All the TV Shows I’ve Been Loving Lately.

All the TV Shows I've Been Loving Lately

I watch (almost? sometimes more?) as much TV (and movies too) as I read, so I wanted to start doing regular posts with all everything I’m loving and watching. So here is everything on TV I’ve been enjoying over the past four or five months. I will add that my current watch list is the new Succession and three shows on Netflix (Maid, Midnight Mass, and Squid Game).  Would LOVE to hear all the TV you are watching and loving in the comments, if you feel comfortable sharing!

PS – here’s another big TV roundup I did during the pandemic, plus four really heartwarming and uplifting films to watch.

All the TV Shows I’ve Been Loving Lately!

For a laugh…

The Prince

(Hulu) Oh my lord, this is Gary Janetti’s parody of the royal family and it is absolutely hilarious. I kind of don’t know how he was allowed to do this but I am so glad he did? With such clever writing and Family Guy-esque illustrations I just loved it so much. Each episode is just 12-15 minutes. On Youtube or HBO Max. It is so, so funny.


(Amazon) This was THE BEST. I miss it so much. Jean Smart is a national treasure. She plays Deborah Vance, an aging but legendary comedienne (think Joan Rivers) who has her own line and a Vegas show. But she’s difficult, and on the precipice of losing her show. When her agent forces an entitled, outcast 25-year-old comedy writer to help her write new jokes, a dark mentorship forms between them. I am thrilled that there is going to be a second season.

The Other Two

(Comedy) This is so funny. So funny. You will laugh out loud. I tend to watch TV rather quietly but I actually cackled out loud at a few of the episodes. It took me a little while to get into. At first it reminded me of Schitt’s Creek (a bad thing, I realize I am the only one who feels like this but I didn’t like that show!) and then I grew to absolutely love it. The writing is so sharp and they make fun of absolutely everything. It makes a lot of sense that Lorne Michaels (the creator of SNL) is one of the producers.


Modern Love

(Amazon) I absolutely love this series (based on the famous NY Times column). The second season just came back A killer cast, and just so so sweet. This is fun to watch when you just want to watch one quick thing (the episodes each stand alone as each episode is based on a different essay) and/or when you want to cry. I personally liked the first season better but the second season has some gems too (the first episode, with Minnie Driver, had me SOBBING!).


Gossip Girl

(HBO) I’ll be honest, I don’t love the new Gossip Girl but I don’t hate it either? And I will absolutely keep watching when it comes back. I love seeing Tavi in it (she’s a surprisingly good actress?), I love the fashion, and it makes me miss New York. It also gives me nostalgia for the old one (and I really really like how diverse the cast is). That being said, the plot is just medium. But do I plan to keep watching when it comes back? Absolutely!!!

The White Lotus

(Satire) The White Lotus was one of my favorite TV shows of the whole summer. It’s a satire. It really highlights white privilege and how awful American travelers can be when visiting a new city. It was funny, in a satirical sense. I also still couldn’t get over Jake Lacy playing such a jerk. He did an amazing job (he always plays the nice guy and was so believable). It’s uncomfortable to watch and will definitely inspire some great conversations (the ending especially!), but I can’t recommend it enough.

The Chair

(Drama) I really loved this. I am a big Sandra Oh fan, and I liked that it was about academia (both my sister and boyfriend work in academia and said that it’s spot on!!!) Sandra Oh plays the first woman of color to be made head of the English Department at a prestigious university. Along the way she encounters some dramatic incidents and high expectations. There’s also a little romance brewing, which I loved.

The Morning Show

(Apple TV) I am SO glad that this is back! The first season made me cry. That finale!!! And truly, such a great cast (Jennifer Aniston + Reese Witherspoon star, along many many other amazing actors and actresses). This is set on (shocker) a popular morning show in Manhattan and gives some of the darker side of the industry. They could have left it at one season, but now it’s back. I have only seen a few episodes but am excited to see where it goes.

Thrillers + Murdery Stuff

Truth Be Told

(Apple TV) I absolutely loved the first season of this (I’m still making my way through the second!) Octavia Spencer plays a former journalist turned true crime podcast host. I obviously love the podcasting element (and Octavia) but the plot of the first one was so twisty and good (I’m still not sure where the second season is going! The seasonal guests are also so good. In the fist season we got Aaron Paul and Lizzie Kaplan and in season 2 we get Kate Hudson.


(Netflix) I loved this. It stuck with me long after finishing it. Adrian Grenier plays a beloved family man… close with his wife and his sister. He goes missing and turns up on a Youtube video, where he is held hostage being accused of sexually assaulting women. His family (and the police) begin a desperate search for him, uncovering terrible secrets along the way. I can’t recommend this enough. The first episode was a little slow but then it gets SO good.

Only Murders in the Building

(Hulu) My absolute favorite and truly WHAT a cast. Martin Short, Steve Martin, and Selena Gomez play three neighbors (all very different) living in the same building. They share a common love of a popular true crime podcast (hosted by Tina Fey) and bond when a resident of their building is murdered. Determined to find out who killed him, they wind up forming their own podcast! It’s both funny, heartwarming, and a little bit scary at times… all the things. I love it.

You (Season 3)

(Netflix) It’s back! This was my latest binge watch (I watched it this past weekend). I had been waiting. This is the third season. If you are not familiar, Penn Badgley plays a nice guy with stalkerish (and sometimes murderish) tendencies. The third season has him married with a baby… and nowhere close to giving up his old ways. I think this might actually be the best episode yet. There is a lot of killing, a lot of deceit… it is stressful in the best way!

Other Stuff


(Amazon) Did you watch this? It was a quicker watch but crazy to see, and pretty eye-opening as I had seen friends on Facebook selling the LulaRoe leggings. I still can’t believe the producers were able to get the founders of the company on. I had known they were a bad company but I don’t think I realized just how bad/what a disaster they are. And I was blown away by how manipulative the executive team was to the lower level members… it was really upsetting and left me with this dirty feeling afterward. ICK.

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  1. Dana B:

    Try to watch Midnight Mass this month if you can! It’s the perfect spooky October show!

    10.20.21 Reply
  2. Jessica Camerata:

    White Lotus was so random but so good. Loved it! I finally started Succession, I don’t like being left out, ha!

    xo Jessica
    an indigo day

    10.20.21 Reply
  3. Lynn:

    Maid was exceptional. So compelling and well done. I loved White Lotus so much . I need to watch the others you mentioned. I think you started slower than I was used to but then got insanely scary and good. I haven’t finished Only murders in the building yet. A lot going on here this week . I got new books too! Thanks ! Also in November Dexter a favorite is coming back . I loved that !!!

    10.20.21 Reply
    • Emma:

      I finished watching Maid last night and sobbed the whole way through, haha. Truly one of the best shows I’ve watched in 2021.

      I also want to plug The Wilds on Amazon Prime. A group of teenage girls get shipwrecked on an island and everything is not as it seems!!

      10.20.21 Reply
      • MIchelle:

        I read the book and loved it. People are such pigs though. When I had a housekeeper I would never leave the bathrooms like some of the ones she had to clean. Hopefully people will appreciate their cleaning people more after reading this.

        10.20.21 Reply
  4. Ashley:

    Can’t stop talking about The Other Two!!! I watched so quickly and it was so clever and funny! Also watching the newest season of the British Baking Show, which is like a weighted blanket for the soul in the form of a tv show. Good for recovery after the newest season of You!

    10.20.21 Reply
    • Sabrina:

      The other two is my OBSESSION right now!!!

      10.22.21 Reply
  5. Clickbait was so good. They may do a second season!

    10.20.21 Reply
  6. The Other Two is extremely underrated – I really hope it keeps getting renewed!

    10.20.21 Reply
  7. Sally:

    So many of my favorites on this list!

    Did you ever read the memoir Maid that the Netflix show is based on? It came out a few years ago and is excellent. The storyline of the show is different enough that you could read the book after watching and still enjoy.

    10.20.21 Reply
  8. Mary:

    The LULARICH documentary was incredibly eye-opening for me about the world of MLMs. I have since learned that there is a huge overlap between the women who get roped into multi-level marketing and the current anti-vax movement. Misinformation is real and it is destructive.

    10.20.21 Reply
  9. Emma:

    I just flew through Sex Education and it was the BEST. Heartwarming, funny, timely and cast so well. I wasn’t sure I would care so much about teenagers but I loved that they worked in adult relationships, parenting and friendships with humor and excellent writing. Grace I think you would love this.

    10.20.21 Reply
    • Kelly:

      Yes!! Love Sex Education so much!

      10.23.21 Reply
  10. Jeanette:

    I’ve just started on Season 3 of Succession, love the show! I watched Clickbait, Midnight Mass and The Chair, loved all 3 shows. I’m looking at your other show recommendations and will have to hop to it and start watching.

    10.20.21 Reply
  11. MIchelle:

    I am watching Ordinary Joe on NBC. You really need to pay attention because it shows the 3 paths he could have taken. I love it! Also The Good Doctor and New Amsterdam.

    10.20.21 Reply
  12. Kerin:

    Big into Bravo over here! Below Deck and hopefully Winter House when I have a minute!

    10.20.21 Reply
  13. LB:

    Love this. Every night my husband and I go “what are we watching” and then spend the whole time trying to find something to watch. Then end up watching nothing. This will be an awesome resource!

    10.20.21 Reply
    • Hahahahah I do the same. Sometimes it takes longer to choose something than to watch, which is so silly.

      10.21.21 Reply
  14. Adriana:

    Also enjoying many of these shows and happy to happy add a few to my “queue”

    and FYI only Murders in the Building is Martin Short (not Sheen) 😉

    10.20.21 Reply
  15. Louise:

    Martin Short, not Martin Sheen! (Hehe picturing President Bartlett at the Arconia)

    10.20.21 Reply
  16. I loved Only Murders in the Building and The Chair! I just watched the first few eps of The Way Down on HBO, which looks into a woman who created a faith-based weight loss program that became a church/cult. The final eps won’t be out until the spring because of some major real-life events that happened while filming (won’t spoil it here!) but I can’t wait to watch!

    10.21.21 Reply
  17. Lisa Autumn:

    You season 3 was SO GOOD!

    Lisa |

    10.24.21 Reply
  18. Samantha:

    You should check out The Gilded Age on HBO Max. It’s excellent!

    2.16.22 Reply