Weekend Reading, 7.24.21.

Weekend Reading 7.24.21

Happy weekend. Last night I stayed in. I finished this book – it was absolutely amazing… such a great YA thriller. I also watched The Last Letter From Your Lover on Netflix…. And I had been really excited about it as I loved the book. It was… fine? I feel bad saying this but I didn’t love it. If you’ve read the book I’d say skip the movie. Also, Shailene Woodley was (in my opinion, and I’ve loved her in other things) just totally wrong for her role? I don’t know – I’d be very curious to hear your thoughts. I don’t have a lot planned this weekend. Thinking of going to the farmer’s market today and maybe the pool this afternoon. Otherwise, lots of catch up on work, some reading, and just relaxing! It’s supposed to be really nice out this weekend.

Weekend Reading, 7.24.21

Understanding Virgin Rivers‘ unsexy appeal.

This lash serum has amazing reviews… I ordered some this week.

Um, how incredible is this London townhouse?

How to help your loved ones who are feeling sad – without sacrificing your own good mood. Feelings are contagious!

I was influenced by Helena on these sneakers. Think they’ll be really cute with dresses!

On the virtues of talking to yourself.

Another adorable Madewell dress.

OK this TV show sounds completely wild. Literally? (I will tell you, I put it on last night and had to turn it off… I hate it!)

This list has me getting v v excited about Fall TV!

I’ve been hunting for the perfect military jacket and think I finally found it – ordered this week.

Mmm, these pasta recipes sound delightful.

My new letterpress stationery arrived this week and I am in love.

Love all these book recs from Jasmine Guillory (planning on starting her newest book this weekend!).

The best books of summer 2021!

This little gingham dress is so cute and a great price. I bought the black.

How to maintain a friendship when you are at different life stages.

I purchased this fun tiered ruffle dress for an upcoming trip to New York

Loved these reader comments on romance – so sweet!

The 15 best episodes of Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown.

Getting excited about the Obama doc!

The best little luxury:

Cashmere socks.

How stunning is this maxi dress? I love the dramatic silhouette. I ordered it in cream.

18 books to read when you want to relax.

This Parisian apartment… whoa.

Love this pretty dusty rose midi dress.

40 summer cocktails to make!

Kinda random but this foot file is just the BEST for calluses. Better than anything I’ve tried.

I am so excited for Carly and her new book! Congrats, friend.

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  1. Thank you Grace!!!!

    7.24.21 Reply
  2. Michelle Stewart:

    Love the red dress!

    7.24.21 Reply
  3. Maggie:

    I ordered the same nap dress you are wearing at the top of the post last week and it’s scheduled to be delivered today, so excited!! Shout out to the awesome cat loving gal Paula who posted in The Stripe FB group about the restock!

    7.24.21 Reply
  4. GrandeLash is SO good. The only sad thing is that now I’m stuck using it… forever, ha!

    7.24.21 Reply
  5. I have Sexy Beasts on my list out of curiosity. I will see if I feel the same way you did. Did you ever watch Love is Blind? We fell in love with Lauren and Cameron.

    7.24.21 Reply
  6. Becky:

    I have been using Grande Lash for years! Multiple times a week I have patients or their family members ask about my lashes and I always recommend this! I will say that you do need to use it religiously, every single night, don’t skip. When I originally started using it I wasn’t seeing results and was tempted to throw it in the trash, but it wasn’t cheap so I kept at it. It probably took almost two months to see a difference for me but one morning I put my mascara on and was like dammmmmmmnnnnnn!!! Lashes for days!!!

    7.25.21 Reply
  7. Tiffany:

    Can you please show us a picture if your stationery? Am interested in getting some however so many choices!
    Thank you.

    7.27.21 Reply
    • I posted it to instagram stories and unfortunately did not save it. I will try to do a blog post about stationery at some point!

      7.27.21 Reply