Weekend Reading, 6.6.20.

Weekend Reading 6.6.20

The artwork above is created by Michelle Robinson of Mister Michelle. She will be selling prints of the above artwork soon and I’ll be sure to share when she does. (Her instagram page is full of beautiful work as well -highly recommend following her.) I found Michelle and her art via Merritt’s post and was awe-struck. And oh how I wish this piece was still available as I’ve literally never seen something more perfect for my apartment. This week’s list is a list of things I found powerful, helpful, moving, or uplifting this week and I hope you’ll read /watch / listen tothem all. If you have a hankering to shop, check out this list of businesses to support. Or instead of shopping, donate.

Weekend Reading 6.6.20

This weekend I’m reading this book for something light (it’s excellent so far and the author is a queer Black woman), and this book to educate myself.

Why everyone must stop saying “All Lives Matter.

This video was posted to the comments section of one of my posts this week and is incredibly powerful. Please watch!

How today’s protests compare to 1968, according to a historian.

How blackout Tuesday got it wrong.

Go watch Biden’s speech if you missed it. I found it very moving.

Light Stuff.

Ayana shared a list of true crime documentaries to watch during quarantine. (Her blog and instagram are both new to me and I’m really enjoying all her content.)

A new-to-me designer that I’m obsessing over.

For all of you quarantined-bread breakers, go check out Bryan and pre-order his book!

I cannot wait for this body oil to arrive in the mail.

On the Reading + Books Front…

I’ve been listening to this The Stacks, a Black-hosted books podcast. She also created a list of 50 Anti-Racist books so please check that out!

An interview with Brit Bennett (author of The Vanishing Half, out this week, I cannot wait to read).

Layla Saad’s list of anti-racist books.

A list of Black-owned bookstores by state. (It’s scary how short the list is.)

Also on the books front The Lit Bar in The Bronx has a great reading list: Dear White People.

And on the lighter side of reading:  14 summer books to read by Black authors and I’m personally very invested in this list of mysteries and thrillers by Women of Color.

* This post contains a few affiliate links to books I’ve mentioned. I’m donating all of my June Bookshop.org revenue to Black Lives Matter.

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  1. Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog:

    I love that you’re constantly educating and bettering yourself! Thanks for being such an example! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    6.6.20 Reply
  2. Albee:

    Thank you for all you’re sharing! Libro.fm put together a comprehensive list of Black-owned bookstores by state: https://blog.libro.fm/black-owned-bookstores-to-support-right-now-and-always/

    6.6.20 Reply
  3. Neda:

    Really great read about black Tuesday and how it sort of morphed into something that lost its original meaning. A few weeks before George Floyd’s story, I had approached a pilates business via Instagram about diversifying the women they were using for a “love your body” campaign. The campaign’s message was great but it was full of blonde, skinny, wealthy influencers, all located in a certain affluent area of Sydney, Australia. The message I got back was about how these women had volunteered for the campaign yada-yada-yada and they were happy to showcase women of colour but none volunteered. After the George Floyd incident, this company posted a black square on their Instagram and some message about its commitment to even the playing field and it made me so angry! It felt like they just posted to jump on the bandwagon with no clear plan on how to carry out this so-called commitment!

    Thanks, Grace for your clear message and thoughts during this time. Your honesty and your willingness to learn and share has been extremely refreshing and I only hope that more people in your position do the same. 🙂

    6.7.20 Reply