Weekend Reading, 7.11.20.

Weekend Reading 7.11.20
homegoing by yaa gyasi, h&m housedress

Hi! How was your week? Mine was pretty good. We took a spontaneous adventure to Brooklyn Crab (my friend/upstairs neighbor has a car so she drove us) which was suchhh a delicious treat. I had a lot of good productive meetings for a handful of work projects (most notably: Amazon Drop #2 planning is in full swing!). And on the podcasting front, we did some fun crossover recordings (We are going to be on Girls Gotta Eat next week, and Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow from Call Your Girlfriend will be on ours a week from Wednesday!)

I also started watching The Baby-Sitters Club on Netflix which I’m only slightly ashamed by? It’s very cute and comforting… those were my most favorite books as a child. On the reading front, I am reading Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi. I have a lot to say about it but will save that for my reading list. It’s excellent but painful to read.

Weekend Reading 7.11.20

101 ways to add color to your home! (Was honored to have my home included in the mix!!!)

If you are a small business owner or creative, apply for this grant! (OR tell a friend who could use it.)

Very tempted by this sheer white midi dress. It’s so pretty, and a good price.

How 2020 might be described in a history book.

And if you made it through that, here’s a cuteness overload: foster pups + kitties go to the zoo.

I bought this simple trapeze dress this week (in black!) and LOVE it.

A beginner’s guide to skincare.

This creamy white bean dip looks so good (and like a great way to use some of the herbs I’ve been growing!!!)

My current favorite earrings: every time I wear them I get so so many compliments.

Loved these simple instructions for making an urban farm in containers.

I thought these gold braided hoop earrings were really special and unique!

What we lose when retail stores disappear.

On the virtues of uncomplicated, comforting TV.

Do I need this leopard headband? I think maybe?

I wish this was my own dreamy Hamptons retreat! So much green, so many books!

Everyone keeps saying that this is the all time best ever sleep mask, so I ordered it. Will report back.

And (of course) I absolutely love this colorful, colorblocked UK home.

The best glassware for all your summer cocktailing.

Venita rounded up some gorgeous Black-owned brands to shop.

Fun gold slides!

(and they’re on sale.)

Six home styling tips from Nancy Meyers.

Eight Black-owned online plant shops to support.

This rainbow umbrella is so cheerful and fun.

I thought the idea of these community fridges is SO smart. I hope more pop up!

How to safely road trip.

What a fun polka dot dress!

Loved learning more about Paul Revere-Williams, the Black architect who designed Lucille Ball’s home, the addition to The Beverly Hills Hotel, + more of Hollywood’s most famous buildings.

Instagram is knocking off TikTok.

This is my new favorite easy tank top. Comfy, inexpensive, and so soft.

Was very excited to hear about Phoebe Robinson’s upcoming imprint at Penguin Random House.

Why it’s harder to talk to “nice” people about racial injustice.

I really love these simple, inexpensive slides, especially in rafia!

I was really happy to see that West Elm took the 15% pledge.

Oh wow: this eighties mansion!

photo by Allie Provost.

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  1. Patty:

    Homegoing. I started reading it two weeks ago and couldn’t make it past the second chapter because it was so devastating. I knew I had to finish it for exactly that reason, so picked it up again earlier this week and finished the book in 24 hours. It was one of the best books I’ve ever read. I can’t stop thinking about it and researching the real stories behind it. I even did a Google map deep dive of Ghana. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

    7.11.20 Reply
    • That was me exactly today!!! It was making me so upset and today I just sat down with a mug of coffee and finished it. It was devastating but still amazing. Love the idea of doing a deep dive on Ghana, going to do the same!

      7.11.20 Reply
  2. Janet:

    Hi- none of your Amazon links are working!!

    7.11.20 Reply
    • They work for me!!! Tested on mobile and chrome. Weird, I don’t know what to tell you!

      7.11.20 Reply
  3. Angela:

    I know you are on the hunt for more thrillers written by black authors, and I stumbled across this book this morning: When No One Is Watching by Alyssa Cole. It doesn’t come out until September, but I’m going to pre-order.

    7.11.20 Reply
    • THank you so much!!! I actually preordered that as well, I’ve heard really good things!!!!

      7.11.20 Reply
  4. Elle:

    Can’t wait for monday’s episode of GGE! Hope you have a great weekend, Grace xo elle

    7.11.20 Reply
  5. Sounds like you had a great week! Thanks for the links! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    7.11.20 Reply
  6. Forget chapter in a history book, I keep saying 2020 is just going to be its own damn history book. US History 1776-2019; US History 2020.

    7.11.20 Reply
  7. Sara:

    Am interested to read your review on the sleep mask. I’ve tried several different ones, and my favorite is the Lunya silk one. Always looking for more options, though. Thanks

    7.11.20 Reply
  8. Cy:

    Weirdly, the links are going to Amazon, but not the specific item. Otherwise, enjoying all the rest!

    7.11.20 Reply
  9. Kate:

    Thank you for being such a ray of positivity of kindness. Always love your content!

    7.12.20 Reply
  10. Lisa Anne Gorman:

    Why post a link to The Atlantic in which the writer slams our president constantly? By doing so, you instantly politicized The Stripe and shared your own political bias. I read your blog for respite from politics and everything else awful that is going on today, not to have you spin it. I will no longer be a reader.

    7.12.20 Reply
    • If linking that article is enough to make you stop reading here, you are welcome to go! Don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

      7.13.20 Reply
      • Devin Boehmer:

        Perfect response!!!

        7.13.20 Reply