re obviously naturally gorgeous — but I will say you look freaking radiant of late — your skin and hair looks luminous and you just look damn fantastic. #goals!!!

    3.2.18 Reply
  19. Emily:

    I do like the new format!!! It is a bit more exciting and I like to hear about what is getting your attention/what you are thinking about in terms of wellness.

    The concept of rest is so important!! I do wonder if I am getting a bit burnt out from 5 days a week (it is a lot of time). However, I have been SO consistent with it and love seeing my progress and what I have accomplished since the beginning of the year. I am going to stick with it. I am leaving for a three week trip to South Africa in a week, which makes me nervous. We shall see how I do with workouts there. At least I won’t be snacking a lot.

    I will get five workouts in this week. My credits for this treadmill class I like were about to expire, so I did three in a row M-W. My body was feeling it! I am about to do a Tone It Up and have a group workout planned for tomorrow. Aaptiv and Self have teamed up to do a 28 day challenge – I might try that out!

    3.2.18 Reply
  20. I love those sneakers, such a great color!
    xx, Merritt
    The Style Scribe<

    3.2.18 Reply
  21. Tayler:

    I also love the moves that Dicks is making! I’m just hoping that it is a permanent move. They did the same thing after Sandy Hook and stopped sales of military-style rifles. Obviously that didn’t stick! So here’s to making this a permanent change-not just at Dicks, but for the whole country!

    3.2.18 Reply
  22. Bee:

    I am 56 tomorrow and have been disabled for eight years (back, nerve & chronic pain junk). I started yoga online classes just over three weeks ago and I’am LOVING IT! I used to be in great shape, loved working out but had a life altering occurrence (life happens). I love accepting yoga for where I am each day & the meditation piece is so important too. I am claiming 2018 as my year to stretch myself in more ways than one ! Namaste! ✌

    3.2.18 Reply
  23. Rachel:

    I love this format – I hope you stick with the wellness posts!

    3.2.18 Reply
    • YAY – so happy to hear that!
      And planning on it! I like taking Fridays to do this!!!

      3.2.18 Reply
  24. Lisa:

    LOVING the acupuncture mat so much. I’ve only done it twice so far, but I’m already so happy. I do it at night before bed, with a guided meditation, and it’s absolutely heavenly. My dog looks at me like “what the heck is that torture device!” ha ha. I’ve noticed I’m been sleeping much better, but who knows, could be a placebo effect 😉 Excited to keep experimenting. Thanks for the awesome recommendation, Grace! You’re such an inspiration! Have a great weekend.


    3.2.18 Reply
    • It really is so awesome. I need to do it with a meditation – what a great way to multi-task! Have a fab weekend! xo

      3.2.18 Reply
  25. Melissa:

    Where do you go for yoga? I am moving to New York soon and am looking for recommendations!

    3.3.18 Reply
  26. I loved this post – thank you! Lots of good links and ideas. And I neeeed the Old Navy leggings 🙂

    3.3.18 Reply
  27. Melissa:

    Love the new format! I like having a place to check in for accountability, especially because I’ve been so busy lately and I need something to keep me honest 😉

    I got the acupressure mat and am totally loving it! It’s intense for sure, but I can already tell it’s so worth it.

    My goal is actually just to keep up with the 5 days/week workouts during my busy next few months. I’m usually so good with it, but it’s been hard lately and I really don’t want to give up on that.

    3.3.18 Reply
    • Yay – so glad to hear that!!! I really like having a place to keep me accountable too!!! And best of luck with the goal… it can be really hard especially when you are busy. 🙂 xo

      3.3.18 Reply
  28. Kate:

    Just realized I didn’t check in on Friday!
    Got 3/5 workouts in but i tried a barre class for the first time. I legit thought it was pronounced barry – there’s a town here spelled the same but pronounced barry; woomp woomp!
    Haha, I crack myself up sorry 🙂

    LOVED my acupressure mat, Grace! Thanks for the tip 🙂
    Onward to this week! (already 3/3!)

    3.5.18 Reply
    • YAY – great job Kate!!

      And laughed out loud re: barre class!! Isn’t it SO HARD!?

      3.6.18 Reply
  29. Mary:

    I, too, had been sleeping on Dick’s Sporting Goods (gosh, what an unfortunate name though) for a while, but recently found some gems there. The Calia by Carrie Underwood collection has some of THE softest workout t-shirts in the game (I got this one:
    https://www.dickssportinggoods.com/p/calia-by-carrie-underwood-womens-everyday-t-shirt-16ca2wclssntlsstxapta/16ca2wclssntlsstxapta). Especially now that they’re standing behind their values like this, I’m definitely going to stock up on more!

    3.5.18 Reply
    • OMG I forgot all about Calia! I am actually a really big fan of her stuff as well… ages ago her PR agency used to send me stuff from the line and I was obsessed with how soft it all was. Great idea. xx

      3.6.18 Reply
  30. katelind:

    what size leggings do you wear in outdoor voices? I’ve gotten so deep into their reviews, but I still can’t decide on a size!!

    3.14.18 Reply
    • I got a medium. I’d say they run slightly small but true to size – if you’re between sizes, go up!

      3.14.18 Reply