Weekly Wellness Check-in #3!

jacket // tank // leggings // sneakers

Happy Friday! How did everyone do with week three!? I am feeling pretty good but honestly I’m a little tired. I’ve been really pushing myself with the workouts which feels great but simultaneously has me a bit exhausted. I ended up taking two rest days (instead of one) this week but I still hit all of my goals for the week. I also have cramps (sorry, TMI) right now so that’s probably at play too. I’m going to be really good about getting a lot of sleep this weekend. I am SO SO happy that you guys are loving this series as I am loving it too – you guys keep me accountable and your comments are so inspiring!! I tried lots of new things this week which was fun, and I treated myself a bit too… hello, face masks + fresh flowers… these challenges have to have a little indulgence, right?!

Details on what I’m wearing (because these are some of my FAVORITE workout pieces!) New Balance Jacket (c/o, also available here… love that you could get away with wearing it outside of the gym too) // Outdoor Voices Tank (so comfy!) // Beyond Yoga Leggings (my go-to, I could write sonnets about these) // New Balance Sneakers (c/o – got these at an event and they are perfect!)

Before we dive in!!! Don’t forget to comment below with how you did for the week. I will pick five commenters and send them each a little treat.  Also, I respond to all comments but feel free to cheer each other on in the comments section if you read a comment that inspires or motivates you! We’ve made it so that you can finally subscribe to follow-ups on your comments… just check that box when you comment, and you’ll be sent an email if/when someone replies to your comment!

ONE // Our first goal was to get 5 workouts in this week.

Friday –Rest Day!

Saturday – Double session. AM treadmill workout (just a 22 minute running interval workout using Aaptiv) and Sky Ting Yoga class with my friend Dara.

Sunday – Alignment Flow Yoga at Equinox.

Monday – Power Yoga at Equinox (so hard!)

Tuesday – Aaptiv Treadmill Workout + 15 minute stretch after. I tried out “The Way You Make Me Run,” and do not recommend it, especially if you are a beginner. It’s all running with no breaks and it’s very hilly. After twenty minutes I had to stop because I thought I was going to throw up. I walked for ten minutes after.

Wednesday – Alignment Flow Yoga Class at Equinox.

Thursday – Rest Day. I had planned on going running but woke up with horrible cramps and really tight hip flexors. Decided to give my body a break. Foam rolled at night to loosen things up.

TWO // Trying Something New: 

This is always my favorite part of the challenge and I tried three new things this week!

one – The first was trying Sky Ting Yoga. I will break my “no boutique classes” rule if it’s over the weekend and in replacement of brunch. I had heard really amazing things about their classes and I LOVED the studio. This is one of the few classes that makes me eat my words about boutique fitness classes. The space is really beautiful (high ceilings, all white, pretty plants) and the class was really great. We did a lot of hip openers which I desperately needed. Another thing I really liked is that they lay all of the mats out ahead of time so that everything is nicely spaced out and no one is on top of each other. I bought a 3 pack and am definitely going to go back!

two – I took a meditation class at Inscape. This was for a brand event but I had been dying to try it. The space is beautiful… there are two of them and the one I took was in a room called “The Dome.” It’s basically a cozy pink igloo and it’s amazing. The class lasted 25 minutes, and while their was a facilitator in the room the meditation was led by an electronic voice… very Logan’s Run/futuristic! I loved it and would definitely go back… it would be such a fun thing to do with a girlfriend (instead of drinks!)

three – Crystals! I am working on a story – a beginner’s guide to using crystals, but in the meantime I have been practicing holding crystals while I meditate. More to come there!

THREE // Protein-Packed Breakfast: Easy!

FOUR // Daily Meditation: This is going really well! I am obsessed with Headspace’s bedtime and do it every single night without fail. And I absolutely loved Inscape.

FIVE // Buy Yourself Fresh Flowers: Okay so I sort of cheated but Vogue and Urbanstems sent me their new collaboration so I counted that as my fresh flowers. So pretty!!!

SIX // Try a new Face Mask: This was an easy challenge as I do a face mask most nights.. ha! I tested this one out. It felt like spreading molten pearls all over my face. And it should because it’s $200. (I received a sample). I loved how soft and glowy it left my skin but it’s expensive and you can get the exact results with this (another fav!)

Dry January Update: This has been easy peasy… honestly, I don’t really miss it or even think about drinking. I had a few dinners and things this week and was more than fine with just ordering club soda, even if the other person was having a cocktail. (On that note, there are some really great mocktail recipes linked below!) I just feel better without it and although I didn’t weigh myself before I started this, I can tell I’ve lost weight. I probably won’t do a fully dry February (it’s my best friend’s birthday and I’m also planning a trip to Charleston) but I’m planning on keeping this going outside of big events.

This week’s Highs:

I am feeling so much more flexible. I make it a point to get in a good stretch every day (whether it’s an Aaptiv stretch or yoga) and it’s made a huge difference.

I’ve managed the confidence to wear a crop top at yoga. It’s all about the high-waisted leggings so you only show a sliver of skin, but yoga is definitely nicer when your whole outfit is tight… I find I hold the postures better when I’m wearing a mostly skin tight outfit. My favorite, most flattering combo is these leggings + this crop!

This week’s Lows:

Laundry! This is not an actual real problem, more of a funny observation. Working out 5 or 6 days a week is like, I can’t handle how much laundry I have to do! This probably sounds insane if you a) have a family or b) have laundry in your apartment… but I am adjusting to this – so many dirty clothes!

This week’s healthy links!

photography by Trent Bailey.


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  1. I know exactly what you mean when it comes to laundry, Grace! It’s horrible. Another problem for me is that I’m not typically much of an “exercise person” so I don’t have much workout wear in the first place… I keep wearing the same two pairs of leggings again and again!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    1.19.18 Reply
  2. Kellie:

    Did you like sky ting? I’ve been a y7 devotee for years but recently started trying other yoga studios around NYC to find a non-sweat-your-face-off Yoga option for the days I want something a little more chill. Also, loved this weeks challeneges of trying a new face mask – just tried Glossier’s green mask (Love it!)

    1.19.18 Reply
    • Yes I loved it!!! Not sure if you missed it but I talked about how much I loved it in the post!

      Love Glossier’s green mask! The moon mask is great too! x

      1.20.18 Reply
  3. I am also such an Outdoor Voices fan – love your picks! Definitely want to try out Sky Ting Yoga next time I am in NYC as well! This week went well for me as I did Aaptiv every day and am signed up for a barre class tomorrow. 🙂
    Great job with sticking to the dry January!

    1.19.18 Reply
    • It’s the best!!! I love their stuff.
      And you’ll love Sky Ting! I’m going again tomorrow and can’t wait! xo

      1.20.18 Reply
  4. Melissa S:

    Ugh laundry is the worst!! Your post makes me want to do more yoga. I mainly do orange theory and run but i need more stretching in my life. I did a great face mask last night! Love this challenge you put together!

    1.19.18 Reply
  5. 1) You’ve been looking AMAZING in your photos lately– what you’re doing is working because you’re def glowing from the inside out!
    2) Can we go that meditation studio together?!
    3) Crop tops + high waisted leggings are the only thing I wear to yoga now, especially if it’s hot… so much more comfortable than having clothes cling to you while you’re sweating.
    4) I have the same problem with laundry, hahahah! I even had to switch to a “sport” detergent lol

    1.19.18 Reply
  6. Meghan:

    This week went great! I did 5 workouts and started this morning with a great sunrise yoga class. For my something new, I am trying to eat according to the Daniel Fast for 21 days. I miss cheese a ton (it’s my favorite food), but I feel so much better! Since I can’t drink alcohol, I guess I am doing a dry January as well. I agree that it has been super easy. Thanks so much for creating this community! Good luck next week.

    1.19.18 Reply
    • Great job!!! Cheese is my favorite food too… ugh. 🙂 Happy you’re enjoying the challenge!

      1.20.18 Reply
  7. a.:

    Deterred by a little snow on Wednesday (resulting in a missed workout) but instead decided to embrace it a a much-needed “rest day”. Other workouts have been awesome! And going strong with Dry January 🙂

    1.19.18 Reply
  8. Nicole:

    Just wanted to say I’m so glad you’re continuing this series into February! I thought it was a January-only thing for some reason.

    I’ve been busy at work this week but thinking about the challenge definitely helped me get to the gym more than I otherwise would have. I’ve also managed to meditate daily!

    1.19.18 Reply
  9. Erika:

    Great job this week! I also noticed the influx of laundry necessary to maintain this [almost] every day workout thing. Aunt Flo decided to show up this week, so I’ve had a little less energy this week, but still managed to get all of my workouts in.

    Friday I did a little strength training and a 20-min run, Saturday I did a shorter run and some light endurance workouts, Sunday I did an at-home strength yoga class, Tuesday I completed a 25-min run and some weight training (leg day), Wednesday I did an INTENSE at-home endurance workout and yesterday I did a 25-min run, along with some strength training at the gym. WOW – writing that all down it seems crazy!

    I tried a new pre-workout for the first time this week & jury is still out, but I feel like it gave me a lot more energy than I’ve had. Mixing it up with some new protein packed breakfasts, too! I’m slacking on getting on the meditation wagon, but it’s on my to-do list. Face masks are life. For Christmas my childhood bestie got me the bubbling face mask & it was strange to say the least…LOL

    1.19.18 Reply
    • Allie:

      OH my gosh! I’ve tried the bubbling face mask and it’s definitely interesting. I went on vacation with my boyfriend’s family and we all tried it at the same time (yes, even the guys!) and it was such an entertaining experience!

      1.19.18 Reply
      • Erika:

        So strange, right? It was also so hard to wash off after. I thought that most of it had bubbled up, but it was still thick and slathered on underneath all that bubble!

        1.19.18 Reply
      • I really need to try this bubbling face mask!!!!

        1.20.18 Reply
    • Great job to you too!!!! Please share – where do I get the bubbling face mask!?!!?

      1.20.18 Reply
      • Grace! I got mine on Amazon – I added the link under the “website” portion of the comments.

        1.22.18 Reply
      • Erika:

        Elizavecca’s Milk Piggy Mask. It’s available on Amazon 🙂

        1.22.18 Reply
  10. Christina:

    I’m really loving checking in and seeing what everyone has been up to for the week – so inspiring! I got a lot of walking in this week, but only three true work outs at the gym, so I am really buckling down next week. One of the classes I took was a stretch class and while it felt like a struggle to go after work for something that didn’t feel like a real work out, it ended up being the best thing I’ve done in months. After sitting in a chair all day and feeling slightly blah about the week, I felt lighter and longer and just so good.

    I have a NYSC membership and their classes are OK, but the selection is not stellar. I can’t justify spending more money on boutique classes either, BUT what I’ve been doing is looking for free one-off classes at the athletic apparel stores around the city. I’m sure they offer these all over since there are so many national chains, but New York has an amazing selection and I have not been disappointed with any class I’ve tried.

    1.19.18 Reply
    • I totally agree!!! Everyone’s comments are so so inspiring – I love hearing what you guys are all up to!!!

      I sit a lot during the day too so stretching really helps me. LOVE that you are doing the free classes around the city, there are so many!!!!

      1.20.18 Reply
  11. Catherine:

    Thank you for this series – it’s definitely keeping me accountable!

    I got 5 workouts this week, but ended up doing 3 at home because of schedule challenges. I’m glad I did them though, if I wasn’t able to get to the gym I usually would skip a workout. I even got creative and did a workout during a conference call (I was just listening – didn’t have to speak!) – I actually think I paid more attention than I normally do when I end up multitasking.

    Keeping up my meditation streak – my something new is the Insight Timer app, which I have been liking. But there are so many choices! It’s hard narrowing down. Man I want to go to Inscape, but it’s not a person leading the meditation? That’s weird! And also seems a bit pricey now knowing you aren’t paying for someone to lead the meditation. I also assume that means there is zero variation if you are going to the same session multiple times?

    1.19.18 Reply
    • Great job!!!!

      And yes it is so weird that there is no person… there is a facilitator but the voice is electronic. Kind of strange. I haven’t taken more than one class so I am not sure if there is a variation, but the facility itself is amazing and I am planning to go back. Another great option is MNDFL – I really like their classes and am super excited that they have a Williamsburg studio.

      1.20.18 Reply
  12. Gia:

    SO. MUCH. Laundry! I feel like it’s taking over my apartment (but in the best way!)

    My coworker and I both love your blog and have been holding each other accountable on the wellness challenge. This week, we tried a Hip Hop Vinyasa class – it was Missy Elliott themed and AMAZING! I’m training for a marathon but I’m trying to incorporate more yoga and stretching into my routine so this challenge has been great!

    1.19.18 Reply
    • Allie:

      I’m training for a marathon as well and I am trying to focus on stretching as well! I didn’t realize how much not stretching was impacting me until I started stretching. Still need to seriously improve, but just wanted to come cheer you on as well! Good luck with all your long training runs ahead!

      1.19.18 Reply
      • Emily B.:

        Props to you both for training for a marathon! I’ve only done halfs and it is SUCH a time commitment and takes some serious discipline. Super impressed. Same with the stretching! I feel like I need to do a better job of making that a priority with my workouts to prevent injury and just overall keep things working properly. Do you have any favorite stretching routines/tips? I always am ready to rush through to get showered or get on with my day, but I forever have tight hips from running, etc.

        1.19.18 Reply
        • Allie:

          The Aaptiv app has been helpful – I will say it takes some time to find the right ones to help you with those tight hips. Honestly, I also looked on pinterest for “post-run” stretches and found a few diagrams to help me! For me mostly though, it’s diligence in executing. I usually just am so tired after a run I don’t feel like doing anything else, I need to be more mindful of that and take the five minutes to stretch!

          1.19.18 Reply
    • Meredith:

      I’m also marathon training and haven’t made stretching a priority – you’re inspiring me to be better!

      1.19.18 Reply
    • MarciaMarciaMarcia:

      Yoga and stretching are great. Have y’all tried foam-rolling? I wouldn’t say I enjoy it, but it really does help with recovery and injury prevention when you’re training for long distance races.

      1.19.18 Reply
    • Aw so glad you guys are loving it! And hip hop vinyasa sounds AMAZING!!!! Love it. Yoga will definitely help your running, especially with injury prevention.

      1.20.18 Reply
  13. Brianna:

    First, the outfit is adorable and that jacket is perfect! Congrats on a great week!

    I got in 5 workouts though I kind of count babysitting my one year old niece on MLK day as a workout, girlfriend is on the MOVE, which would be 6! I am trying a new workout class this weekend that I am really excited for and do agree with boutique classes on the weekend if that’s your day activity! For laundry, I am lucky I have it in my apartment but it does add out when you workout a lot. I am always buying new packs of socks because I fly through them.

    For something new, I usually hate podcasts (I’m a terrible listener I have learned), but I listened to a great one on how to reduce waste, all while saving money. I shared the woman’s blog in the community group and while I don’t think I will only have one jar of trash this year, I am already more aware and making small changes like metal straws over plastic!

    I didn’t have to buy fresh flowers for myself because my sweet mom gave my sister and I each a bouquet of tulips! They aren’t quite bloomed but will take a picture once they are!

    ALSO, thank you for sharing on Insta stories about the process of natural deodorant. I STINK and am sweating so much but glad to know my body is just getting rid of toxins so I am sticking with it!

    1.19.18 Reply
    • Lauren:

      Hang in there with the natural deodorant! I made the switch last year and it took me a few weeks to adjust too (soooo much sweating and having to reapply during the day) but it’s so worth it in the end! You’ll never look back!

      1.19.18 Reply
      • Brianna:

        Phew, glad I’m not alone!!!

        1.19.18 Reply
    • Haha great job!!! Babysitting definitely counts!!!

      I loved the blog you shared. I started using metal straws this year too!!!

      Keep me posted on how the natural deodorant goes! It’s hard and you have to find the right one but once you get there, it’s smooth sailing!

      1.20.18 Reply
  14. Lisa Simpson:

    Week#3 awesome! I even tried your greek yogurt,raspberry and honey idea for lunch a few times this week!
    Counting 4 days in on gym days so far.
    Thanks for the motivation Grace and all commenters!

    1.19.18 Reply
  15. Allie:

    My dedication to resolutions this January can be attributed to this wellness challenge and Aaptiv. I am loving their stretches post run, and am finally for the first time going to make it outside for a longer run since it will **FINALLY** be like 40 degrees which basically feels like summer after the last few weeks.

    I hit all five workouts this week and managed to eat breakfast every day (Kind + protein bar). This is somewhere where I need to improve as I typically skip breakfast all together.
    Found myself putting on a pair of jeans that were tucked in my closet that didn’t fit the last few months, so that was exciting also!

    Instead of treating myself to fresh flowers (all flowers unfortunately make me sneeze like crazy) I bought myself a new jar of charcoal mask and tried it out!

    Can’t wait to see the challenges for next week!

    1.19.18 Reply
    • Awesome job and that is the BEST FEELING when your skinny jeans fit!!! Yay! Hoping to be able to say the same in a few weeks. 🙂

      1.20.18 Reply
  16. Rebeccca:

    1. This week I was able to complete my five workouts by doing a two-a-day — barre in the morning and spin at night — on Thursday because I knew that I would not be able to make it to the gym the following day. I was really proud of myself for having this forethought and making it to that spin class, even though I was tired by the evening. It was so worth it!
    2. The barre class was new to me as it was called Barre Sport, so it incorporated a bit more floor work and classic exercises like pushups. I really enjoyed it, and want to take it again next week.
    6. I chose not to try out a new facemask this week because I already have plenty to choose from at home. I am trying to be more conscious of using up what I have, rather than buying something just because I think I need it. It’s amazing how many chapsticks you come across if you look in coat pockets or purses! So on that note, I used the Fresh Rose Face Mask twice this week, because my skin really needed the pick-me-up. It always works wonders so I am going to try to incorporate it more into my nightly routine.

    1.19.18 Reply
    • Brianna:

      this made me laugh! I cleaned out my work bag and found three chapsticks just there, let alone how many are on my desk, purse and bed side table!

      Love using what you have, I am sure I have some I have neglected recently too.

      1.19.18 Reply
    • Alexandra:

      Love your point about using up what you already have! I have a bathroom vanity full of beauty buys that I never actually seem to finish. Definitely remembering this next time I’m considering a new purchase. My wallet thanks you 🙂

      1.19.18 Reply
      • Rebeccca:

        Thanks, Brianna and Alexandra! “Using what you have” has worked its way into my New Year’s goals, and I’m finding that it is specifically helping me with my beauty product collection. I have received a Birchbox subscription for the past few years, and it’s hard for me to use up the products that I choose to keep in just a month’s time. I’m trying to be better about giving away what I do not need and sticking with what I keep until I hit pan or the end of a bottle!

        1.19.18 Reply
    • Great job! Two a day is hard!!!!

      And smart on not trying something new if you already have some that you love. I do the same with chapstick… I have SO many. I started keeping them in a little basket by the door so that I always know where they are! (And I am a HUGE fan of the Fresh Rose mask – it’s so good!!) xo

      1.20.18 Reply
  17. Emily B:

    Grace, I love this series so much! I think it’s worth noting how nice it is that you have split the wellness challenges up into weekly goals rather than monthly. Week one went okay for me, week two was basically an epic fail (I blame a broken fridge on getting me off track with healthy eating which sort of led to health goals generally unraveling), but this week I was back on track!

    I got in five workouts in a row, a huge deal for me! Two treadmill workouts, one spin class, and two new to me yoga classes (corepower and meditative). After struggling through (but ultimately enjoying) a meditative yoga class last night I am determined to add meditation into my rotation. Dry January is going well, I’m also amazed at how easy it has been, although I did decide to give myself last weekend off due to friends in town and a new hair cut. That said, despite my little break I’m glad that I’ve kicked the habit of pouring myself a glass of wine or beer as a treat in the evenings, kombucha with seltzer or a nice cup of tea does the trick. Planning on a face mask tonight and to pick up flowers for myself over the weekend.

    Thanks again and happy Friday!

    1.19.18 Reply
    • That makes me so happy to hear!!! I think it’s important to have small goals every week and to stay accountable. The little changes add up to big results!!!

      Great job getting your workouts in!

      1.20.18 Reply
  18. Wendy:

    Bought myself a fresh daffodil plant at Trader Joe’s this week and it now lives in a llama planter!
    check on the 5 workouts (running and pure barre) not so much on the no wine and mixed results on the protein breakfast- I made eggs and tomatoes 2x but was on a work trip for part of the week and snarfed down pb +j on the go (though pb has protein so there’s that)
    Didn’t try anything new- though I ran in a new location-Barbados-for the aforementioned work trip.

    My laundry is the basement of apt house and I have to go outside to get there, it ‘s so annoying. So I let the laundry pile up. In the summer, I take with me to my parents’ on the Cape, just like a college kid.

    1.19.18 Reply
    • Amazing job!!! And fresh daffodils are soo pretty!!

      Running in Barbados totally counts as something new! Sounds beautiful! x

      1.20.18 Reply
  19. Lauren:

    I struggled to get in 5 workouts this week – but then I thought of the challenge and dragged myself up and to the gym today! One of my workouts this week was skiing (on Monday – the holiday), which was a fun way to get in some exercise.

    I am still struggling with the meditation – it is just so hard for me to turn off my brain. I’m interested to read your post about crystals because I think it could help!

    My something new was buying some new workout clothes. It was time for an upgrade, and makes working out so much more fun!

    1.19.18 Reply
    • Great job!!! I had to drag myself to the gym on Friday which was tough but I felt so much better!!!

      And yay for upgrading your workout wardrobe – the best!

      1.20.18 Reply
  20. Chelsey:

    Awesome job Grace!! This week I did 3 aaptiv treadmill workouts which were great. I love the workouts Ray does for the treadmill, the music is always great and it’s the perfect amount of motivation. I also used my peloton twice! #wegotthis

    1.19.18 Reply
  21. Justine P.:

    Hit the gym 6/7 days from last friday…even ensured to get in foam rolling (game changer) after each workout. planning on going today after work, but tempted with a little treat yo self moment and wanted to try out the powder gel manicures that everyone has been talking about. found out that spotify also has meditations.. they have gabrielle bernstein’s meditations so i did the evening meditation 2x this week. fell fast asleep right after
    my “dry” january is a little different…breaking up with coffee. day 19…man is it tough. but the health benefits i am feeling are great! i am sleeping better and my stomach feels amazing, no bloating!

    1.19.18 Reply
    • Nice job!!!! And thanks for the tip re: Spotify – I didn’t know!!!
      Agree, so much less bloated without the booze! xo

      1.20.18 Reply
  22. Elizabeth:

    This was a pretty good week! I got in all of my workouts and even did my first two-in-a-row on Monday! Spin followed by a pilates reformer class. I know this challenge isn’t necessarily about losing weight BUT my favorite work pants now fit again (without cutting off my circulation haha). I’m feeling really proud of that.

    I can’t remember when you talked about Gwyneth’s broccoli and arugula soup but I’m so glad you did – I made it this week and it was delicious! Perfect for fulfilling the warm soup craving but not heavy at all.

    Great job on week 3, Grace!! You’re really inspiring me to keep up with all this (and to not skip workouts just because it’s freezing!)

    1.19.18 Reply
    • Great job!!! Pilates reformer is SO HARD!!!

      I had the same thing happen! When I started the challenge my Outdoor Voices leggings gave me a huge muffin top and that is mostly gone now which makes me feel great.

      And soooooo glad you love the soup! It’s the BEST!!! I am going to try making the cheesy cauliflower soup from Cup of Jo this week.

      1.20.18 Reply
  23. Eleanor:

    I am a new reader, but I really like the wellness challenge! I am always up for a challenge and love to check things off a list. This week I did work out 5 times and have a long run coming up tomorrow. I am training for the DC Cherry Blossom 10 Miler, so this week was a mix of short runs and Orange Theory. I would love to add in a barre or pilates style class as additional cross training. I started using the Headspace app and am Day 4. I tried the Hanacure mask that I was gifted for Christmas. I didn’t make my daily “Fab 4” smoothies because it was one of those weeks, but I did try to put some collagen peptides in my iced coffee along with a protein bar. I feel your pain on laundry, between mine and my husband’s sweaty gym clothes, it’s a lot to handle!

    1.19.18 Reply
    • I’m so happy you like it (and hiiiii – welcome!!!)
      Great job this week!!

      How did you like collagen peptides in your coffee? Did it make it lumpy? I have been putting it in my soup!!

      1.20.18 Reply
  24. Caroline:

    Nice job hitting all your goals! I agree with you re: dry January, it has been surprisingly easy so far! I attended a few events that I would have loved to have a glass of wine at, especially since everyone else was drinking, but I stayed strong and felt super proud of myself. I too would love to continue into February but will probably drink a few times since I am traveling. But this has definitely showed me I am capable of drinking less and probably should.

    1.19.18 Reply
    • Yes I’ve had the same experience! On Thursday I went to dinner with my best friend – she was having wine and the service at the restaurant was terrible and all I could think was mannnnnn wine would make this a little easier! That’s the only time though! Am doing the same in Feb! Going to Charleston, and have an important birthday party… but otherwise, planning on skipping the booze! xo

      1.20.18 Reply
  25. Ali:

    This wellness series was apparently the kick in the butt that I needed!! I have had the Headspace app downloaded and unopened since last year’s resolution. After reading this (and Carly’s experience with mediation), I have been meditating every morning. I actually look forward to waking up and have already noticed how much more I am ready to rock and roll my day. Thanks for the encouragement and looking forward to the crystal story!

    1.19.18 Reply
  26. Erin Tenneson:

    This was a good week! Really getting into the swing of things.

    1. Worked out everyday but Sunday which was my rest day. Started the BBG 20 week challenge this Monday which I’m excited about. Definitely need some inspiration for LISS workouts to do on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Normally I would run outside, but it has been cold and rainy in Seattle and I am NOT a cold and rainy runner ha.

    2. I got a body brush to do dry brushing last Friday. Super cool and I’m excited to see if the benefits are all they are cracked up to be. Apparently it sloughs off dead skin and helps to reduce cellulite for smoother, softer, glowing skin. So hoping all of that is true!!

    3. Always good at this one. I eat a healthy breakfast everyday and “treat myself” to a Starbucks reduced fat turkey bacon sandwich on Fridays. Yum yum yum.

    4. Getting really good at not only doing this every morning, but getting excited about doing it. I have been using headspace singles (3-5 minutes), but I would like to try unguided meditation or trying to meditate for a longer period each morning.

    5. Bought myself some beautiful flowers from Trader Joe’s on Wednesday (posted a pic on insta). The dreary Seattle weather recently made this a wonderful treat. Even brought a smile to my roommates’ faces, which made me even happier. YAY!

    6. Used a new face mask last night which of course I can’t remember the name of right now. It was a sheet face mask that my roommate gave me for Christmas. I LOVE masks, so like you said, this is also something I regularly do. It’s the little things that make me the happiest. Like new face masks (and petting puppies ha).

    1.19.18 Reply
    • I swear by dry brushing! It’s amazing!!!!

      And totally agree… it’s the little things that make me the happiest. Nothing better than a good bath, a mask, etc!

      Great job this week! xx

      1.20.18 Reply
  27. Missy:

    I do a super indulgent thing: a laundry service. I normally have to use the machines in the basement of my building but it’s time consuming and hard to leave the building because there seems to always be a line when I finally can do it. In DC, I use wash club dc. It’s an app and I don’t have to talk to anyone. About twice the cost of doing laundry myself but worth it. Very easy. You also can make requests like air dry for things like workout pants you don’t want shrunk! It’s been a game changer for me.

    1.19.18 Reply
    • Wish we had that here!!! I do the same… except maybe a little less fancy! I still have to lug it a few blocks to the laundromat, which is a HIKE! Haha.

      1.20.18 Reply
  28. Kristine:

    Love this! Also I feel you on the laundry- my fiancé and I BOTH workout 6 days a week and have to trek downstairs in our building to do laundry and it’s absurd how much there is! My goal was to end my vacation fitter, well rested and to get in a sweaty workout every day- I’ve been doing intervals on the treadmill and abs in the gym and beach walks each afternoon with my mom. Love this wellness check in!

    1.19.18 Reply
    • That is so great that you could stay on track during vacation!!! I just booked a trip to Cartagena in March and am going to work on doing the same!

      1.20.18 Reply
  29. Erin:

    Omg the laundry situation is killing me! I pretty much went from working out when I felt like it (aka rarely) to almost every day, and now I have a pile of laundry that I don’t want to do. My laundry is in my apartment’s creepy basement, and it is definitely not a favorite activity.

    Other than that, it was a great week. I did a combo of strength and treadmill workouts with Aaptiv – Meghan is my fave but BRUTAL. I have never ever tried yoga, but I wonder if I should since my hips are so tight after the runs I have been doing. I’m kind of intimidated to be honest!

    This week, I treated myself to Fresh’s Lotus Youth Preserve mask, and I really really liked it. It was super hydrating, which I know we all need this time of year, so I’d recommend if you haven’t tried it out yet! For my something new…I bought a juicer and am going to attempt to start juicing at home! The first one I made was carrot, cucumber, celery, and apple, and it was surprisingly delicious and easy to make. Hoping this curbs my habit of buying expensive juices all of the time, ha! There is just something so nice about treating yourself to a juice or a smoothie though…

    On a kind of unrelated note – I booked a trip to Charleston this week! I have never been, and I’m going to take a look at your guide before I go. My trip isn’t until March, so it gives me a few months to get my butt in shape before what will undoubtedly be an indulgent trip. 🙂 Have the best weekend!

    1.19.18 Reply
    • I love Meghan too!!

      Yoga is a game changer if you’re a big runner (or even just working on getting back into running shape which is my current situation). My hips and legs get so, so tight… so I always do an Aaptiv stretch after running.. and yoga helps a lot. Don’t be intimidated, (or if you are, try out a Yoga with Adrienne video at home firwst!)

      And yay for Charleston – it is my happy place!! Enjoy!!!

      1.20.18 Reply
  30. Catherine:

    Breakfasts and workouts were on track this week, and I loved the other challenges! Bought myself a bunch of white tea roses, did 5-10 minutes of self guided meditation every day, and tried Josh Rosebrook’s active enzyme exfoliating mask (really fantastic, highly recommend).
    But I’m most proud of my new thing this week. I grew up hiking and spending a lot of time outside, but as I’ve gotten older and moved away from California i don’t spend as much time in nature. I realized this year how much I miss it, and decided that over the long weekend I was going to take a day to do a solo hike. It was amazing! It was so rejuvenating and empowering to pack up my gear for a day and spend time outside, away from people and electronics. I’m now researching all the trails around me to get inspired for more day hikes even though I no longer live next to mountains.

    1.19.18 Reply
    • Fantastic job!!!!

      I am so jealous that you can go out hiking like that. Not the same “hiking through the city…” that’s for sure 😉 xo

      1.20.18 Reply
  31. Jen:

    Love this series! I’ve meditated for 8 days in a row, and done yoga 5 times this week. Thanks for providing this fun way to stay accountable. (Also, as a fellow Brooklynite, I’m with you on the laundry–ugh!) <3

    1.19.18 Reply
  32. Bridget:

    Man, I’m so curious about meditation classes but I can’t bring myself to pay for basically sitting quietly in a room. Especially since I still feel so “not good” at meditating – I know, there’s no such thing and that’s not the point!

    My week did not go as planned between getting blisters on the bottoms of my feet while out of town last weekend, and my dog getting bitten at day care which meant spending last night at the vet instead of the yoga class I had planned. But, he should be ok and I’ll try again next week. I still got in 2 formal gym workouts and I’m scheduled for an OrangeTheory class tonight, which I’m dreading/stoked for – it’s SO hard but hopefully it will help relieve some stress and anxiety!

    I feel you on the laundry, I can always talk myself into buying more workout clothes just so I can do less laundry 🙂

    1.19.18 Reply
    • Haha, yeah there’s no such thing as being bad at it – it takes a lot of practice!!!

      Ouch – blisters sound miserable! I hope your dog is doing better, that’s horrible!!!

      I did the same… loaded up on a few new things from Outdoor Voices to help that 😉

      1.20.18 Reply
  33. I accomplished nothing this week thanks to a girl’s weekend in NYC, followed up by the entire family having a stomach bug. I guess getting healthy and recovering counts? Back to it this weekend though!

    1.19.18 Reply
    • Oh no!!! So many people are sick.. my sister has a stomach bug too. Listen to your body, you can get back on track this week! xo

      1.20.18 Reply
  34. Alexandra:

    Way to kill it this week! I’m right there with you on the rest days, much needed after a few weeks of pushing through.

    I hit most of the challenge this week!
    One: Saturday spin, Sunday at-home arms/core video, Monday spin, Wednesday at-home kickboxing video, Thursday barre, Friday (today) lunchtime core/stretch
    Two: The at-home workouts are new to me and I love them! My sister got a Daily Burn membership and I’m trying TMac Fitness through Whole30. So fun! I also took a new route to work this morning and discovered some great coffee shops and a new Whole Foods!
    Three: Smoothies w/ collagen peptides and hardboiled eggs are my jam for the train every morning.
    Four: I’ve been using the Breathe app on my Apple Watch to do quick 3 minute meditations before bed. So relaxing and I’m pretty much asleep when I’m done.
    Five: No flowers this week, but the flower vendor at my local farmer’s market might be around tomorrow! Here’s hoping!
    Six: My skin has been so dry lately, so I tried the new Lush “Just to Clarify” mask the other night. It’s a really cool texture (more like a jelly that you warm up to soften into a paste) and it smells like papaya and citrus. It was the perfect mid-week pick me up!

    Best of luck with the coming week! Have a great weekend! -Alex

    1.19.18 Reply
    • Alexandra:

      Oh, and the laundry is ridiculous!!

      1.19.18 Reply
    • Great job!!! You did amazingly!!! xx

      1.20.18 Reply
    • PS I just got collagen peptides thanks to everyone’s suggestions – can’t wait to use!

      1.20.18 Reply
      • Alexandra:

        Vital Proteins’ line is great. I was just looking at their matcha today, which sounds amazing to make an at-home matcha latte with almond milk!

        1.22.18 Reply
  35. KM:

    Got in 5 workouts – 2 at rowing classes (via Classpass) and 2 home workouts and a yoga class. I didn’t want to buy flowers, so instead I got two new things and both have rocked my world….an electric toothbrush and a drybrush. The electric toothbrush is probably the best investment I’ve ever made. My teeth have never felt so clean and I’ve noticed an immediate difference in my gums. And I loooove drybrushing. I’m sort of kicking myself for not trying either of those things sooner. Meditating….still struggling, but plugging away. Maybe it’s just not for me? Either way, going to stick it out for an entire month.

    1.19.18 Reply
    • Emily:

      what electric toothbrush did you buy? I am in the market for a new one!

      1.19.18 Reply
      • KM:

        Oh, I was I could insert a picture here because it’s so cute (for an electric toothbrush), but its called Pop Dental and I got it off Amazon. It’s base is black and white polka dots, so it looks less “medical” sitting on my bathroom counter top. It was a recommendation from NYMagazine’s Strategist section. I love it and for real, one of the best purchases I’ve made. Makes a huge difference for your teeth.

        1.19.18 Reply
    • OMG I love my dry brush so much – it really is such a gamechanger.

      Stick it out with meditation, it has taken me a long time but I’ve gotten into a groove and really love it.

      1.20.18 Reply
  36. Catherine:

    I am still embracing and loving this challenge! I got in all my workouts through lots of yoga-hello Yoga with Adrienne and Fitsugar. I am also thinking this is the week I sign up for online workouts through Barre 3. I also treated myself to the Peter Thomas mask, the one that smells like Turkish Delight and makes you face feel super refreshed and glowy. It’s also pink so pretty much the best. I also had a new flower enter my life as my amaryllis finally decided to bloom. A nice burst of color on a gray morning.

    1.19.18 Reply
    • I am so glad you are loving it! I love Yoga With Adrienne 🙂
      Great job with everything – happy weekend! xo

      1.20.18 Reply
  37. Meredith:

    Great job, Grace!

    I started off writing “this week was a dud,” but it actually wasn’t so bad.
    Saturday I did my long run, Sunday I went to a double jazzercise class with a friend (my something new! I didn’t feel much while I was doing it but my abs were sore the next day), and Monday I did a 5 mile run/walk – unfortunately we were snowed in Tuesday-Thursday so I
    couldn’t run or get to spin, but 3 workouts aren’t bad!

    I did smoothies with protein milk for breakfasts, splurged and got myself the “I REALLY like you” bouquet at Trader Joe’s (lol), and tried a sample of Tata Harper’s resurfacing mask, which I know you’ve recommended a million times – it is that good! The full size isn’t in the budget but thankfully I think I can squeeze a few more uses out of my sample container. I still need to get on the meditation train – I’ve been doing small exercises on my own – is it weird to say I’m a little afraid of meditating? This week I’ll work on getting over my fears!

    Have a great week!


    1.19.18 Reply
    • You still did an amazing job! Jazzercise sounds like so much fun (though I’m a total klutz and would be soooo bad at it!)

      1.20.18 Reply
  38. kate donaghey:

    This week was INSANE with work & travel but I got it done!
    Friday – I woke up at the conference and got in 40 mins on the treadmill doing this crazy interval aaptiv workout…I was BRIGHT red after lol I think I may have scared some of my fellow gym peeps

    Saturday – I traveled from one part of FL to another, so I took it easy and stretched during the evening…sitting for hours on end at a conference and then multiple ubers is no bueno for hip flexors!

    Sunday – I woke up in southern FL and got my sweat on with an aaptiv workout, this time 35 mins crazy incline sprints…

    Monday- I flew back to Boston and honestly got home and napped for the first time in a long time in the middle of the day but I guess my body needed it. Rest Day!

    Tuesday – I hit my gym back in Boston and did a WOODWAY interval workout (my fav, Grace!) I was so pumped up after I also did bbg legs.

    Wednesday – Trainer session that was HIIT arm and arms workout…I was so unprepared for those incline push ups

    Thursday – I ran around like a nut at work and had a late evening. Unintended rest day, but still got in 15K steps!

    Friday – Today was a doozie. I had a Trainer sesh that was a HIIT leg work out. Holy crap. Woodway incline(10-15) sprints from 4.5-7 followed by walking lunges (8x2x3) and side lunges (8x2x3) then ended with even more inclined sprints. I am tired girl lol

    I didn’t get to buy myself flowers this week – which is pathetic because the only reason I didn’t was due to the fact I was too busy to get to Whole Foods or Roache Brothers lol…ah work!

    I am going to try a new yoga/barre studio that opened in my neighborhood last fall – because I’ve yet to get there! I also schedule myself and the hubs massages for tomorrow!!

    Looking forward to week 4; I really love this challenge !

    1.19.18 Reply
  39. MarciaMarciaMarcia:

    1) I managed 5 runs, despite having a pinched nerve under my collarbone that is causing crazy awful intermittent pain, although so far not when I run, thankfully. 2) My new thing for the week was trying an Aaptiv workout. It was another run, but I enjoyed the coaching, intervals, and music! 3) I’ve been making a protein-packed spirulina smoothie every morning, and both The Husband and I are loving it! 4) I am also loving my post-lunch meditation, which really helps defeat the afternoon sleepies. 5) We started keeping fresh flowers in the house last year, so that was done. And 6) my new year’s resolution is to have a year of no unnecessary shopping, so things like new face masks are out for me. But I think I have finally found a night cream that I like, so that’s a win.

    And after almost three weeks of dry January, I’m missing the wine a lot less, I’m feeling really good (other than that whole pinched nerve thing), and I’m down a few more pounds (based on my clothes because I don’t use a scale), which is making me very happy. 🙂

    What I love about this challenge is it encourages me to take a purposeful approach to my health and wellness, but in bite-size and specific chunks rather than sweeping goals that are often a recipe for failure.

    1.19.18 Reply
    • Really fantastic job Marcia!!! Love the idea of meditating at lunch… that’s when I get sleepy too! xx

      1.20.18 Reply
  40. Lisa:

    Crazy that’s it’s week 3 already! It’s been super motivating and I love hearing what you/other readers have been up to 🙂

    1) I got in my 5 workouts! I re-started Fitness Blenders 4 week work out video program “For people who get bored easily” which is perfect for me since I HATE repeating exercises during a video/exercise class. Also good for doing on the road in an hotel gym/room. And then usually doing either an Aaptiv elliptical or treadmill work out before or after
    2) nothing new this week…
    3) I was traveling Mon – Fri this week so my breakfasts were not the best. I need to work on being better at meal planning when I travel
    4) No meditation but I did get lots of sleep so that almost counts?? Haha
    5) And no fresh flowers since I was out of town all week (but even if I wasn’t my cats literally cannot stay away from flowers. Good thing they are cute because they don’t allow me to have nice things) but I did treat myself to dinner at Sundance Resort and I might have also had dessert but since I didn’t get that glass of wine I figured that was a good compromise 🙂
    6) brought along a sample of boscias charcoal pore pudding mask – it was nice! It was hydrating and clarifying so perfect for winter.

    Thanks again looking forward to next week!!

    1.19.18 Reply
    • Ugh cats are the worst! 😉 I’m lucky that Tyrion doesn’t mind them!!!
      Great job this week!

      1.20.18 Reply
  41. kate:

    i tried a dr jaart+ one-use ‘bright lover’ facial. it left my skin feeling super soft and was fun to do for sure! i haven’t been doing quite as many workouts as you have but i have been consistently doing yoga/spin/barre classes which is my overall goal, just to be consistent. i already feel so much better. just in general my ten minute uphill walk to the metro feels better in the morning, my clothes don’t feel as restricting, just overall feeling *better*. i’ve also used breathe meditating app to fall asleep every night this week. so clutch!

    1.19.18 Reply
    • Oooh I haven’t tried that one but I love Dr. Jart!!!

      Great job being consistent this week! I know what you mean – subway stairs have been easier for me 🙂 x

      1.20.18 Reply
  42. Taylor:

    Week 3 went well, I’ve been following BBG at the gym which has been helpful to keep a slow (and difficult!) build in my workout. I’ve also been using Aaptiv for my cardio days and stretching after every workout. My something new is doing meditation on Headspace at work in our meditation room. It’s so helpful to get through a stressful day by taking 10 minutes to find my zen. I also took the time to talk to a financial advisor as part of some self-care, and it was insightful and definitely helped me make concrete goals. Finally, I bought a rubber tree from The Sill (an Instragram-worthy plant store) instead of flowers, and it’s really added warmth to my apartment! Excited to continue the challenge with everyone next week!

    1.20.18 Reply
    • BBG is SO HARD!!!!

      Your office has a meditation room? That is incredible!!!

      Have a great weekend and thanks for chiming in!! xo

      1.20.18 Reply
  43. Sharona:

    Inspired by your commitment to the challenge!! This week, I got sick, so I gave in to what my body needed: lots of rest, liquids, and a break from exercise.

    Though, before I started to feel icky, I did an hour long pilates video (this one: Winsor Pilates Accelerated https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRh_GmaiizI) and today, now that I’m feeling a bit better, I’m going to do the yin yoga video you posted just to get in a good stretch and some movement.

    Now, back to my tea! 🙂

    1.20.18 Reply
  44. Emily:

    Grace!!! You are doing so well!! Your commitment to working out is awesome. I can’t believe you went to the gym so late last night. I definitely would have skipped it at that hour….

    My week went okay! I worked out five times, which is my top priority. I have been going to this treadmill class, which I love for the variety, and then yoga as well to break it up. I hope I can keep up the workouts while I travel to Seattle for a wedding. Meditating went out the window! I need to get back on track. I saw someone below say that there are some meditations on Spotify that I might check out in place of Headspace.

    I got hydrangeas from Trader Joe’s but they did not last! The time we spent together was wonderful though :). I did a face mask as well but cannot remember what type it was. I find doing them to be so much fun!

    I tried a new recipe again this week! I like doing that as my something new. It was Lemon Stripes’ bolognese and it was good! This week I am planning to make the Italian soup that Sequins and Stripes posted. I did flake off on the breakfasts a bit but that was because of lack of planning.

    Thanks again for organizing and motivating us. I just love being a part of this challenge!

    1.20.18 Reply
    • You did great!!! I have the worst luck with hydrangeas too – drives me crazy!!!!

      And love that you are making recipes from Julia and Liz’s blogs – they are two of my favorites!! xo

      1.20.18 Reply
  45. So I only made it to 4 workouts this week but hey that’s better than the 1 last week! I did notice I felt SO much better mentally this week and I loved being sore again (is that weird?). Still have yet to try out some yoga but I think I might do some through the Aaptiv app. I’ve never done yoga with just audio before, do you like it better than following along with a youtube video, for instance?
    Hope you have a good rest of your weekend and a great next week!
    xoxo Logan

    1.21.18 Reply
  46. Christina:

    not too bad this week! made it to the gym 4x, tried a nice face cream (treat yourself, right?) and stuck with my breakfast of greek yogurt + honey + blackberries. overall feeling pretty good!

    1.21.18 Reply
  47. Anita Carol Gambrell:

    I think I did good considering I been in the woods camping in a canvas tent 1800’s reenacting! So I definitely got in a lot of work outs . Pretty much walking all day! Friday, Saturday and Sunday! Too much fun, but a LOT of work! Now home and doing a ton of laundry!! I have been eating fresh and healthy! Yay me….scared to get on scale though! Grace you always look so beautiful!

    1.22.18 Reply
    • Awesome job!! Getting outside and camping is the best… I’m jealous!! Good luck with all that laundry! 😉

      1.22.18 Reply
  48. Cara:

    I am catching up on your wellness posts and omg, I did a 30 day yoga challenge last year (30 classes in 30 days) and the laundry was INSANE.

    2.13.18 Reply