Weekend Reading, 8.27.22.

Weekend Reading 8.27.22
Eres Kaftan

Happy weekend. I am off to the West Coast today; my boyfriend and I are taking a little vacation. We are headed to The Golden Door Spa for the week. The Golden Door (extremely graciously) invited us as their guests for the week… a true bucket list experience! Naturally, I will be capturing loads of content and writing a detailed review of our experience… but other than that I am planning to really relax and unplug a bit. There will be no blog content this week (I’ll be back next Saturday with a fresh round of weekend reading). Have a wonderful week ahead!

Weekend Reading, 8.27.22

Loved this article about the “roots” of one of my favorite products, Weleda Skin Food.

An absolutely stunning white blouse, for 55% off!

The twelve best places to visit in October.

It’s such a good feeling when you remember one of your old favorite blogs, only to see that they are still posting every day!

A few gorgeous Zara finds from the week: this black dress (love the back!!!), this green dress (that print!), this cute graphic mini.

The best back to school films of all time.

How cute are Pamela Munson’s new field totes!?

Loved this post from Jen: what are you really good at that might terrify other people?

Awesome news: soon you will be able to renew your passport online!

I just got this Faherty shirt and it is beyond soft.

Couldn’t agree more with this: the correct number of drinks is 1.5. I mostly think about this in terms of wine (I have a few friends where we will regularly split a glass at the end of a meal).

This $168 blazer reminds me so much of one of my Veronica Beard favs. Love this one too.

The best books of Fall 2022.

Easy 15 minute dinner recipes.

This longline blazer is pretty much perfect.

On the importance of talking about money with friends before taking a trip.

Ordered this week:

a really good oversized stripe turtleneck sweater from The Gap, of all places!

Yum: loving these easy tailgate recipes.

Where to sell and buy secondhand clothing.

Such a pretty smocked dress.

Vogue rounded up 50 beauty essentials, all under $50.

The green print of this dress is just so graphic and cool.

Relatable: how to pursue a goal without letting it take over your life.

Is Palm Beach the Hamptons of Florida?

J.Crew has such cute bags right now. I love this woven bucket bag (the perfect small size) and this suede bag.

How to make new friends as an adult. My take on that here!

The perfect cozy cardigan.

On owning your power at work.

How tasty does this mango salsa look? Love combining sweet and spicy.

How fun are these oversized, mismatched earrings? Love.

The best hotels in Athens.

5 very chic Italian homes.

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  1. Lynn:

    I hope that you have a great time ! Great blog as always . I really decided that until I wear my clothes on a regularly basis —all of them , I really needed to cut myself off . I’ll look but they are all too good on you and too tempting ! I did get that that cropped sweater with the jeweled buttons from Zara in two minutes on impulse. and I figured I’d wear it with summer dresses too and that was it!! Lol. Living near Palm Beach ( and I don’t want to discourage anyone if you have means and can live a certain lifestyle) , it’s great to visit . It was so much better years ago when it was less crowded than now I thought . It’s so jam packed here everywhere and as everywhere is that is great so expensive . I would guess every tourist town is like that . When my family (sister ) visited here when my parents were still with us it was a joy and a delight . Worth Avenue shopping and lunch in the quaint courtyards was heaven . And your own Cabana on the Beach being served lunch and drinks at a hotel like The Ritz Carlton was heaven. I had some great times there. I have not been there in a while honestly but it’s so very pretty and luxurious. It is more crowded here all over because a lot of folks are moving here from out of the cold winters . I recommend vacationing there and seeing fir yourself that you feel like royalty !!!

    8.27.22 Reply
    • Thank you for the recommendation, that sounds incredible 🙂 have a great weekend!

      8.27.22 Reply
  2. On friend trips, I think also talking about *how* you will split things when there is important, too. With most friends, we operate on a “I’ll get this one, you get the next one” and it feels like it almost always works out in the end and if not 100%, I know that over the lifetime of the friendship, it will. I know everyone has different budgets and attitudes towards money, but using the split wise app or something like that (for, like a group of three people or just one other person) always bugs me because the one who is the most insistent about using it, presumably because they are afraid of getting screwed out of money…is always the one who ends up owing people in the end.

    8.27.22 Reply
  3. Lynn Caplen:

    This is a long time ago , but when you mentioned discussing money with friends on vacation or out to dinner I remembered that this really bothered me. We always went out or even a weekend away with a couple that were good friends and fairly comfortable at that time . We were struggling a bit and so expensive dinners and weekends were few and far between . At the end of dinner my friend’s husband pulled out his own business credit card and paid the whole bill. My husband bring a gentleman offered to split the bill. The husband said okay and took the money . Now we know his business paid for dinner so we didn’t do this very often with them because he never refused cash and this was not not the tip . I don’t know how anyone else feels about this, but this is strictly my own opinion . Kinda tacky.

    8.27.22 Reply
  4. Tina:

    Your links are always fantastic, but you really outdid yourself this week! I’m a skin food fan too, so I loved that article. Recently though, I discovered Mustela multi-purpose balm. It’s a much lighter balm, so it’s great for summer. It completely sinks in — even in super hot and humid weather. It’s temporarily taken the place of my skin food. Although, I’ll be craving Skin Food again when the weather is cold and dry.

    8.27.22 Reply
  5. That Anthro long-line blazer and the J.crew suede bucket bag are killer!!

    8.28.22 Reply