Weekend Reading | 6.29.19.

Weekend Reading | 6.29.19

happy weekend! We are in NASHVILLE! Thursday was our Charleston show and last night was our Nashville show which means that we are DONE with our little summer tour… kinda crazy! As we can’t seem to sit still and there’s never a dull moment we are now starting to plan out our fall tour (we’ll be hitting 7-8 cities in late Sept/October so more to come on that front). Today I’m hoping to sleep in a bit and then explore Nashville as it’s my first time visiting. Whatever you’re up to, I hope it’s great! xoxo

Weekend Reading | 6.29.19

Loved seeing Cup of Jo’s roundup of inclusive fashion!

This little satin mini dress is so cute. (Plus version here.)

The one healthy relationship tip we can learn from The Bachelorette.

Another fun personality test (love these things!) Need to take this one when I get home.

Loeffler Randall is doing headbands now and I am here for it!

You know by now that I love Jacey’s taste in interiors – her guest cottage is gorgeous.

Hands down, my favorite brightening eye cream.

Dreamy, affordable bedding.

Made me laugh: there are two types of airport people.

Currently in my cart: this gorgeous floral midi dress. I can’t decide between the red or the black. (Plus version here!)

Made me laugh: the number one thing that stresses you out according to your zodiac sign. Mine is so true – don’t make me make a decision on the spot!

This stripe-y button front top is so fab.

Oh man these strawberry shortcakes look like heaven on a plate.

Why we love talking about ourselves..

Adore these fun rainbow slip-ons!

A movie critic shares her July Netflix picks.

Such a perfect swingy little white dress.

So thrilled for Katie – her Stitchfix collab is gorgeous.

Non-toxic self-tanners!

My Dinner Party with Le Creuset!

Leave it to Clare V to make me want a fanny pack!

Happy 100th birthday to one of my favorite cocktails.

This illuminating moisturizer is super hydrating and makes you GLOW.

Anna’s non-touristy guide is making me want to get back to Chicago ASAP.

My kind of capsule wardrobe (for the maximalist).

I’m not a huge shorts person but I think I’d really like this elastic waist pair.

Eye opening – what actually happens when you donate your clothes.

This necklace set is chic + takes the guesswork out of layering!

I loved reading Krystal’s musings on four years of living in New York.

Yummm – Mexican Chocolate Chip cookies.

This feather circle bag is so impractical but I wannnnt it.

How to correct your posture.

Use your body language to become more confident.

photo by Carter Fish.

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  1. Congratulations on the show! Now you can truly have a rest, haha. Have a great weekend, Grace! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    6.29.19 Reply
  2. Andrea:

    Hi Grace!

    I’ve read your blog since I moved to Scotland in 2012 yet this is the first time I’m commenting — on a weekend reading post of all things! I really enjoyed the link you shared on what happens with clothing donations from America, in particular.

    I moved to the Philippines two years ago for work and was absolutely astounded by the amount of Western clothes coming through. There’s a popular store here called Surplus which sells surplus/overstock clothes from Western clothing brands. I’ve found Lululemon leggings for the equivalent of $13 there (as well as an assortment of fast fashion and more high-end products at an insane mark down). It is ironic though that many of the same brands which end up in Surplus also have physical space in the numerous malls of the Philippines (H&M, Zara, Mango, Uniqlo, GAP, American Eagle etc) and charge the same price as they do in Western countries (which I think is pretty crazy considering the average family income in the Philippines is around $430 a month).

    Also, from what I’ve seen, secondhand clothes are a big business here. Many Filipinos have family members from America/Australia/Canada ship huge boxes of secondhand clothes to the Philippines, which are then sold in a secondhand shop, called an ukay ukay. Prices are as low as $1 for a shirt and $5 for jeans. This is in addition to all the secondhand clothes formally shipped in for re-sale which are sold by department stores at a slightly higher cost.

    I’m definitely curious now as to where all the overstock/surplus clothes sold here in the Philippines ends up!

    Thanks for the great weekly round-up. I always enjoy seeing what links resonated with you.

    Cheers! xx

    7.4.19 Reply
    • Hey Andrea,
      Thank you for reading, commenting, and sharing – this is really interesting!!! Have a great week ahead. xx

      7.8.19 Reply