Weekend Reading, 9.10.22.

Weekend Reading, 9.10.22

Happy weekend. I had plans every night this week and am a sleepy girl, starting to get that “pouring from an empty cup feeling.” My boyfriend said it best: I did this to myself. There is no one to blame but ME. (I think my sweet spot for plans is two weekday nights; home the rest of the time). As I write this on Friday evening (before more plans!) my goal tomorrow is to sleep in and have a really calm and restful day.

I do have a photo shoot tomorrow (the weather here is killing me, it is so hard to do my job when it’s constantly raining or a hundred degrees!). It might be another indoor shoot, we shall see! Whatever you are up to, I hope it’s great! Enjoy this week’s links, it’s a little longer than usual as there were just so many good things to share. xoxo

Weekend Reading, 9.10.22

How to say NO.

You don’t need a “better half.”

Beautiful, classic boots on sale. I love the burnished pecan color.

My bf’s contribution to this week’s roundup (a great read) How One Modernist Building in Alfred Hitchcock’s North by Northwest Changed Cinema Forever.

Cozy, chunky stripes.

How to help a grieving friend.

Why do cats purr?

Rach really hit it out of the park with this one; what a pretty party dress!

Bookmarked: the 50 best new restaurants of 2022.

Loved this article about Selma and The Gap. I too was obsessed with that folding board.

The sweetest little polka dot dress.

Fall’s ten essential food reads.

More on Michelle Obama’s portrait. Enjoyed this!

Love the look of this slouchy corduroy blazer.

I would really love to get to Oaxaca.

Also on the travel list:

this dreamy Amalfi Coast hotel.

I’m obsessed with this preppy green clutch.

The ten best affordable jewelry brands of 2022!

This woven clutch is just eighty bucks and comes in so many great colors!

Loved this feature on Judy Greer, stepping into her main character energy.

Flight attendant beauty secrets.

Loving all of Mirth’s new collection, especially this eyelet crop top in black. Use GRACE15 for 15% off.

Blair’s feather roundup makes me happy.

The essential guide to makeup brushes (spoiler alert: we have too many!).

Love this neutral floral dress for fall. Just add tall boots.

Let’s not blame women for getting murdered while running. So upsetting.

The most anticipated books of fall!

Loafers that are chunky enough to be cool, but still classic.

AOC’s fight for the future.

The benefits of adding Vitamin E to your skincare routine.

A very fun and cool little black dress.

I’m really enjoying Tell Me Lies on Hulu (you know I loved the book). Here’s a great interview with Grace Van Patten.

The new RH hotel looks incredible. (Sadly it’s just a touch out of my budget, lolz)

The print, the smocking, this is a great fall dress for under $100!

The 14 most stunning architectural gems on 5th Avenue.

The best things to do in New England this fall.

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  1. Cy:

    Hi Grace, so much to unpack here. I’m so outraged with victim blaming/blaming women; curfews for women at colleges, but not for the men who are doing the assaults? Penalizing women and restricting abortion rights and healthcare; We are not getting pregnant by ourselves! Why is asking men to step up always the last suggestion? Not sure what the answer is, but expecting men to start taking some responsibility would be a start. I know there are good ones out there. I know them, they are friends, fathers, brothers, boyfriends, etc. I don’t feel like we can have working solutions until 100% of the population realizes, these issues affect all people. Thank you for another great round up!

    9.10.22 Reply
    • I feel the same. It’s horrible. Thanks for chiming in Cy. I always look forward to your thoughtfulness.

      9.12.22 Reply
  2. Lynn:

    I’m really liking “ TELL ME LIES” too
    and can’t wait until the other Episodes show up .

    9.10.22 Reply
  3. Molly:

    Your weekend reading posts are always strong but this roundup in particular was just so, so good! Happy Weekend!

    9.10.22 Reply
  4. Stacia:

    Thank you so much for including the ‘how to help a grieving friend’ article. This is a topic that should be kept on our radar screens (IMO) because we ALL have to deal with it in life – personally and with our friends. I now have a couple of “former friends” after a recent loss – which, of course, only compounded the grief I was already experiencing. While I give a lot of grace to people for ineptitude/ignorance, there are just some things that I cannot come back from and this article helped to articulate how I was feeling about the situation.

    9.12.22 Reply
    • I’m so sorry you had to experience that. xx

      9.12.22 Reply
    • Cy:

      This hit home for me so much I responded on the that blog. Everyone needs to read this! My best to you; it’s shocking to me that people drop off because they can’t deal. Not to wish this on anyone, but unfortunately they will one day experience grief themselves whether or not they want to.

      9.12.22 Reply